Charleston Day 1

Hubs and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend in Charleston, SC.  I’ve been OBSESSED with coming here since I was OBSESSED with the miniseries “North and South”! Remember that?? With Patrick Swayze??? “Orrie…take me to Nawlins…” 

 We had an early morning flight out of Tampa at 8:30 to Charlotte, NC, connecting to Charleston, SC.  I always find that funny when you pass the state you need to get to…to then come backward to it! 

We are staying in Historic Downtown Charleston, where there is a lot of construction going on to improve what’s here and to help the city grow.  It’s exciting.

We had lunch at Prohibition right up the street from our hotel.  

 This place was a throw back and pays homage to the Prohibition era.  I mean any place that refers to their drinks as “hooch”, I’m GAME! 😂 

   The lunch menu was perfect because it wasn’t overwhelming.  Simple items, simple ingredients with good tastes! 
Chicken wings with a Memphis Dry rub..

 WHAT??? They are brined in pickle juice for 24 hours, then confit in duck fat, deep fried, and tossed in rub and then broiled! I’ll say again…WHAT???? Man…those were good!!

Fried Oysters 

 Theses accompanied a truffle oil aioli.  I LOVED them…and I don’t eat oysters! But  I do now….

Grilled Sweet Corn 

 This was ridiculous!  Grilled to perfection, topped with garlic aioli, manchego (cheese) with lime.  I WISH they sent mmore than just 3 small ears! I’d would have had 20!!  

 We walked around a little to wear off the food!!!

Dinner came about 3-4 hours later at Husk.  There are two locations- one here in Charleston and one in Nashville, TN. 

   Hubs picked this place out – he’s the family “cruise director” when it comes to food and drink. He always picks good places and never disappoints!! #lovehim. Husk prides themselves with selecting fresh foods from local and surrounding areas. When you walk in the foyer (it was an old house), you are greeted with a huge chalk board of all the ingredients on the menu and WHERE it came from.  They change the menu every couple of days which is nice because you don’t know what to expect. (See the menu from our visit on Jan 8th here ).


Kentucky Country Ham, Husk Bread -n- Butter Pickles, Mustard, and Buttermilk Biscuits 

WWow….was that good!! 

Glazed pig ears lettuce wraps 

 I KNOW….you are thinking “Gross!!!!!”.  It was DELICIOUS!! It was like real crispy bacon! There was a pickled cucumber slaw on top.  You MUST try it!!!


Georgia Chicken, BBQ cabbage and sweet potato, NC mountain apple, honey, tangerine jus 

Hubs had another part of the pig 😂

American Spot Heritage Pork, Field peas and Butterbeans and smoked tomato gravy  

  It didn’t disappoint!

..there were SIDES too… 

  Geechie Boy Mill cheese grits (front) and Bacon cornbread (back).  Have you heard the phrase “it’s so good, it’ll make you SLAP your Mamma!”. This would be true! (sorry Mom…I don’t really want to slap you!!❤️). Oh…the butter for the cornbread? 

 …yeah….pork fat infused honey butter homemade!!!!

But wait….there’s more!  

 Egg Nog Tres Leches.  My hubs is Cuban- American and I believe they (the Cubans, that is) know their tres leches (“3 milks” cake because it’s made with 3 different mills for us gringos!).  This was perfect with a nutmeg whipped cream and an orange marmalade base! Hubs went through the ROOF!

If you ever go (or go back) to Charleston, please add these restaurants to your places to eat. I’d love to know that you enjoyed something that you read here! 

All in all,  Day 1 in Charleston was a success…dare I say a CULINARY succes! Can’t wait to see what Day 2 brings!

Anything anyone is celebrating now???Hubs and I have 17 years of marriage on Jan 9th.

***DISCLAIMER: All of the opinions in this post were my own. I have NOT been compensated for my opinions and reviews.

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