Charleston Day 2

How can you BEAT Day 1? By having a Day 2!! Hubs and I are celebrating 17 years of marriage today, January 9th.  We’ve been blessed to share this time in Charleston this year. 

I started the day off with a run around Downtown.  I needed to because of all the culinary indulgence from yesterday!! 😏. The weather was cold and a little rainy but still perfect in my mind. I loathe running in the heat in Florida!!  I was able to muster strength to get 2 miles in.  I promised myself that this year, I wasn’t going to belittle myself by focusing on the negatives about my running, etc butto focus on the process and be happy that I am on this journey to get better! It’s going to be hard…but I’m up for the challenge!  

Hubs and I went to Magnolia’s for lunch. It’s South of Broad Street. SN: did anyone read that book by Pat Conroy?? ANOTHER reason I wanted to come to here!! 

 GREAT book!! Any hoo…great place to eat! We started with soup.. 

 The tomato bisque was flavorful and hearty and everything you want in a starter soup. Hubs had the crab bisque and I was so busy stuffing my face that I didn’t grab a pic! 😏

The list of entrees were unbelievable!  There were so many choices and not enough stomachs to eat all of them!!  Hubs had Shrimp and Sausauge with Tasso Ham and grits! This is a low country staple…

I had the BBQ pulled pork sandwich with jalepeno coleslaw, bread and butter pickles and home made potato chips…

 Carolina BBQ is mustard based and it was tasty! I haven’t had this kind of BBQ before…I wasn’t worried…it’s just being a creature of habit…I’m used to tomato based sauce.  What a pleasant surprise this was to eat. 

Of course we had dessert!  

 Red Velvet Trifle.  Red velvet cake, rasperberry curd, cream cheese mousse, with fresh whipped cream. #nuffsaid

After we walked off all of the food (and drinks), we found our way to some stores! Shopping….YAY!!!  We end up at The Shoppes at Charleston Place which is nestled in with The Belmond Hotel.  

   Isn’t it GORGEOUS! It has that Southern Charm that I love! Hubs says we are staying here for our next visit! As we do, we found another watering hole to quench our thirst, still within the hotel.
 We are thoroughbreds…lets GO! I could live here…!  

The shops are high end but it’s still nice to walk amongst those that shop this way all the time. I went to see my good buddy, Louis….

 ….you know…Louis Vuitton?? And guess what??? 

 LOUIS came HOME with me this time!!! Hubs gave me the purse of a lifetime! I almost fainted…..!

I had to get some oxygen flowing, so we walked and found another spot so we could catch up on the UM (Miami, FL)- FSU game.  Hubs is a huge Hurricanes fan. Y’all know that I’m a Gator…bleed Orange and Blue! But I was a UM supported because they were playing (gag) FSU!😝 

 Charleston’s oldest Family Owned Resturant? Ok!!

Anthony Bourdain….I mean, Hubs, picked another great resturant for dinner. Trust me when I say, walking around Charleston is a good thing because we EAT in this family!!  We dined at Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill.  

   They are know for their premium ages steak and local ingredients…. and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on one. Our starter included what they are known for “On the Rocks”. Nope…not a cocktail.. 

 …but a stone at 700 degrees (you read it right!) and you can sear you own meat at the table. You have your choice of beef or lamb…we went for the beef! The stone is seasoned and you only need 20-30 sec on each side (to make medium steak like we like) and VOILA! 3 sauces accompany…steak sauce (and not A1 folks), garlic, and mustard sauce. All were  good and all were used!! 

 We also had an Asian inspired pork belly with shrimp and kimchi 

 …you guessed it…worth it!

Hubs and I picked the same entree, the Wagyu Hangar Steak. 

 I have NEVER in my life had a steak melt in my mouth! What a treat and now I’m spoiled!!! I had the Idaho mashed potatoes and he had the Dirty rice and Brussels. I was full, but there was more… 

 Hubs didn’t order this one because there was a surprise dessert that he wanted me to try. But it was sent over by the Manager, so how do you say no to Nutella Cheesecake??? You never do…that’s how!! 😂. Hubs asked if we could try the dessert he excited for me to try… 

 S’mores!! #imdone

As you see, Day 2 was another culinary success! It just keeps getting better! 

But wait…there’s more! We got back to the hotel,

 Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  They kinda spelled our name wrong (it’s Leyva…not Layva) but it’s the thought that counts! I was #fooddrunk so that will be breakfast!! 😏

I hope you get to try some of these places in Charleston. Let me know if you do!!!  Day 3….bring it!

***Disclaimer: The opinions in this post were my own and I haven’t been compensated for them. 

3 thoughts on “Charleston Day 2

  1. Mandy- Wild Red says:

    Wow happy 17th anniversary to you both!!! That’s something to be proud of😊. And a day before my birthday too so great timing.. Hee hee. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mom says:

    Did you say “Raaaaspberry????”

    Girl, you’re breaking all your norms!

    Welcome to the bright side of the maturing
    process – trying new things!

    Love ya’,
    Mom 🤓


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