I’m sure that everyone is well into 2016 goals….and I haven’t really set mine! #typicalME

Our recent trip to Charleston for the anniversary (hereherehere, and here) allowed me to catch up on some reading.  One of my favorites to catch up on is Florida Running and Triathlon

 It’s where I DREAM about all of the races I am going to do!😉. The magazine always has some good articles but I going Maria William’s article was written just for me!!  

 “January First. A New Year. A Clean Slate!” Oh…this is me!!  It’s speaks to all the good intentions we have embarking on the new year but how we are bound to set ourselves for failure by not setting goals!! She says to set A,B, and C goals;basically small goals that lead to larger goals. These goals should be realistic and not overwhelming. And most importantly…WRITE THEM DOWN!!

So here’s what I’ve got…

A goal: I’d like to learn to balance my life a little better. Well…that ain’t SMALL!! What I mean, is to stop using excuses as to WHY I can’t exercise.  I seem to have become full of excuses lately,  which in turn causes the lack of activity for the day, which cycles into the obsessing about “Why didn’t you do it?”, and “Aren’t you trying to loose weight?”, and “Jeez, Angie…fill in the blank!“. It’s a viscous cycle and I’m reading to get off this ride! I’m doing a 10k in April and I finally decided to do something different for training. I bought a training plan!  No more excuses now! More on that later…but for today… 

 ….I got a run in.  Won’t focus on that it was “only” 1.5 miles (I HATE when I say that!!).  But I will focus on the fact that I was out there and it was a good run!

B goals: Stop dwelling and camping out in “negative land”. Ugh….where do I start?? This is probably an extension of goal A but I need to write this down because I tend to use bad words about myself. I would NEVER, EVER say the mean/hurtful/obnoxious things to anyone that I love.  So, why do I feel so free with those words in regards to myself! My coach from CF posted something great today on her FB page… 

 If this isn’t the hardest thing to do, I don’t know what is!! But as I have said before…I’m just enjoy the process of getting better and back to where I was before. Period.

C goals: In learning how NOT to be hard on myself, allow that to trickle down to my parenting skills. I could write a post just on my LACK of skills!! 😂😂. I have to learn to breathe and let my kiddos fall and make mistakes!  Cue the helicopter….! I’m hard on my kids, justifiably, but sometimes it’s ok not to be so hard!  

 (OLS picture, but how can you be mad at these faces??). 

These goals are fairly basic and I’m sure I can think of more.   I hope you are getting the idea and are interested in jotting down your goals for the year (if you haven’t already).  Please share them so I can see what you’d like to do this year.  Next post, I plan on writing my race plan for this year. It’s about to get #real!!!

What are your goals for 2016? Please share!

For my Northern peeps (like my sister)…


2 thoughts on “Goals…goals…GOALS

  1. Mom says:

    My 2016 goals ended an acrostic poem I wrote titled, RESOLUTIONS.

    Nurture my spirit
    Soothe my soul.

    I think your goals are along the same lines.

    You will be successful as you are beginning to see yourself as God sees you – one of His MASTERpieces! 🎨

    Liked by 1 person

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