Enjoying the Process

I’m still basking in the glory of finishing the 8k on Sunday.  I’ve always been the type of “athlete” that needs the swift kick in the pants to recharge my motivation.  Especially when you don’t do as well as you’d liked/hoped.  I’m still enjoying the process, so on to other things…

I was sore on Monday, so I opted for a rest day instead of a run.  Simply put…I was TIRED from Sunday. Not really the race it getting up so early and then waiting for the race to start…I was just tired.

Tuesday, I was able to actually get home early and run at home.  For those of you who read 3M you know that most of my running during the week is done blaster work/before kids (mostly in Winter Haven,FL).  It’s always a treat to get home at a decent time (i.e. DAYLIGHT) and run in my neighborhood.  

 I managed 2.5 miles and it felt great.  I’m still in “positive split zone” but I’m still in it.  

Today, J had his post operative appointment to…remove the staples! I’ve never seen anyone so happy to go to the doctor! 

 What does this mean? We are in physical therapy and 3 weeks away from him return to the contact of basketball playing! I think he actually skipped out of the office! 

After the staple removal, off to physical therapy. What’s a mom to do while #onearmbandit is in therapy? Run!!! I was happy to squeeze in a run while he’s at work… 

 …I’m at work too!! 2.3 miles today, out in the cold Florida weather! (I’m talking in the 50s, people!!).  

What’s up next for me? Winter Haven Police Department has a 5k in 2-3 weeks. All of these up coming runs (races and training). will all lead to Star Wars 10k at Disney in April!

What do you have coming up?


Yep…you know when you see that title what that REALLY means…a race! This past Sunday, I ran in the Gasparilla Distance Classic in Tampa, FL.  

  For those of you who many not know (or live in the area), this is THE race in Tampa Bay!  Since I started running about 10-11 years ago, I’ve run this race every year for the past 5-6 years.  I always did the 5k, up until last year, when I decided to do the 15k. Yeah…well, that didn’t happen THIS year! I opted to try the 8k instead (4.97 miles).  I’ve learned a few things over these past few years with running:

  1. I really like the 5k and 10k distance.
  2. Just because I do like these distances, doesn’t mean I’m not a real runner. In the past (and most recently), I thought if you were a marathoner or a half marathoner, that meant you were a real runner. And if you didn’t do/like those distances, you weren’t! #wrong
  3. Now…I really like the 8k distance. “Am I real runner,now??” 😉

This was a first in a few ways…the distance, running on a Sunday, AND going to the race all.by.myself!!  No one drove with me, no one raced with me, and no one went to the pre-race Expo with me. So, go ME!! And I found a UA sign that was the inspiration and theme for this weekend… 

 …. I WILL do this on my own! 

I wasn’t sure what parking was going to be since the half marathon started about 3 hours before the 8k.  I left home fairly early 

 …only to find AMPLE parking! #ofcourse.   So, I took a snooze once I was settled and paid for parking.  

About 7:30, got my self together and walks over to the Convention Center to use the facilities (I hate Port-o-Potties!!), get my gear checked in and stretch.  

 …and I wait because line up in the corral didn’t start until 8:30!  But once I did, I got to see the half marathoners finishing!  Sorry I missed you,  Cupcake and Miles!!  One of these days, we are gonna meet!!😉

The race went well for me.  The 5k distance is familiar and a comfort zone, so I was fine. I’m still not as fast as if like to be/used to be, but I’m enjoying the process of getting back. Mile 4 was ok, no biggie, but between that and mile “5” (or .97), was a little bit of a struggle.  I wasn’t physically tired but more mentally tired. And as you know, most of this stuff is mental!  I haven’t returned to that place where I can block out the “pain”, the “thoughts”, the “doubts”, but I will!  

 I’m trying not to be hard on myself, but that struggle is real too!!  I’m proud of myself for doing the race and leaving the shadow of “I have to do it with someone” in order for ME to participate.   I’m a big girl, now!! 😂

All and all, I enjoyed this race and next year, I have a SCORE to settle with you, 8k!!!

Oh…SN- I’m walking to my car after the race and see… 

 ….apparently I didn’t as far or as fast as this person, because they ran out of their DRAWERS!! 😂😂😂
Have you run Gasparilla before? What distance? Would you do it again? And…can we plan bloggers “meet and greet”???

    Operation #takethemPINSout

    Today is the day my son, Julian, has been waiting for…surgery!  Now, no one in their right mind wants to have surgery.  But in this case, J wants it.  Take you back to December when J first broke his arm.  My world, at that moment, was all topsy turvy! With my “baby” in pain that I couldn’t fix, an ER visit, doctor visits, emergency surgery and starting PT, I haven’t been myself since then! It has taken a toll on my mind and my body! #soselfish. And poor J…he hasn’t been able to play basketball in 2 months! He loves it more than anything and how painful to watch something taken away from a loved one. 💔

    Fast forward to today, right now.  After the surgery has been rescheduled 3 times and having to find a new surgeon (his original surgeon took ill unexpectedly which caused all the rescheduling and prompted the search for a new surgeon), we are finally here and ready!  He is excited to get back to training…to get back to his touchstone…to get back to being himself.

    Pray for this sweet face and pray that he will have a speedy recovery….

    Thanks, 3M friends! ❤️

    Failing MISERABLY 

    You know…when I purchased the Training Peaks 10k plan, I just knew that it was going to be good for me! I’ve never followed a plan, haven’t been coached or anything. My training is “willy nilly”, “fly by the seat of my pants”, “get it in when I can” kind of training.   I decided to try something new, by purchasing a plan.  I feel like it will keep me accountable.  It does the planning for me, so I do t have to figure it out! Win win scenario.  

    I started out well on the first week, but truth be told…I am failing MISERABLY at maintaining! Not because I can’t do the work, I just can seem to find the time to get it all in.  For example, this week, today specifically.. 

     ..I had 5 miles on the calendar.  Well, HELL! When can I get it in? I already get up at 4 am, work all day, and then run/workout before picking up the kiddos.  I couldn’t do it…truth be told…I don’t think I can do it ever!!!  I managed to run today….

     ….but that’s all I had time for?? How am I going to get my times better if I can even manage to get scheduled runs in?!?!?

    To say I’m frustrated is mildly explaining my emotions.  I’m trying to enjoy the process of getting back in shape (I am!) but I’m pissed that I am not maintaining the plan.  Maybe I should get a coach..to make me more accountable??  I’m at a little but of a loss.  I don’t know….#ventOVER

    Have you been frustrated lately with your training?? 

    WHAT do you do???