You know…when I purchased the Training Peaks 10k plan, I just knew that it was going to be good for me! I’ve never followed a plan, haven’t been coached or anything. My training is “willy nilly”, “fly by the seat of my pants”, “get it in when I can” kind of training.   I decided to try something new, by purchasing a plan.  I feel like it will keep me accountable.  It does the planning for me, so I do t have to figure it out! Win win scenario.  

I started out well on the first week, but truth be told…I am failing MISERABLY at maintaining! Not because I can’t do the work, I just can seem to find the time to get it all in.  For example, this week, today specifically.. 

 ..I had 5 miles on the calendar.  Well, HELL! When can I get it in? I already get up at 4 am, work all day, and then run/workout before picking up the kiddos.  I couldn’t do it…truth be told…I don’t think I can do it ever!!!  I managed to run today….

 ….but that’s all I had time for?? How am I going to get my times better if I can even manage to get scheduled runs in?!?!?

To say I’m frustrated is mildly explaining my emotions.  I’m trying to enjoy the process of getting back in shape (I am!) but I’m pissed that I am not maintaining the plan.  Maybe I should get a make me more accountable??  I’m at a little but of a loss.  I don’t know….#ventOVER

Have you been frustrated lately with your training?? 

WHAT do you do??? 

2 thoughts on “Failing MISERABLY 

  1. Mom says:

    I celebrate what I am able to do and try not
    to devote too much time dwelling on what I can’t.

    *When you’re feeling down, think on good things.
    *Look at the boys you’re helping to
    raise into fine, young men.
    *Be as kind to yourself as you are to others.

    I love you, Mom 💋

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