Operation #takethemPINSout

Today is the day my son, Julian, has been waiting for…surgery!  Now, no one in their right mind wants to have surgery.  But in this case, J wants it.  Take you back to December when J first broke his arm.  My world, at that moment, was all topsy turvy! With my “baby” in pain that I couldn’t fix, an ER visit, doctor visits, emergency surgery and starting PT, I haven’t been myself since then! It has taken a toll on my mind and my body! #soselfish. And poor J…he hasn’t been able to play basketball in 2 months! He loves it more than anything and how painful to watch something taken away from a loved one. 💔

Fast forward to today, right now.  After the surgery has been rescheduled 3 times and having to find a new surgeon (his original surgeon took ill unexpectedly which caused all the rescheduling and prompted the search for a new surgeon), we are finally here and ready!  He is excited to get back to training…to get back to his touchstone…to get back to being himself.

Pray for this sweet face and pray that he will have a speedy recovery….

Thanks, 3M friends! ❤️

5 thoughts on “Operation #takethemPINSout

  1. Suzanne S. Austin-Hill says:

    Remember what happened on the third day,
    Good Friday is good because it is followed by that glorious Sunday, Jesus was dead, but now He’s risen!

    On the third re-scheduling, Julian’s surgery took place.
    His series of (good) Fridays are the harbingers of his glorious and triumphant return…to his first love, basketball!
    Julian may have been down, but he was NEVER out!

    Mom OXOX


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