Guess what I did this weekend?? No…not a half marathon! No…not a 70.3! No….not even a 5k! I.went.CAMPING!!! Wha???? That’s right….camping! My youngest Aidan is a scout and this was the required camping necessary for the Bear badge. When I found out, I thought “Perfect thing for Dad (Hubs to me) and older son (Julian or J to me) to do together.”.  Right?? Already I had a day planned out for myself…nails…toes…lounging on the couch watching what I want to watch!! But…no…Aidan says to me “Mommy, you went with Julian when he was in scouts.” Well…just stab me in the heart, why don’t ya????  Well, great!!! I’ve decided to go..

Saturday (i.e. The Day of camping), Aidan was in the District competition for the Pinewood Derby 

 …and guess who placed third in the District? #thisguy

After that…it was back to the camp site for ourdoor fun (or at least that’s what i was told!). Just to give you an idea of what kind of camper I AM

 ….my LV was with me! 😂. But in my defense I was some place else prior to the tenting and I honestly didn’t think of changing my purse when we left home! #oops

Just to give you an idea of my private little hell..err…abode ….

 …I had a lot of head space because it was 6′

   ….This thing slept 8, even though we are 4
 …..and a little lamp to light my way if I needed to at night! Yeah…right!!

My likes: my kids had a BLAST!   

He was on the Red Team (meaning he cooked breakfast in the morning!)

 Aidan learned how to use a pocket knife (badge requirement) and he got to do it with his Dad (aka Hubs)

   Most importantly, much to my chagrin for the outdoor sleeping, I was making memories with my family! #winning

My dislikes: Ummm…:sleeping outside (aka in a tent) wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. We didn’t bring our air mattresses, so it was floor all.night.LONG!  The freaking rooster that started his “cock-a-doodle-do” sh*t at 2:30am, and every hour on the hour…yeah…I could have done without! Let’s just say, we all had a taste for chicken from breakfast!!!  I wanted to press the freaking “snooze” button on that rooster!! Kudos to all of you farmers out there because it is obvious now how and why you get sh*t DONE!!

Basically, I would go again, if my kids asked me too, but I’d have to prep myself again for outdoor sleeping.  As I told my friend “it wasn’t as bad as I thought, I just wouldn’t rush to do it again”.😂

How was your weekend???

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