How’s that for a number?  There are a few things I may be superstitious about, and this would be one! #13? Really?  I will wear the number with pride….and secretly hope I don’t cross a black cat, walk under a ladder, break a mirror, or spill some salt! 😂#issues

Today was the Law Enforcement Torch Run 5k hosted by The Winter Haven Police Department.  I’ve wanted to participate in this run for some time, but scheduling always got in the way.  This run benefits Special Olympics.  My friend Leslie and I decided this was our year! 

Me, Donald (Leslie’s son), and Leslie

It was a beautiful morning to run, from a weather stand point. But as an allergy sufferer, NOPE! Pollen was in full effect this morning and I forgot my Benadryl! #damn

The race started at the public library  

 and went around Lake Silver.. 

 This is an old photo but this lake is beautiful, day and dusk!  And the end of the race looped around Central Park 

Source: Google

It was a great race for a few reasons…

  1. GREAT cause!  
  2. GREAT community support! Teachers, Parents, and Students from the boy’s school, St.Joseph Catholic School.
  3. I spotted one of my favorite WordPress bloggers,Keira, but I was too afraid to go over and say “Hi” for fear of her thinking I was crazy or something!
  4. Leslie and I PR’d this baby!! Yep…we sure did! I saw a number today, that I hadn’t seen in a while!! I’m so excited and inspired to keep on pushing! #enjoyingtheprocess 

What a great way to end this week!  Oh, and get this…my oldest, Julian, turned 15 on Thursday (March 10th)!!! What???? 

 WHEN did that happen??? And apparently the right of passage includes a cell phone AND a learner’s permit.  Not in my house!!!😂😂😂.  How ’bout we just get you some clothes and some Yeti gear! Yeah…that’ll work a lot better!!!

How has your Saturday been?

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