Boy, weekends sure go fast! They go even faster when you are busy! I started the weekend off with a 5k organized and hosted by the Brandon Running Association.  Outside of the yearly Gasparilla run (in Tampa), this is the closest run I’ve done by my home! And when I mean close, I mean 2 minutes from my house!  This was the 35th Annual Shamrock Classic 10k/5k/1 mile Fun Run. You all know I am a lover of all things St. Patty’s  Day, so let’s do this!!! 🍀.  

 I’ve been meaning to this run but “life” hasn’t really allowed me to.  This year, the stars were aligned and I was able to get it on the race calendar. 

The racing conditions were perfect…68 degrees by start time. We started (and finished) at O’Brien’s Irish Pub and Grill

 This place is special because it’s where I healed Hubs surprise 40th Birthday party (6 years ago!! 😂). I got my race bib..:.

 …and we were all off! The 5k was an easy, flat, straight shot course.  

 The 10k did the same course twice. 

Again I was star struck because I finally saw Amanda from Cupcakes and Miles! We were running and I thought I recognized her and so I just ran up and said “Hi!”.  This was unlike last Saturday when I saw Keira at a 5k in Winter Haven (FL) and totally flaked out! Amanda ran the 10k because she’s awesome! SN: if you aren’t following either one of their blogs, do yourself a favor…do it! We said we really needed to get together when we are racing locally so we can at minimum have a photo op and a chat!! Next time, Amanda!😉

I raced on Saturday with a heavy heart for a friend of mine.  She’s going through some tough times and I really just ran and thought and prayed.  I didn’t  focus on my pace or time;didn’t focus on the course; I just was some place different mentally. I have to say, I need to run like this more often.  Focusing on something else, someone else instead of my selfish me! I was blessed with a PR this race…43 seconds faster than last Saturday! I’ve been “preaching” about just enjoying the run and the process of getting back and it truly happens.  I wouldn’t want to have to have my friend go through what she is going through, but obviously when you just place your focus elsewhere, you can be successful!  I even feel selfish being happy that I PR’d!

 I placed 6th in my AG, which made me happy. Of course I have no idea how many where in my AG (probably 6!),but I was happy to be there. It also means that I can place somewhere, maybe even higher next time! #psyched

  The post race fare was great…the usuals (bananas, pretzels, bagels, PB) and hot food (pasta!!).  Then of course….beer!  I didn’t partake this time because Hubs and I had a date and I had to get going. Next time, BRA!  It was a great race and I am excited to participate in another BRA race. They have a 5k in December to add to my list. 

How was your weekend? Any PRs?

3 thoughts on “962

  1. Mom says:

    What PRs?

    Things are always put in better perspective with J.O.Y. – Jesus Others Yourself.

    I’ve never observed behaving any other way.

    Now me, with my “only” child self.
    Mom 😬

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