My INTENTIONS were good…

Hubs and I spent the weekend in Lido Beach,FL at Lido Beach Resort.  What a place!! 

I literally wanted this room transferred to my house immediately!!! Seriously….who couldn’t live like this?? And then there was the view…. 

Will you look at THAT!?!?!?

While hubs went to his Saturday morning meeting, I got up and got my running clothes on to go for a quickie before meeting the ladies for breakfast.  I sat out on the balcony to put my shoes on…

…and this, my friends, is where the good intentions went straight.out.of.the.door!  I never made it for a run!!!  This view and the peaceful noise of the ocean made me stop in my tracks and just sit and enjoy.  I didn’t move for a whole hour! And the best part….I didn’t feel guilty! I can’t remember the last time I just sat with myself and enjoyed my surroundings. I just listened to the water; I watched the kids play in the pool; I saw a woman paddle boarding (which I want to try!!). 

It’s possible I needed this, both mentally AND physically. I’m such a mission to get my body back and my times better, that I probably did myself justice by not doing anything. It was peaceful not to obsess about missing a workout/run.  I just thought “I’ll do it,tomorrow!“…and there’s nothing wrong with it. I enjoyed this day of non psychosis…. 😂

Source: Rock and Roll Marathon Series

Sunday is here, and a new week has begun and I start refreshed. Today will be a good day for a run…no matter how far or how fast…outside or inside…..just done!

How was your weekend? What’s your workout week look like? 

My SN (side note) goes out to the family and fans of the magnificent and multitalented artist, Prince. 

Source: Google

I was a fan and I’ve never had the opportunity to see him in concert! I remember wearing out the cassette tape from Purple Rain! In college, I wore out the CDs to his movie  Graffiti Bridge and the all Prince soundtrack to Batman.  2016 has began with many artists that I grew up with leaving us; frankly it feels sad that I’m old enough to “say” goodbye to artists that (as one of my friends eloquently pointed out on FB) “made up the soundtrack for my youth.”  I’m glad that I was able to introduce my boys to your music….Julian’s favorite is Let’s Go Crazy”  and Aidan’s favorite is “Baby, I’m a Star“. May you #ROCKinPEACE, Prince.   You will be missed by many; there’s going to be one hell of a concert up there!!!💜

4 thoughts on “My INTENTIONS were good…

  1. thehouseofhazel says:

    The view is gorg.. I think you did yourself some good by just enjoying the world around you. I think people watching is fun anyhow. Sometimes we find ourselves getting wrapped up into getting our “To Do” list done that we do not stop and smell the roses (or in your case enjoy the view). I also think you most definitely need to paddle board. I have one and it is one of the best workouts you will do. It is a workout that is fun and you do not feel it until the next day :0

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