When you are READY to bring your A game…

…but you show up to the gym with NO SHOES or SOCKS!! 

…and those SOCKS, though!!

That my fellow bloggers/readers is what you call an “EPIC FAIL“!! Now, I’ve been known to forget socks; that’s common. But shoes??? Never! Who forgets shoes?? It was more like I was bringing my “C” game! 

Today has been my third week back to CrossFit.  I miss my old box, but all of my old friends all go the box I’m currently at now.  I’m happy to be back! I’m not as strong as I used to be but that’s why I’m back! With every day that I’m sore, I know that it was worth it the day (or two) before! 


Strength- 6 x 2 Power Cleans

  • 6 rounds of 2 reps to find 2 RM (rep max) of cleans.  I got to 95#, which I think is pretty good considering my absence.

Metcon (Time) – 18 min time cap

  • 3 rounds for time:
  • 10 clean and jerk (65#)
  • 40ft HS walk*
  • 75 DU**
  • 40ft HS walk*

*Substitued for 60sec handstand hold

**Substituted for 150 SU

My rep count: 2 rounds + 75 SU (i.e. DNF).  

I honestly expected as much, but I wasn’t disappointed. I probably could’ve gone a little more on my weight, but I’m taking it cautiously and slowly.  Old girl’s been away and I want to be kind to her! 😂

Tomorrow’s agenda will include a run after work! I am anxious to see how the strength training will improve my running again. I really took that for granted.  This is the lesson I was trying to teach Julian when he was #onearmbandit.  In my opinion, he really took his basketball playing/training for granted.   Thinking because he has a little skill and talent, that he didn’t have to work hard.  And when it was taken away, you really realize how much you miss and appreciate it. Now…it’s MY lesson.  I really took the fact that I was strong for granted.  I miss feeling that way, but I am enjoying the process back.  I am READY to bring my “A” game (with shoes,too!)

Ever have moments like I had today? 

Oh, look what came in the mail this weekend….       

…thats right….I did it!! Me and R2D2! 😉

Happy Monday and thanks for reading! ❤️

3 thoughts on “When you are READY to bring your A game…

  1. NicoleW Runs says:

    Haha, I’ve never forgotten shoes…but I have worked out in regular “street” clothes because I forgot all my workout gear! 😂

    Making it to the gym is most of the battle for me, so I was not about to waste that!


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