You know what time it is??? Triathlon Season! (Well….at least for me it is!). Sunday was my first race of the season

Maderia Beach Triathlon in (you guessed it) Maderia Beach, FL.  This is about 20 minutes outside of St.Peterburg.  I’d never been to this beach town, but that’s not surprising either!😂 #nolife

I was able to race with a few friends this time and we stayed on that end of town to get away from an early wake up AND a drive!!  Plus, we were able to get our race packets earlier and save that hassle and time of picking it up race morning! 


We settled in at the hotel and decided to head to the hotel lobby bar for some Pre-Tri warm up and preparations…

I’m the Stella, by the way!

And we had an amazing sunset…

I love Florida sunsets!!

Hubs does a lot of work in Florida since he’s a General Contractor. He suggested Mario’s for us to try.   Mario’s is a cute little “Mom and Pop” Italian resturant with a wonderful menu.  I had the Baked Ziti- Ziti pasta mixed with marinara, ricotta and parmesean cheese and then baked.  It was so delicious! The only down side was I haven’t eaten cheese in a while and my stomach was like “WTF??”.  But it was worth it!! As usual, Hubs was SPOT ON with his food suggestion! Not only does he know how to build, but my man knows his food!! 

It was an early evening for us because we had an early wake up! But….let me tell you that on our way to our room, we got stuck in the elevator for 15 minutes.  I can check that off my list of “Things done during this lifetime“✔️

Wake up time was 4:40 am because we wanted to get parking and in the transition area without any issues. 

Hello,Moon!! Where’s you other half??

Just in case you wanted to know what’s going on here in the transition area:

  • Bike is in the rack
  • Helmet is out
  • Cycling shoes and socks
  • Running shoes
  • Hat
  • Race bib on race belt
  • Towel to give some resemblance of drying off in between legs

It makes me ready!! 

…and Tracy,too! 

We walk down the beach to the swim start. It’s almost 1/2 mile, I would guess.  We see our other ladies and it’s game time! 7:00 am sharp start for the first wave (Elite and 19 and under participants). Two of our friends are in Wave 2 (7:03 am start) and Tracy and I are in Wave 3 (7:06 am start). Then the unimaginable happens! The announcer comes in the PA and announces that we have to move out cars because a certain grocery store (ahem..WINN DIXIE…ahem) was going to have our cars towed; even the Sheriff Office wasn’t going to be able to stop them. Really??? REALLY???!  We all had to move out cars and vie for limited spaces and get back the start in 30 minutes for the race start. What???? 

Swim 🏊🏽 .25 mile

The swim eventually started and all my blue cap-ers (40-49 AG)  went in the water. Let me say, the water was extremely choppy.  The swim to the first buoy was a challenge because I was swimming against the current. Eventually I was parallel to the shore but swimming as the current is crashing against you is not fun. Let me give you a visual- you know when you see surfers swimming out to catch a wave and as they are swimming, their bodies are being  pushed up and then crashing down a wave? That was ME! Another item of the life list! ✔️.  

Time: 11:09 

T1 – 2:12.2

Bike🚴🏽 10 miles

Let me say that this bike was the best ever! Why, you ask? I started out unlike my last two races…my tire wasn’t FLAT!!   So I started out great! 😂. But in all seriousness, this was a great course with two bridges (that weren’t as bad as I usually make them out to be!).  I felt good about this ride, which I never have!! But I am looking forward to more like it!

Time: 38:30

T2 – 1:46.1

Run 🏃🏽 3.1 miles 

This was the worst 5k ever! It was the slowest because the course was on the beach. There was packed sand but it wasn’t really low tide by the time I began running. I’m dodging the waves and eventually the uneven sand.  My IT band felt tight and I think my patellar tendinitis might act up again.   I shall say for this race, there were many walk breaks!  Beach racing is a deal breaker for me….won’t be doing this again!

Time: 46:43 (gag!!!)

Total Time – 1:40.26

All and all, I was pleased with this finish (despite the fact that my run was awful!).  This was my starting point, so I know what I have to work on for the next race.  I can do better!   
As I was getting my stuff together to go home, I looked down at my legs…

I figured it is a triathlon after all, you should have tri-colored legs, too,right? 😂. My next investment will be a tri kit with better coverage! 

My next race is June 4 in Clermont, FL.  Time to get moving, because hey…


What did you do this weekend? 

Challenge ACCEPTED!

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☝️Challenge #1

On Sunday,after the birthday weekend celebration, Hubs reminded me that in 6 weeks (or so) we will be on the beach. As a gal that never is bathing suit ready, I shuddered! He decided to challenge me to lose the weight I’ve been griping about for a while. What’s a while? Like since I turned 40…almost 4 years ago!😂. I’ve been b***ching about the same 10-15 pounds since I changed the decade! Challenge #2…both of us lose the weight before beach time!  Well, if there is any chance of winning anything, I’m ready!! Folks…it’s game on!!  He wants to lose 20 and I said 18-20 as well, but with the hopes of losing the 15! If you do the math, that’s 3 pounds a week. ( I’m a PA, and safe and healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week, and that’s what I’m shooting for! )

Over the next few weeks, I will be doing my same posts, but hopefully with some numbers from the scale that show some progress. 

I started my Monday morning out with an early run, just a smidge over a mile. I figured I could get more mileage if I added an AM run.  As I progress, I will have more mileage in the same amount of allotted morning time to run. 

Better than NOTHING, right??

Week 4 at CrossFit greeted me with A CRAZY WODStrength: I was able to increase my back squats by 5# for a max of 100 # for 5 sets of 3 reps. Whaaaaaa? Me, the hater of squats got to 100#?? What will they think of next??

The Metcon…that’s what they thought of next! It had a strict 30 minute time cap. Meaning in 30 minutes, you are done even if you aren’t DONE! 😉. I managed 2 rounds and 5 burpees (into round 3).  I knew I wouldn’t make it, but I still felt motivated like I could! 60 (kipping) pull ups lead to…

….and this

Ahhhh…the sweet ripping of the skin from the pull up bar! It’s great to be back! 😂.  

Challenge #3….diet!! I can’t say enough about the how and why my diet has to change.  I don’t eat poorly but I need to eat smarter! This part of the challenge is a constant battle but I’m in it to win it! I want to win!!!

Bear with me folks as I try to win the Hubs Challenge.  I’d love for once to be that girl, all fab in her bathing suit, not worrying about being uncomfortable and wanting to run and cover up. That’s what I want, so let’s  make it happen! 
Have you ever done any kind of challenge that you wanted to SLAY??? I honestly would like to beat my husband, I’m not going even pretend! 😂

The Day After

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!! I honestly was able to sleep and that by far is the best present ever!  

Source; Playdates on Friday by Wendy Fleming

My soon to be 9 year old wrote me the sweetest card (sorry for the grammatical and spelling errors!)…
He’s so sweet! ❤️
With the weekend all over, Monday brought a start to my workout week at CrossFit…


First 3 sets – 85#/95#/115#

Last set – 135#

I was pretty pleased with that outcome. Does this mean I am getting stronger?? Why yes!

Metcom: absolute 30 minute time cap

SDLHP – 35# (instead of 65#)

OHS – 35# (instead of 75#; whaaaaa???)

I finished all of that in 29:57! Juuuuuuust under the time cap. The WOD was great but you know squats are my kryptonite. 

This workout was a GOOD workout! I forgot to wear my Polar to determine how many calories I burned! Bonus?? Leslie joined me!!! I trying to lure her back to the guy with me! So far….it’s working! 😉

Today, I was able to get a little run in before getting clocking back into “Mommy Mode”. It was a shorty, but goody…particularly in the Florida heat!

Oh, and this was the medal that I received today from my Virtual 5k from last week.  I didn’t realize from the picture that the medal was also a wine stopper!! #nice

Not too bad for the beginning of the week, huh? I have to get more running in and get accustomed to this brutal hear that we are going to have this summer.😝 

My first triathlon is a week and change away.

My training, you ask?

Running ✔️

Swimming 😁

Biking ❌

I haven’t had time to get in the pool, but I’m not worried about that leg.  And I have a few more this season to get my act in gear.  I am worried about biking because…well…I suck at it! My triathlon should be “Swim, NO, Run”!!  This will be the one to keep me honest and show me how to change what I am doing.

What do you have going on this week?

Oh…don’t be all that impressed with my 135# DL because J slayed with his DL

…at 200# !!! Put this old lady to SHAME!! 😂

Sunday Share

This is a special Sunday Share because we celebrate all Moms today!!

Source: Pinterest

Here’s my latest post for your leisure Mother’s Day reading!

Enjoy your day and thanks for reading! ❤️

And here’s the reason I am celebrating today..

Julian (red shirt) and Aidan (gray shirt)


And this…

Mom, Mo (Petite Gal SUPREME), and me, Circa 1980 in Miami

These ladies inspire me everyday and I could not have a better example of how to be a mother than from my Mom and my sister!  I want my mother’s patience and tender heart my sister’s ability to do it all with style and grace!! Thank you for being a positive presence in my life! ❤️

You Can Do IT!

What can you do? Better yet, what did I do? My friend, Leslie, sent me this link on Facebook about a virtual run.  I’ve done one before with Swim Bike Mom and I had a great experience.  I like the idea of being held accountable for the “race” (because I paid for it) even when my schedule may not allow for a traditional race.  

Virtual Strides is a company based out of Florida that is company that gives back by donating some profits to charity. Who doesn’t like that? 

Leslie and I did the One Tough Mother Runner….

Source: Virtual Strides FB page

…and opted for the 5k distance.  We could squeeze that in before having to pick up our kiddos.  Once completed, we get a medal for finishing.  Isn’t that medal cool with Rosie the Riveter??!! (Wine and snacks not included, darn it! 😂)

We opted to go around another lake in Winter Haven, Lake Howard.  I’ve actually run the entire lake last year and it’s well over 4 miles. But we figured out an out and back route that gave us the 3.1 we needed. The weather was perfect…cooler (thanks to the horrible rainstorm all day yesterday) and a nice breeze.  Plus…a different route = GREAT RUN!! I wasn’t in love with my time, but it’s better than no time, right??

We get a cool medal and the comfort of knowing I did a 5k in the middle of the week! #boom

We are some tough Mother Runners!! #goUS

I’m digging the virtual run and “meeeees” think I’m going to do more! They are:

  • Priced just like an “actual” race.
  • You, the particpant(s), can select your course.
  • HUGE accountability because you ain’t paying for something and NOT doing it, right?? 😉

Interestingly, before I signed up for this race, I just received information about Disney’s Virtual Running Shorts.

It couldn’t have come at a better time because I was bummed I didn’t get into the Disney Marathon Weekend in January. I wanted to do the 10k because I really had fun at the Star Wars 10k last month. But, sadly, it sold out quicker than I anticipated!! Boo!! But the virtual race sounds fun and hey…it’s all about the medal any way! I’ll keep you posted on when I do it. 

Have you done any virtual races? What was your experience? Love it or hate it? 

Oh… In honor of Cinco de Drinko…

Source: Pinterest

Art-2-ree-2 says “Drink up”! 😉

Hump Day

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week…it’s all downhill from here! I’m in race prep mode and this is my third week back at the gym.

I started the week with a little run on the DREADmill…

This is the “set up” that I had for my run.  I dislike the DREADmill but sometimes it’s all I have! I found a wasp in my garage and I was trying to stay out of its way. In doing that…yeah…I slipped and fell off the DREADmill. Best part?? This isn’t the first time I’ve done this!!  And where is a phone to record when you need it?? 😂. I was YouTube ready….
Monday, I went to the gym for my start of the week a** kicking. I’m on week #3 towards my way back.


Bench Press (5×3) @70-80% 1RM – 95#


4 rounds for time

7 power cleans 65#

14 bar facing burpees

21 WBS 10# ball

*22 min time cap (I made it!!)

Tuesday, I went for it again! Nothing like torture 2 days in a row!

Strength: Push Jerk 6×2 AHAP – 90#


100ft lunges

40 push ups

100ft lunges

30 push ups

100ft lunges

20 push ups

100ft lunges

10 push ups


Why did it take so long, Angie??  I’m slow! ( I kid…I KID!).  Truly, I’m on call and I was paged right after the the first round of push ups. Of course!!!  But,it’s  kinda my job…so I had to take it. Bonus? I did pick a good cough medicine for a patient! 😂

Today…aka Hump Day…aka My favorite day of the week…is a REST Day!  However, do you know what else is today??  It’s May 4th and….

May the 4th be with you! 😂

Get it??

May 1st

Better known as May Day! Or Sunday to the rest of us working folks trying NOT to focus on what tomorrow is!!


My workout week was pretty “ok”…

Monday: CrossFit

Strength: Power Clean 6×2 AHAP (as heavy as possible)- 95# 

Metcom (Time): 3 rounds for time

10 clean and jerk 65#

40ft HS walk *

75 DU**

40ft HS walk

*substituted for 60 sec handstand (against the wall)

**substituted for 150 SU

-18 minute time cap (which I made!!)

Tuesday: Run

It was so freaking HOT!! It wasn’t a pretty run, but it was a run.

…and I ripped a hole in my new Nike tank tearing off the tag on the inside. #moron.  I ran in my new Oakley sunglasses. It was a “hey, I just ran a 10k” and “Happy Early Mother’s Day” gift to me.  Let me just say, I NEVER run without a hat, but this day…I forgot my hat!   Remember when I forgot my shoes last week? Apparently, I’m on a forgetful streak….

They worked out great! They didn’t fog up (which is why I STOPPED using sunglasses to run) and they didn’t do the “slip and slide”off my face (the SECOND reason I stopped wearing sunglasses to run).  They were costly, but they are worth it.

I didn’t make it back to a run or the gym until Friday:

Strength: Back Squats 5 x 3 (70-80% of 1 RM)- 95# (still HATE them!!)

Metcom: 8 min AMRAP

30 DU*

8 ring dips**

30 sec rest

* substituted for 60 SU

** substituted for box dips

The “cash out” was a mile run. It was still so hot, that run was like a fast walk! 😂

My workout week was kind of light but I am 3 weeks out from my first triathlon. 😁. I’m scared as I am NOT prepared (surprise surprise) but I’ll be fine and get the kick in the pants that I always need! 

How was your weekend? What does your  workout week look like?