You Can Do IT!

What can you do? Better yet, what did I do? My friend, Leslie, sent me this link on Facebook about a virtual run.  I’ve done one before with Swim Bike Mom and I had a great experience.  I like the idea of being held accountable for the “race” (because I paid for it) even when my schedule may not allow for a traditional race.  

Virtual Strides is a company based out of Florida that is company that gives back by donating some profits to charity. Who doesn’t like that? 

Leslie and I did the One Tough Mother Runner….

Source: Virtual Strides FB page

…and opted for the 5k distance.  We could squeeze that in before having to pick up our kiddos.  Once completed, we get a medal for finishing.  Isn’t that medal cool with Rosie the Riveter??!! (Wine and snacks not included, darn it! 😂)

We opted to go around another lake in Winter Haven, Lake Howard.  I’ve actually run the entire lake last year and it’s well over 4 miles. But we figured out an out and back route that gave us the 3.1 we needed. The weather was perfect…cooler (thanks to the horrible rainstorm all day yesterday) and a nice breeze.  Plus…a different route = GREAT RUN!! I wasn’t in love with my time, but it’s better than no time, right??

We get a cool medal and the comfort of knowing I did a 5k in the middle of the week! #boom

We are some tough Mother Runners!! #goUS

I’m digging the virtual run and “meeeees” think I’m going to do more! They are:

  • Priced just like an “actual” race.
  • You, the particpant(s), can select your course.
  • HUGE accountability because you ain’t paying for something and NOT doing it, right?? 😉

Interestingly, before I signed up for this race, I just received information about Disney’s Virtual Running Shorts.

It couldn’t have come at a better time because I was bummed I didn’t get into the Disney Marathon Weekend in January. I wanted to do the 10k because I really had fun at the Star Wars 10k last month. But, sadly, it sold out quicker than I anticipated!! Boo!! But the virtual race sounds fun and hey…it’s all about the medal any way! I’ll keep you posted on when I do it. 

Have you done any virtual races? What was your experience? Love it or hate it? 

Oh… In honor of Cinco de Drinko…

Source: Pinterest

Art-2-ree-2 says “Drink up”! 😉

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