This was a short week for me because I am on vacation!  Oh…and someone please tell me how we got to July already???? 

Because I knew I wasn’t going to get a lot in for the rest of the week, I made sure I got to the gym.


Back Squat – 3 x 2 (90-95% 1 RM) : 100#

Snatch Pull – 5 x 1 (Climbing) : 105#

Metcon- Isabel (Time) 30 snatches : 5:03

I was pretty happy with my times and weights and feeling like I may be getting stronger. I missed that feeling when I was not on a regular schedule!


Midline conditioning-

Weighted Good Mornings : 3 x 20 (45#)

Weighted Sit ups : 3 x 20 (15#)

Metcon- 5 RFT

21 WBS (10#)

15 calorie row

9 T2B

Time- 20:57

This looks and sounds awful, doesn’t it. I actual like this WOD.  I finally did what I have NOT been able to do in the 6 years I have been CrossFitting….toes to bar (T2B)!!! I was so happy! Now…I have to work on the rhythm, but I got it!!! 

I felt good starting my work week off with a bang. Wednesday started early because I had to go pick up J from camp at Duke University (Durham, NC). What a time he had!

Looks like he’s about business!😉

The kid had a blast!  He learned a lot of ball, he played a lot, and we spent A LOT! 😂

Oh….and I got to see a famous person at camp….

It’s Bill Bellamy, y’all!!!

The family and I arrived in SC on Thursday and anxiously awaiting my sister and her family’s arrival with our youngest (who’s been with her for the past month!). I was still tired from traveling, so no workout here!!

Friday’s weather allowed us some pool time before the rest of the gang arrived..


Keep you you up date with the rest of the weekend adventures soon!

Thanks for reading! ❤️

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