High School Heartbreak 💔

It happened…yes it did!!! But not in the way you think, because it isn’t me.  My oldest is in 9th grade and this has been such an eye opening, confusing, heart wrenching few months.  I’m glad I did HS back then and NOT now.  Where to I begin???

J decided to try his hand at football at the beginning is the year…long story short, it wasn’t for him. Much to my chagrin, he quit the team.  

  • Lesson 1- Quitters never win.  Because he is a basketball player, he had that to fall back on to stay busy.  Unfortunately at his school, if you quit a team, you can’t participate in another sport until the previous sport you quit is OVER! So, he couldn’t do any preseason basketball work outs with potential teammates! This is why we teach the boys to not quit because there will always be consequences. It killed him that he could do anything with his sport until football season was over. He thought he was being punished for quitting.                         💔Heartbreak #1💔

Finally, basketball tryouts come because football season is officially over.  J is excited and ready to show his skills.  End of the week, he’s told he unofficially officially made the JV team. He is over.the.moon!!! This decision was more special than you think because last season he was our because he broke his arm and required 2 surgeries.  This killed him!!!  But he worked hard and was back at it before long and playing ball a mere 4 months later. See why THIS decision was so great and important?? Well….2 days later he was cut! Why???? Apparently some other players from the football team still wanted to try out and that meant pushing some of the poor Frosh out…including mine! 😢. I’m not going to lie, I WAS HEARTBROKEN for him.  I mean tears, people!!! 💔Heartbreak #2💔

  • Lesson 2- There is a REASON for everything. I believe this to be true but it is damn hard to to beleive it when it is happening to someone you love! I can’t “fix” this…I can’t make this “better” and this is one of those life lessons that prepares you for…well…LIFE! We have to fall in order to get back up!                           💔Heartbreak #3💔
  • Lesson 3- Be the bigger person. This one was hard for me too! My son was offered to be the Team Manager of the Varsity team.  Wtf???? How about my spot on the team??? But I will say that in all of my/ our parenting flaws, I/we must have done something right.  He accepted the position because (and I quote) “I want to show them how dedicated I am to this sport that I love. And they are going to know I want to be on this team next year. And they won’t forget my work.” No question…without a shadow of a doubt, this kid is a BETTER person than me!  I would have told them where they could put that manager position.😂. But he….he took it and he pridefully gets to be a part of the sport he loves and will (and I quote) “use this to fuel myself to get better and show them I mean it!” 💓Heart OVERJOYED!!!💓

He has only been in HS since August and he has had so many lessons in life just within that short period of time.  I love this kid with all my heart and soul and I know this is all part of the plan to get him to his goal.  This kid is pretty amazing and has taught me a lot!   “Laugh at it,  Mom. Make jokes so that way, it shows that you’ve moved on and that people see that it doesn’t bother you“.  
Well played, J! WELL PLAYED!! ❤️ 

Thank YOU for teaching ME how to be a better person! 

6 thoughts on “ High School Heartbreak 💔

  1. Mom/G'ma says:

    MY JuneBug is one AWESOME young man!

    Words can only begin to express how proud I am of him and how very blessed we are that God sent him to us.

    He is an example to us all!

    He’s MY #1!


  2. Anonymous says:

    This by far shows the great character of a young man! Fantastic job!

    We had this similar situstion,
    Alana quite Volleyball (her favorite sport) after the first gam.
    #1- Shes a Jr, played every year on the team. This year new coach, 2, teams because of so many players. Varsity & JV- he put her on JV
    Well all of those kids are 8th-10th grade and then there’s her! Coach placed girls on Varsity that never even showed up to try out!
    My mouth never quiet, approached the coach and he said, “we all can’t make the team, she’s inconsistent and small!” Yes, she’s tiny, 100 lbs wet and 5″5″, long legs, thin, but mighty!
    She sucked it up, took the spot on JV and said I’ll use it as practice until next year!

    After one game she quit! Barely any playtime, girls on the team are immature and playing for fun. She’s competitive and wants a more mature field. 2 hours of practice everyday as well as travel for practice 4-5 hours on school nights. She’s in mostly AP classes. In bed by 1 am due to the amount of homework needed to be done. Too much on her plate. Oh and by the way, more than an adequate amount of players, she didn’t leave them hanging.
    She chose to quit and join swimming team, another favorite, its early in the morning, doesn’t take time out of her schedule, still able to do a sport, complete homework. Etc.
    Only to be told, you quit a sport so you can’t do another until next semester. Heartbroken and disappointed, now she can’t play either one. What is a school teaching a student by placing these rules! This is a small private school, they need players!
    What happened to encourage, not discourage! That’s ok, I kept my mouth closed for the first time because she asked me to. She said, “Mom” its wrong but I’m ok, I’m here for an education not a social life! When you raise kids of true character and value of their own worth, they end up teaching us lessons and make us proud. Angie, you raised an incredible son. Congrats!


    • Mom, Miles, and Mishaps says:

      Oh…that’s AMAZING!!! My son, as well, is on a private school and there is so much POLITICS involved, so we found out. Have to keep certain players happy, or so the rumor mill states! 😉

      Kudos to YOU for raising a wonderful, thoughtful daughter! Like I said before, sometimes, really MOST of the times, I think I’m screwing up- then they go and do something like THIS. Makes me feel good!
      I wanted to email the principal, coach, crap…anyone that would listen, but I BELIEVE that God’s plan is in motion. And part of that plan was for him to be cut because something Bigger is coming his way!!
      Congrats to you too!!! ❤️❤️


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