Whoa!!! I haven’t written a post since February….FEBRUARY,people!! Where has the time gone?? Today, May 31,2017 is what I like to call “Independence Day“! Why, you ask? SCHOOL IS OVER!!   Cue SONG…cue DANCE…cue ANYTHING!! 

Parents…I know you feel me!! There’s isn’t any more:

  • Do you have HW? (Or my FAV…did you DO your HW?)
  • Did you forget (fill in the blank)?
  • Did you study for your test/quiz?
  • Do you have clean uniforms for tomorrow?

I mean, the list can go on and on…I’d bore you to death! 

Here’s the school tally-

You remember J, my oldest? The High School Freshman?

First Day!!

We started out rocky at the beginning of the year.  How he/we/they managed to squeeze a s**t TON of life lessons into one year, I will never understand! And trust me when I say, it was MORE than just what I posted about last time.  I honestly felt like I wasn’t going to survive and worried that he wouldn’t either! But he did…!!!  I think he learned a lot about himself and what he is capable of, how strong he really is and what he has to do to continue any kind of high school success.  I asked him what he learned from this year….

  • Just because someone is NICE to you, doesn’t mean they are your friend(s).
  • Be careful who you trust.
  • I am cool in my own way and it doesn’t matter what “they” think about me.
  • Work HARD always (let’s hope that STICKS! 😂)

Pretty insightful for a teenager, huh?  His lessons were s****y, but in the big picture, necessary.  And I’m glad that it happened now and not later during high school.  With this year under our belt, Sophomore year should be (hopefully be) less challenging! 🙏 #bringitON

LAST Day as a Freshman!

I have learned to accept my child for who he is…a very kind young man, who is quirky and goofy, who is good at school (when he wants to😉) and who is a lot stronger than he gives himself credit for.

I have learned that this is not my journey.  I spent a long time this year trying to “make” him into other kids.  Excuse me….WHA????   Yeah…you know when compare your kid to other kids and you try to “make” them into those kids? “(Fill in the blank) is doing GREAT, why aren’t you?“. “How come (fill in the blank) remembers (fill in the blank) and you can’t??“. You know, all that negative language  that will some how miraculously turn your child into fill in the blank“! Yeah…that works!! This is a journey that he is on and all of the lessons he needs to be a grown up has to be learned by him and not bypassed by me! 


Then, there’s Aidan (affectionately called “Big Head”)….

First Day!!!

Elementary school still is a walk in the park in comparison.  Aidan learned how to not give up! For this kid…everything, EVERYTHING is a competition. When he doesn’t get something the first time (or fails at something)…complete shut down ensues. He is so pissed at himself that he doesn’t want to try again because he thinks he will “lose” again. There was a constant reminder to him that we all make errors or mistakes. You know that happens to us mere mortals!  

He has matured and overcome this “flaw” and think he’s ready to tackle 5th grade. 

Last Day!

I was kind of prepared going into 4th grade with him (since I did with J), but I still learned.   I learned about patience.  I have the tendency to have a short string of tolerance when he starts to whine about something, but mostly  with school. “I don’t get it, Mom!”. “She’s didn’t tell us HOW to do it!“. “I can’t ……!”  Or the ever popular (and my favorite) “I don’t know……“. Ughhhhhhh!!!! But I learned to dig deep inside and realize that I am (GASP) almost 45 years old and I know this stuff because someone had the patience with me! 

Hopefully, I will carry over all of this knowledge from this school year and bring it with me into the new year in August.  Then again knowing myself….I’ll find some way to mess it again!!! 😂

All and all, I’m just excited for the break from the “norm” and I’m going to bask in the glory of my new (albeit temporary) INDEPENDENCE!! 

Thanks folks for sticking with me through the tour of my parenting! It’s a DOOZY……

Are you celebrating your “Independence Day” now?? 

PS….I can’t honestly say that kids look any different from the first day to the last, but DAMN my new kitchen looks GOOD, huh??!!! #droppedthemike