Mig’s Meals

1. CUBANese Stir Fried

Filet Mignon (marinated with a secret blend)
English Peas (fresh)
Snow peas

2. Picadillo
Ground venison
Green peppers

20140426-200945.jpgAll sautéed together and served over yellow rice
That other thing? That’s a tostone….a (double) fried plantain (green)
Small avocado salad dressed with olive oil and garlic powder

3. MFC

20140511-185451.jpgWe call this one “Mickey’s Fried Chicken”. I had another name for the initials, but I’m keeping it clean and classy for you readers! This isn’t a healthy meal by ANY means but it is SO good!! Hubby does his own spices for the coating and I don’t know HOW he does it but his stuff ISN’T greasy!! I don’t eat a lot of fried food, but this is worth it!!

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