Getting to Know You #5

I know…I KNOW that you’ve been dying for me to return with my “10 Day You Challenge”!! #riiiight

6 Places



20140723-214027-78027754.jpg The Opera House in Sydney! Uh yes…sign me up! “Me me me meeeeeee🎶🎶”

20140723-214027-78027270.jpgWho WOULDN’T want to see this?? ALL of this!! I’ve made or as far as New Zealand, but I’m getting there!!

2. Italy



20140723-214506-78306274.jpgA country that I have been blessed to see but was so young don’t remember much. And I would really like to appreciate the country (and WINE) through adult eyes!

3. France

20140723-215027-78627168.jpgVive la France!! I took French in middle school and high school and really didn’t a chance to use it as much as I’d would have liked to (mind you this is the 42 year old talking NOT the 14 year old!!)

20140723-215659-79019559.jpgArc de Triumph

20140723-215728-79048383.jpgI’m OBSESSED with the Lourve! I want to see literally every square inch of it!!

20140723-215904-79144402.jpgAnd there you have it…The Eiffel Tower! What is more “France” than that????

4. Spain


20140723-220539-79539172.jpg España…how I want to see you! Hubby is of Cuban decent and his connection to Spain is via his grandfathers on BOTH sides. I can wait to see this country and eat all of that scrumptious food…like THIS paella!! #omg

5. Charleston, SC
Ok…this is the ODD man out! I can’t get enough of the gentle South! I’m secretly wanting to have EVERYTHING in Southern Living magazine! I love the history and the charm that defines the South…



20140723-221401-80041084.jpgWho wouldn’t want a horse drawn carriage ride??

6. Germany


20140723-221703-80223974.jpgEVERYONE wants to see the inspiration for Cinderella’s castle! Neuschwanstein Castle is magical and I would love to see it in person…BEFORE my ball dress turns back to shreads! 😉

What do you think about this list? I’d like to point out that all of my places, with the exception of Charleston, ALL have great wines and beers! That didn’t necessarily factor into my list….probably just coincidence! 😉

Where are the places you’d like to go??

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Getting to Know You #4

Apparently this post didn’t “POST” because I couldn’t find it!! I already wrote this, but hear I go again!

7 Wants
First let’s day, that I interpreted this differently than maybe others may have.
I went pretty superficial on this one because “wants” to me means things that I CRAVE but MAY never have….

1. Health
Of course I want this and strive for this every day! This is one of those things that I crave and will HAVE!!! 😃

2. Computer
The iMac is calling my name!!

20140713-183009-66609291.jpgI want one of these babies BADLY, so I can work on posts on an actually computer and not my iPhone! Oh yeah…the kids need it for school too!!😉

3. House
Did you know that it was possible to outgrow a house?? Never knew that I could, but 2 boys later, you CAN! Plus…I’m tired of driving 50 minutes every day to work and school for the boys! It sure would be nice to love closer…..
Oh yeah…and I want a POOL with his new house too! #GREEDY#sorryNOTsorry

4. FitBit
REALLY want one of these!

20140713-183330-66810933.jpgIt looks like it will help me keep on track with exercise and weight loss!

5. Ninja Blender
You know..I love smoothies, but the 1996 blender I’m rocking right now just AIN’T cutting the mustard!!

20140713-183528-66928782.jpgThis thing is the BOMB! I want it…but I’m too CHEAP! But….if someone would like to BUY me one or GIVE me one…I’m interested!! 👍

6. Worry Free eating
Uh…..YEAH! Who wouldn’t want to chow down on their favorite thing without worrying?? Unrealistic? Yes! Still a want? HELL YES!!

7. Skinny ankles
You know…I see these runners and people always complement the shoes, their outfits, etc. The one thing I’m looking at and liking?? Their ankles!!!. Weird? Maybe…but you haven’t SEEN this ankle of mine!!!Ever since my shin splint injuries, my ankle is fat….

20140713-184056-67256399.jpgLook at it!! I’m 42 years old and I have a CANKLE! (You know…calf running into an ankle??!!! Ugh). It won’t.go.AWAY! So I’m stuck with it!! DOUBLE UGH!!!

So, there you have it…my 7 SUPERFICIAL wants!

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Getting to Know You….#2

Thought I was done? NOPE!!😉


9 Loves (in NO particular order,mind you….)

1. My Guys…

20140630-220215-79335569.jpgMy hubby, Miguel. He’s the love of my life, my friend, my champion, and my rock. I thank God every day for this man…for who he is, the husband he became, and the father I always knew he would be. ❤️

20140630-220653-79613107.jpgMy oldest son, Julian. He such a sweet and smart young man. I always wonder HOW I was blessed with this child!

20140630-220801-79681176.jpgMy “baby”, Aidan. This kid is ALL personality….don’t know WHERE he came from!!😉. God blessed me again with this cutie!

There is NO question in my mind that my renewed relationship with HIM continues to bless me and my family. I strive every day to be a better person, to be patient, and to live the life in the way HE wants me too. Keep those prayers coming….

3. Reading
Books, magazines, blogs….
You NAME it, I LOVE to read it. Outside of the professional reading I do, I get some fun stuff too! I’m currently reading “House Girl” by Tara Conklin.

20140630-221540-80140262.jpgI’ll give you a review when I’m done!

4. Movies
Ummm…where do I start? Let’s just say I’ll watch ANY movie (except Horror…HATE being scared!!!😁). And this love of movies have led to a (mental) collection of movie lines and one liners! Don’t EVEN get me started….

5. Electronics
I’m a junkie….I seriously love Best Buy as much as I love Ross! I wish I could take one of EVERYTHING!!!

6. Travel
I was lucky enough to have parents that loved traveling. That “bug” was passed on to myself! My father worked for Pan Am (remember them?) and we able to travel the world! Now that my boys are old enough,hubby and I have plans on traveling abroad..hopefully next year!!

7. Sports
Oh yeah!!! I love to watch sports…particularly college sports…ESPECIALLY The University of Florida Gators! Go Gators

20140630-222341-80621785.jpgjust in case you want to know the new Gator Football schedule….

8. Crafting
Oh LORD…do I love to craft! Oh DAMN….do I NOT have enough time!! I love to make all kinds of neat things. Pinterest is my crack! #soNOTsorry

9. Gators
See number 7; but I’m sure this ISN’T a huge shock! My brainwashing TEACHING my kids that Florida is where they need to go! A girl can hope and dream, right?


There you have it…my LOVES. I have a few more but I had to tailor the list! 😁
Hope you like it….

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