May 1st

Better known as May Day! Or Sunday to the rest of us working folks trying NOT to focus on what tomorrow is!!


My workout week was pretty “ok”…

Monday: CrossFit

Strength: Power Clean 6×2 AHAP (as heavy as possible)- 95# 

Metcom (Time): 3 rounds for time

10 clean and jerk 65#

40ft HS walk *

75 DU**

40ft HS walk

*substituted for 60 sec handstand (against the wall)

**substituted for 150 SU

-18 minute time cap (which I made!!)

Tuesday: Run

It was so freaking HOT!! It wasn’t a pretty run, but it was a run.

…and I ripped a hole in my new Nike tank tearing off the tag on the inside. #moron.  I ran in my new Oakley sunglasses. It was a “hey, I just ran a 10k” and “Happy Early Mother’s Day” gift to me.  Let me just say, I NEVER run without a hat, but this day…I forgot my hat!   Remember when I forgot my shoes last week? Apparently, I’m on a forgetful streak….

They worked out great! They didn’t fog up (which is why I STOPPED using sunglasses to run) and they didn’t do the “slip and slide”off my face (the SECOND reason I stopped wearing sunglasses to run).  They were costly, but they are worth it.

I didn’t make it back to a run or the gym until Friday:

Strength: Back Squats 5 x 3 (70-80% of 1 RM)- 95# (still HATE them!!)

Metcom: 8 min AMRAP

30 DU*

8 ring dips**

30 sec rest

* substituted for 60 SU

** substituted for box dips

The “cash out” was a mile run. It was still so hot, that run was like a fast walk! 😂

My workout week was kind of light but I am 3 weeks out from my first triathlon. 😁. I’m scared as I am NOT prepared (surprise surprise) but I’ll be fine and get the kick in the pants that I always need! 

How was your weekend? What does your  workout week look like?


Weekend Slugging…..

This weekend was surprisingly SLOW for me, in terms of exercise. I literally did NOTHING!! I didn’t run on Saturday morning like I normally do…I didn’t make up for it in the evening, like I normally do (blame football….!) and I didn’t do anything Sunday morning either! #whataSLUG

There was a local CF competition that I went to see, about 30 minutes from my casa. The Central Florida Throwdown was in Lakeland, FL. I didn’t compete this time…guess I’m still waiting for the “bug” again! But I was there to support my gym mates that were veterans to competing and the newbies who doubted they could do it!! It’s amazing being around all those for people….it inspires you to keep going!! But….apparently that didn’t work so much for me because I was a slug his weekend, remember? 😉

My gym buddy, Katelyn, was competing on a team! I miss her because we don’t WOD together any more. She’s at another gym now and making AMAZING strides!

IMG_4191.JPGThis is her “I can’t BELIEVE I let anyone talk me into this AGAIN” face. I saw this when we did our first competition together almost 2 years ago. She was amazing then too!!! 💪

Her team was a mixed team that competed in the scaled division. Don’t let the word “scaled” let you think it’s easy….because it AIN’T!!!
The WOD I was able to see was a 10 min AMRAP:
9 pull-ups
9 G2OH (95#/65#)
Their team strategy worked very well because the guys were stronger on the pull-ups and could crank those out FAST!! Once they pull-ups were done…to the BAR (no…not that one!!!) the ladies went!


IMG_4197.JPGShe’s amazing, isn’t she?? #cfBEAST

Another WOD included 1K run TOGETHER. How, you ask?? Holding a rope, of course, you silly rabbit!

IMG_4205.JPGYeah…that’s ok! I’m good!

I was only able to stay for half of the day….but please to tell you her team placed 2nd!!! BOOM!!!👍😃💪
Man….I’m super proud of her!!!

I’m no longer a slug, as I look forward to my routine staring at 4 am tomorrow at the DREADmill! ugh

How was your weekend???

EMOMs, T2Bs…oh my!!

Today was a shoulder heavy WOD, which I love because upper body is my stronger than my lower body! I fear anything that sounds or looks like a squat!


Whoa!! Now, 10 minutes doesn’t sound that long does it? I told you that I learned a new found respect for 10 minutes after the competition in January!
So…what is EMOM you ask? It stands for “every minute on the minute”. The WOD starts and we did 1 of each movement…so 1 clean, 1 front squat, 1 push press, 1 back squat and 1 behind the back push press. The idea is to finish the movements before the next minute. Why? You get to rest more the faster you go. And trust me…that minute comes FAST and it’s time to do it again! This is for 10 times…therefore 10 EMOM. But here’s what interesting…apparently we were doing so well, our trainer decided for the last 5 EMOMs (I can use this term freely now because you KNOW it know!), instead of 1 of each, now it’s 2 of each…still before the next minute starts! YIKES!! I still managed to finish about 25 seconds, with a lovely rest!

We were granted a small rest, only to start with a 7 min AMRAP. Again….7 minutes seems like an ETERNITY!!

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Long Day and LOTS of money!!!

I needed this WOD today because I had to drop a RIDICULOUS amount of moola fixing my car…1800 to be exact ! I nearly died….

But since I haven’t won the lottery (don’t play!) and didn’t have a rich relative leave me some extra coin (not so much), I needed to have not fixed to GO TO WORK! #adulthood

This was a great way to end the day with a 16 AMRAP* (remember what that means???)

myWOD app ❤️

Any lingo that you don’t recognize?
HR push-ups maybe?

HR push ups = Hand Release push ups.
It’s exactly what it sounds like…at the bottom of the push up and prior to pushing back up, your hands come off the ground. They don’t sound very challenging but don’t believe it!

AMRAP = As Many Reps/ounds As Possible.
So, for 16 minutes the goal was to complete as any rounds as possible. SN: all of those movements above equal 1 round!
I was able to get 10 rounds in the 16 minutes.
Pretty proud of myself considering I was mentally exhausted.

What was your workout like today?

PS..I think I MIGHT have been talked into another CF competition in April. I must be NUTS! Then there’s the triathlon in April too! Should I do both?? AB-so-freaking-lutely! Absolutely…..