Mom Blues…

All day I thought it was WEDNESDAY!!! I don’t know why,but I did!! Probably because basketball season is here which means a few things: I am BUSY shuttling between practices.  My workout out feel sporadic (but I’m NOT going to let it). And I’m…wait for it….TIRED!!!

I love that my son, Julian, LOVES basketball.  As we are part of making some of his dreams come true, that means our stuff gets pushed to the WAY back!!  But I vow to keep better management of my time.  My youngest Aidan and I had a really deep conversation earlier this week. He says “Mommy, if you had a super power, what would it be?” (Deep, huh?). My answer to this self searching question…”I would have the power of CLONING.  So I can be everywhere at ALL times!”  Wouldn’t that be great???  

My week started with a little run, because that’s all I seem to be able to get now a days.  

 We got 1.71 miles in while our kiddos had their first basketball practice at school.  I made it to the gym after the kids were settled at home, ate, and HW was reviewed, at 8:30. (Gotta do whatcha gotta do, right?). My strength training program is great and I’m excited to see me strong again. 

Wednesday, while the kiddo was at practice, I ran.  I was able to finish work early, so I started earlier.  I did 2.25 miles and then finished the rest of my 3.49 (total) when Leslie was finished at work.   

I love running but I’m SO frustrated now! I’m NOT where I was this time last year and it SUCKS!! I’m trying to remember that I am giving all of what I have with the time I am allowed.  But sometimes that reminder doesn’t work!  I continue to get inspiration from you all, and I blame myself for not being where some of you are. #jealousmuch  But…I’m me and I’m continuing to learn to not compare myself to others! Today…another basketball practice and a rest day for me.  I will run tomorrow, after Julian had his weight training session, on the DREADmill.  

Ok…enough of the pity party, Angie!

How has your week been? Any races coming up?  I have to submit a 10k time for the Star Wars run in April at Disney. I am looking to repeat the first 10k I did last year.  But I’m so much slower and I’m REALLY nervous!!! 😁

Hellooooooo, Monday Me Time!!!

Today, I finally felt like I was back on track. After a long weekend of basketball (and no ME time), I finally got my groove back.  I was still tired when I got to work, and really was feeling uninspired to run.  But…..I put my big girl pants on…and made it WORK!!  My usual partner couldn’t make the run this afternoon, so I didn’t have someone to hold me accountable today! 😉. I’ve never needed that, but today would have been helpful to have that extra push!! 

My TRUE motivation…..

This Florida heat is NO.JOKE!!! It’s going to be a HOT summer, and we are only in Spring! 😝.  I knocked out 2.25 miles today.  It ain’t great, but it ain’t shabby either!  Hey… “Mom’s gotta do, what Mom’s gotta DO!” 

Why THANK YOU Nike App for the a** kicking recognititon!!!


I don’t have a strength training workout for today, because today isn’t my day for partners!   My fellow basketball Mom couldn’t make practice today because her baller is sick! I opted out because we are in a different faculty for practice too! #cantcatchaBREAK. “There’s always tomorrow” (in my BEST Scarlett. O’Hara voice!!) 

SWEATY Scarlett!!


How was your day???

Did you get some “ME” time on Monday??