Hey THERE….again!!!

Long time…No see, guys!! Life has been so busy since school started for the kiddos, that my lack of blogging was in high gear! My last post was about 4 months (or more) ago, btw! Did you miss me?? πŸ˜‚. What really reminded me about my blogging (or lack there of) was a reminder that showed up on Facebook today about a post from last year, to the day! Take a walk with me….. J in his Freshman year of high school and not making the basketball team! The heartbreak this Mom had for her son with his second major blow in 2 years (fractured shoulder= loss of a season; being cut = ANOTHER loss of a season!) Ugh….

Enter Sophomore year…and tryouts are here once again! 3 days of tryouts with some of the same coaches from last year. Double Ugh…..

#AssasinsCreed over here was pumped and ready for the tryouts…while Mom over here was just plain scared of what the outcome was going to be. He has been working and training so HARD since last year! He wanted to prove to his fellow players (current and previous) that he has talent and CAN play. He wanted to prove and show the coaching staff that he has grown as a player and has been “studying” the game. However, most importantly…he wanted and NEEDED to squash the doubt he had in himself and prove that he deserved to be there!

On the last day of tryouts, I was nervous as s**t! I️ just couldn’t bear for my kiddo having his heart broken yet again! Pull up to the school, he gets in the car,and….

Mom….your son made the team!

It was like he won a National Championship! His self esteem took a beating last year and probably affected him more than any of us wanted to admit. To say that he was beaming at that moment is an understatement! It honestly was nice to see him feel good about himself again and not let self doubt take over. What made this “victory” even sweeter…the coach that sadly (and in disbelief) had to cut him the previous year, spoke to both the Varsity and JV teams. He said that there was a young man that didn’t make the team last year and definitely and without a doubt made the team this year. He said he was proud of how much he has grown as a player and most importantly how much he stuck with it, even stayed with the Varsity team as a Team Manager, and didn’t let any of the disappointment from last year get him down. Who was he talking about?? MY KID!!!! Everyone else had to wait (sadly) before the end of the evening regarding their status. When he told me, I️ didn’t know what to say….was actually kind of speechless (that’s a FIRST!πŸ˜‚). Most parents know the pure joy of watching their children do and excel in something they love! You all can add me to that list now……

Excited to share this joy with you, J! Can’t wait to see you doing YOU! #GoHAWKS #wheresmyteamshirt

So glad to be back!! Share some good news with me!!! ❀️

PS….if you notice the lack of the lower or upper case πŸ‘ ‘s in my post….it’s not my fault! πŸ˜‚. iPhone is working on that upgrade! #getonITplease

Β High School Heartbreak πŸ’”

It happened…yes it did!!! But not in the way you think, because it isn’t me.  My oldest is in 9th grade and this has been such an eye opening, confusing, heart wrenching few months.  I’m glad I did HS back then and NOT now.  Where to I begin???

J decided to try his hand at football at the beginning is the year…long story short, it wasn’t for him. Much to my chagrin, he quit the team.  

  • Lesson 1- Quitters never win.  Because he is a basketball player, he had that to fall back on to stay busy.  Unfortunately at his school, if you quit a team, you can’t participate in another sport until the previous sport you quit is OVER! So, he couldn’t do any preseason basketball work outs with potential teammates! This is why we teach the boys to not quit because there will always be consequences. It killed him that he could do anything with his sport until football season was over. He thought he was being punished for quitting.                         πŸ’”Heartbreak #1πŸ’”

Finally, basketball tryouts come because football season is officially over.  J is excited and ready to show his skills.  End of the week, he’s told he unofficially officially made the JV team. He is over.the.moon!!! This decision was more special than you think because last season he was our because he broke his arm and required 2 surgeries.  This killed him!!!  But he worked hard and was back at it before long and playing ball a mere 4 months later. See why THIS decision was so great and important?? Well….2 days later he was cut! Why???? Apparently some other players from the football team still wanted to try out and that meant pushing some of the poor Frosh out…including mine! 😒. I’m not going to lie, I WAS HEARTBROKEN for him.  I mean tears, people!!! πŸ’”Heartbreak #2πŸ’”

  • Lesson 2- There is a REASON for everything. I believe this to be true but it is damn hard to to beleive it when it is happening to someone you love! I can’t “fix” this…I can’t make this “better” and this is one of those life lessons that prepares you for…well…LIFE! We have to fall in order to get back up!                           πŸ’”Heartbreak #3πŸ’”
  • Lesson 3- Be the bigger person. This one was hard for me too! My son was offered to be the Team Manager of the Varsity team.  Wtf???? How about my spot on the team??? But I will say that in all of my/ our parenting flaws, I/we must have done something right.  He accepted the position because (and I quote) “I want to show them how dedicated I am to this sport that I love. And they are going to know I want to be on this team next year. And they won’t forget my work.” No question…without a shadow of a doubt, this kid is a BETTER person than me!  I would have told them where they could put that manager position.πŸ˜‚. But he….he took it and he pridefully gets to be a part of the sport he loves and will (and I quote) “use this to fuel myself to get better and show them I mean it!” πŸ’“Heart OVERJOYED!!!πŸ’“

He has only been in HS since August and he has had so many lessons in life just within that short period of time.  I love this kid with all my heart and soul and I know this is all part of the plan to get him to his goal.  This kid is pretty amazing and has taught me a lot!   “Laugh at it,  Mom. Make jokes so that way, it shows that you’ve moved on and that people see that it doesn’t bother you“.  
Well played, J! WELL PLAYED!! ❀️ 

Thank YOU for teaching ME how to be a better person! 

When did I……?

…..become a parent of a high schooler?

J’s first day at Santa Fe Catholic High School. This is a new school for him, so first day in another way as well. I am beyond nervous for him but he seems confident and ready for the new experience. Prayers, people….PRAYERS!! 

….become a parent of a 4th grader?

Aidan’s first day of school at St.Joseph Catholic School.  This is the first time Aidan has not gone to school with his brother.  He had mixed emotions…happy that he’s the only brother left at the school but sad that he’s the only brother at the school!!! 

….become a football parent AS WELL as a basketball parent?

J decided he wanted to try football this year.  I figure it can’t hurt…well…it CAN hurt really bad!!!  (He’s nursing a muscular injury now because of learning to tackle!  No practice today but back tomorrow…). But it can’t hurt because he is getting great conditioning for basketball and if he doesn’t like it, he gained some experience about another sport! Win WIN in my book! 

….have a child that wants to be a swimmer too??
Aidan spent a month with my sister in VA.  His cousins swim and he desperately wants to swim now! With a month there and swim camp for 6 weeks, we are in swim mode to try and get on a team (or so HE says!). He swims every Saturday at the Y and he loves it! We shall see….

….forget how to use a lock for a locker in school?

I’m totally aging myself here but I remember going “3 turns to the right, 2 turns to the left, 1 turn to the final number”. Over 20 minutes trying to open this damn thing….only to find out you don’t do this ANYMORE!!! Wha????? 

…..become the person that signs up for TWO races in one weekend!!

Yep…while J was figuring out his lock I was registering for the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend run.  I did the 10k last year and was all too excited when I received the email that sign up was August 9th at noon. You know what I did??? I signed up for the 5k AND 10k!!! It’s costly but I am going to run with some girlfriends from HS and plan on making it a girls weekend! All too excited!!  I need the motivation to get back and what a perfect way!

I am sure this school year will many more firsts, so maybe there will be more “When did I…..?“posts in the future!πŸ˜‰

How was your day??? Did anyone have some first day of school stories???


This was a short week for me because I am on vacation!  Oh…and someone please tell me how we got to July already???? 

Because I knew I wasn’t going to get a lot in for the rest of the week, I made sure I got to the gym.


Back Squat – 3 x 2 (90-95% 1 RM) : 100#

Snatch Pull – 5 x 1 (Climbing) : 105#

Metcon- Isabel (Time) 30 snatches : 5:03

I was pretty happy with my times and weights and feeling like I may be getting stronger. I missed that feeling when I was not on a regular schedule!


Midline conditioning-

Weighted Good Mornings : 3 x 20 (45#)

Weighted Sit ups : 3 x 20 (15#)

Metcon- 5 RFT

21 WBS (10#)

15 calorie row

9 T2B

Time- 20:57

This looks and sounds awful, doesn’t it. I actual like this WOD.  I finally did what I have NOT been able to do in the 6 years I have been CrossFitting….toes to bar (T2B)!!! I was so happy! Now…I have to work on the rhythm, but I got it!!! 

I felt good starting my work week off with a bang. Wednesday started early because I had to go pick up J from camp at Duke University (Durham, NC). What a time he had!

Looks like he’s about business!πŸ˜‰

The kid had a blast!  He learned a lot of ball, he played a lot, and we spent A LOT! πŸ˜‚

Oh….and I got to see a famous person at camp….

It’s Bill Bellamy, y’all!!!

The family and I arrived in SC on Thursday and anxiously awaiting my sister and her family’s arrival with our youngest (who’s been with her for the past month!). I was still tired from traveling, so no workout here!!

Friday’s weather allowed us some pool time before the rest of the gang arrived..


Keep you you up date with the rest of the weekend adventures soon!

Thanks for reading! ❀️

Miami Weekend 2k16

This weekend involved a little trip to Miami for…you guessed it…BASKETBALL.  Hubs being the eternal ‘Canes fan, this is the second year we made the trip to a game.  Remember last year?  This year, the Hurricanes were taking on the Louisville Cardinals  

 Being a Gator, I was a neutral fan (but definitely not pulling for Louisville because I’m from Florida). My kiddos were happy too….  

   …with that little sneaky kid throwing up that “U”!! #whatevs

We had a great time and anytime you get to show your kids a college campus…DO IT!  It shows them where hard work will lead them #ohthePLACESyouwillGO

We stayed downtown at the Hampton Inn Brickell  

 ….which is always nice!!  I feel all fancy when I stay here!! The rooms are spacious and amenities are just what you’d expect in The 305-top notch! 

Next door, is one of our favorite restaurants, Batch Gastropub.   We ate here last year,too! We don’t branch out much, do we??? πŸ˜‚

 All the pub fare you love can be found here! We didn’t want to eat very heavy, so we opted for the Pork Belly Sliders with pickled cucumbers and Korean BBQ 

 …and in the back?? Truffle cheese fries-truffle salt, asiago cheese and rosemary. #inLOVE

SN: Ok…totally off the subject here, but  can I just say that I love this contraption in the restroom?? 

 Seriously…I don’t have to waste paper touching the door handle after washing my hands!  Use your foot under the lever and it opens the door.  I’ve never seen this before, but I believe every restroom should have this!!

We had a great weekend 

 …but now it’s back to it!!

Today is a rest day because of basketball practice for little man and scheduling Jr. Big Man Physical therapy and all he needs to get back on the court!

Tomorrow is another day…

How’s your week going to shape out? 

Operation #takethemPINSout

Today is the day my son, Julian, has been waiting for…surgery!  Now, no one in their right mind wants to have surgery.  But in this case, J wants it.  Take you back to December when J first broke his arm.  My world, at that moment, was all topsy turvy! With my “baby” in pain that I couldn’t fix, an ER visit, doctor visits, emergency surgery and starting PT, I haven’t been myself since then! It has taken a toll on my mind and my body! #soselfish. And poor J…he hasn’t been able to play basketball in 2 months! He loves it more than anything and how painful to watch something taken away from a loved one. πŸ’”

Fast forward to today, right now.  After the surgery has been rescheduled 3 times and having to find a new surgeon (his original surgeon took ill unexpectedly which caused all the rescheduling and prompted the search for a new surgeon), we are finally here and ready!  He is excited to get back to training…to get back to his touchstone…to get back to being himself.

Pray for this sweet face and pray that he will have a speedy recovery….

Thanks, 3M friends! ❀️

Come and Go….FAST!

Hello Tuesday!  I seem to always say this…but how did it come so FAST???  How do the weekends come and GO??

Last weekend, Aidan had his first basketball tournament.  He was excited to be playing again.  We found a team of (rising) 4th graders that he (as a rising 3rd grader) can play with.   

 He picked the #14 because of Oscar Robinson, a player from waaaaaa-ay back in the day that he likes.  

They played on Friday…and won. They played Saturday morning…and WON! This advanced them to the finals, where they met with another great team.  Sadly, they lost and took 2nd place. But…they’ve only played together for 3 WEEKS!! I’d say -not bad for them!!   

 He’s still learning how to play with older kids and different skills and I’m excited to see what’s to come.  This is towards the end of travel season, so they may get one, if not two, tournaments to play.  #buhBYEweekends

Because I was busy this weekend, I literally did NO exercise, making me feel like a SLOTH! #comeandgoneFAST

Monday, Julian started working on mobility movements with his new trainer, so that pushed any workout for me to the back.  

 It was so late by the time all was said and done, this wall all I could muster the strength to do. BTW…that HBO’s new series “Ballers” with Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock). πŸ˜› LOVE it…check it out.  

Today, Julian wanted to get some shoting practice in, so after work…off to the park (and another Mom workout pushed back!). 

 He also had some mobility HOMEWORK with air squats and mountain climbers. Oh my….. 

All said and done, I hopped on the bike (stationary) that is, and pedaled away. 

 5 miles…but I’ll take it!!!  Biking is my weakness, so I’m always afraid in the tris for this leg of the race.  But, I’m trying! 😁

My weekend theme.. 

Photo: Run,Eat, Repeat (one of my FAV blogs!!)


Let’s hope the rest of the week will be better…

How’s your week shaping up? (TOTALLY wanted that pun,btw!πŸ˜‰)


Hello, Thursday!

I feel like I haven’t posted in a while…like FOREVER!  I made it to Thursday! Seems like a BLUR!  My morning running routine took a little pause this week (with a set date of return NEXT WEEK!).  If you remember, Monday called for an early morning wake up! So NO early run then! I went for a run and went to CF after work.  

Tuesday,  I chose to take off because I was tired. I’m ok with the rest day…πŸ˜‰. I literally allowed me to veg on the couch and do nothing! Some times those things/moments are PRECIOUS! #itstheLITTLEthings

Wednesday, I didn’t get up to run because I chose to stay up late to watch the GS Warriors take on (and BEAT) the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday evening.   Kinda hard to get up early when you stay up late! #moron. Aidan had basketball practice that evening.  He plays on a 3rd grade team and they have a game coming up (so cute!!).  Any way…they were able to practice at University of South Florida Pam and Les MUMA Basketball Center.  It was AMAZING!!   

 There are 2…count them 2….practice courts with multiple hoops to accommodate the team playing full court or skill drills.  Aidan was in basketball heaven…  

 He looks like a little ant on the court!!  While he was practicing, I went for a run around campus.  I have only ever been a few places on campus and now I can add this building to the places I have seen.

 See the Sun Dome?  That’s right where we were on campus.   It was SOOOOOOO hot out there! I ran about 7pm and it was still HOT as the Devil’s house itself! πŸ˜‰. On a side note, I am finding that running in the evening is becoming more and more undesirable!  It’s making me NOT want to run! I feel like I’m running with weights on my legs….it’s hard to get moving FASTER when I feel like I’m running through mud!  But I keep on trucking…

Today (aka Thursday) I found myself back in CF. 

 Does that SERIOUSLY say 105 deadlifts AND push-ups???  Of course it does!!! I got it done and then went for a run.  A short and sloooooooow run!  

 My JANKY running app didn’t start on time, so it missed a few increments from my total mileage.  Don’t be TOO impressed, because I only ran 1.05 because it was hot (see above) and my ass and hamstrings were killing me from 5 bazillion deadlifts!! #gonnaHURTtomorrow 

I haven’t really planned for tomorrow, in terms of exercise.  Hubs put our bike together…


We shall see what Friday has in store for me. πŸ˜‰

How have you all been?

While the BOYS play, Mom will too!

It really isn’t as risquΓ© as it sounds!   The “boys”, or Julian’s basketball team had his first practice for the week.  This isn’t new!  As usual, I “played” too, ie did a CF inspired WOD with Leandra, friend and fellow basketball mom.  Monday’s after work exercise sets the tone for the rest of the exercise I will do for the week.  As you may remember, I was a SLACKER this past weekend.  What makes me upset when I do this?  Sometimes I feel like I’m starting from scratch with my runs! I hate that feeling! #nonrunner

 I got it in, and it could have been FASTER, but I did it! I was able to run with my partner, Leslie, which always makes for a great run!!

Basketball practice meant I could utilize the time WISELY and do a CF inspired workout.  Leandra and I did this last week.  I time the rounds, but I have NOTHING to compare it to because I FORGOT to write it down!! #duh.   I think our time improved from last week, but I can’t say with 100% confidence! I will tell you that I worked.my.BUTT.off!  I don’t know if we just feeling good and pushing each other, but I felt that!! It doesn’t look like much, huh? #fooledME

It  ALWAYS feels good after a workout! I never say “Damn, I wish we NEVER did that!!”.  I feel inspired to keep it going for the rest of the week!

Checking my email earlier today, I received a reminder that RunDISNEY Marathon Weekend registration opens….TOMORROW  (Like April 28, tomorrow) at noon!  I’ve always wanted to do one and I know they sell out FAST!!! 

GOTCHA! Get on it!!

 I am interested in the 10k and the perks (and SWAG) that come with this race….CRAZY!!! 


I’m jumping for joy!  Then I scroll down in the registration page.. 

 $110 bucks??? WHOA!!!  Can I afford myself??? I have until tomorrow by noon to make my decision because it goes FAST!!! #SHOULDi #SHOULDNTi 

Hope your Monday was good and you started out your week with some good exercise.

What did you do today?

Ever participate in a Disney race? Is it worth the BIG bucks?? (Of course it is, Angie!!!πŸ˜‰). 

Another one bites the DUST…..

Basketball tournament, I mean.  Julian had a tournament in Orlando, which didn’t have favorable outcomes (to put it nicely). This is all a part of travel ball and learning how to play with a group of guys that hopefully you will GROW with.  He’s getting a little discouraged but understands that this is part of the process!  No one starts out the gate KILLING it!! 

We stayed in O-Town and I brought my running clothes so I could squeeze in some “ME” time! Well…..the intentions were there, but the follow through….NOT SO MUCH!  I didn’t get finished with the first game until 10 and bed by midnight.  That didn’t allow for an early rise to get it in 😒

Then…game at 10:30 and 4:30. Again….no ME time. Dinner and bed! 

Got up this morning….exhausted…and still no run! So, I am taking this as a sign that I did need to rest and NOT to freak out like I normally do. Say it out loud, Angie….”It’s ok! You need the rest!” #sessionOVER

I stare down the barrel of the week coming, already planning in my head what workouts need to be done. And they WILL get done…….

How was your weekend???

Did you get some workout(s) in??


I DID find a new cereal to eat this weekend! 

 Where has this been?? Better yet….where have I been???