Let the MADNESS begin….

You KNOW what time it is???   

That’s RIGHT….It’s March Madness, baby! This is the biggest time of year for NCAA Men’s and Basketball.  The teams have been selected, the brackets have been filled and it’s GAME ON!!! We are a basketball family-

  • Dad being the one that stared it all for us, sharing his love with my sister and I at a very early age. His “Not NOW….the game is ON” approach taught my sister and I to 1) be quiet while in the room AND 2) learn the game of basketball. 
  • The boys both play- my oldest on his travel team and the little one finished a season in the Upward league .Julian “The Observer”Aidan “I mean business because I have my headband on”
  • My BIL played college ball at Michigan.  He’s our resident EXPERT!🏀

So you see??? We are surrounded and FORTUNATE!  

This year, hubby decided he wanted to be a part of the action. No…not play! But be at a game during the Madness. He’s been a fan of basketball since Julian started playing but has really gone to the “dark side” when we watched the upset of Georgetown by Florida Gulf Coast University, 2 years ago.  That unbelievable loss has had my hubby hooked ever since!  He bought tickets for Season 2 in Jacksonville.  He surprised my dad with a ticket,too.  In all my dad’s years, he hasn’t ever seen a live March Madness game. After Selection Sunday, we found out that my dad was going to see his all time FAVORITE NCAA team- The University of North Carolina Tarheels. #giddykid

There view of the game in Jax….

My view….from the couch! #boo

It’s exciting!! Just when you think you KNOW who’s going to win…SURPRISE!!!! 

Hope you get to enjoy some of the tournament! And I get to enjoy some of Julian’s tournament action this weekend too! #basketballMOM 

Do you like this time of year?

We DID it!!

…and by “WE” I mean the FAMILY survived Julian’s first (and out of town) basketball tournament. He’s playing on a travel team this year. Being a doe eyed 7th grader and playing at a COMPLETELY different level made him start to think….”Am I working hard enough?” “What do I do to improve or get better??”. He was VERY challenged by these games because he’s playing with people at or BETTER than him. But isn’t that the way you get better…by challenging yourself???

I realize that as a recreational athlete, I’ve been asking myself the SAME questions. “Am I working hard enough?”… “What do I do to get better?”. I am continuing to challenge myself, so I may get better. I’m NEVER going to be a professional athlete, but I will (to best of my ability and time) bust my ASS like I AM!!!

How am I challenging myself now, you ask? (Thanks for asking😉)
A 15k this Saturday! I’m excited and scared! I’m amused and bemused by the excitement that I feel! What AM I thinking?? CHALLENGE!!!!!…that what I’m thinking!😉

The start of my “Basketball Mom” life….

Seems like FOREVER that I have written a post! It’s really only been 10 days, but that IS forever in the blog world! 😉

Busy doesn’t even BEGIN to describe my life lately. My oldest has begun playing with a travel basketball team. Practices two times a week and then tournaments on the weekends. He’s thrilled…I’m EXHAUSTED! (No really…I’m BEYOND happy for him!). Ahhhh…a new beginning for me…
The life of a “Basketball Mom” (hopefully it won’t be like those Dance Moms…😝).
Let’s look at some Pros and Cons (from MY perspective)……

1. My son is participating in sport he LOVES and has the opportunity to continue to develop his skills.

2. He’s gets some new teammates and maybe some friends. (I get some new friends, too!😉)

3. Some light traveling. (I secretly LOVE hotels!!)

1. Practice 2 times a week = NO real gym time for Mom! This “con” has allowed me to run MORE, so I should add this as a “PRO” rather than a “CON”!

2. Time away from races, etc that I want to do because of traveling schedule. (Ehhhhh….I’ll figure something out!)

3. Being home on the weekends –>NO go! (Ehhhh….Refer to #3 from the PROS list)

I’m sure I can think of a few more for either list, but that’s good.

I have been able to run more, as I prepare for the 15k in February (22 days from today!!😁). I am only able to get in about 2.5 during the work week because of the kiddo activities. Not bad…but not great either. It could be worse and I couldn’t run at ALL! I am able to get 4 days of running in and I am working on getting a longer run on the weekends. Even after my upcoming race, I plan on continuing to run before any kiddo activity. Game at 9? Betta get up and run BEFORE!! #keepATit

These were all of my runs this week….



I’m hoping I can do the same (if not more) this week!

I don’t get to CF as much before and that makes me sad. I haven’t seen the inside of my box is almost 3 weeks! 😢
I will be incorporating some at home WODs to do, which is better than NOTHING! But I miss the interaction with other gym members…..
I’m currently pricing some kettle bells to invest in. I’m also shopping for a new DREADmill since the original has gone to heaven to be with the others.

I’m pleased that I have a plan (or a resemblance of a plan) for working out. It CAN be done…just takes a LOT of planning ahead.

WISH ME LUCK! ✌️❤️🏀 (and 🏊,🚴, and 🏃).

Saturday Recap…..

Saturday was a FULL day!! Julian and Aidan are both playing in Upward Basketball. If you are unfamiliar, it is a program that develops players both physically and spiritually.

IMG_4793.JPG This is Julian’s 5th year and Aidan’s 2nd. They are EXCITED!!
They both had practice on Saturday which was the beginning of the busy day. One at 9 and the other at 12!!! #really

When we were done being athletes (and a parent of athletes), we went to Novemberfest. Our church, Nativity Catholic Church, has its annual fundraiser for the school and other Diocesan charities. The kiddos always look forward to this…

IMG_4794.JPGAidan’s face really captures how much fun they had!

NO THANKS, on THIS ride!!😝



Aidan saw this ride and wanted to go on it but I tried to convince him it wasn’t for him…

IMG_4796.JPG…you see figured out early on,this ride was NOT for him!!!

Smaller version of that other ride o wouldn’t be caught DEAD in for Aidan…



And what is a FAIR, without fair FOOD?


This stuff right here sent me to the MOON…

IMG_4760.JPGNo..not the corn dogs. That’s old news…it the lovely thing next to it…CHICKEN ON A STICK!! OMG!! Chicken breast FRIED on a stick…what else does this world have to offer??? I didn’t splurge in the food department…but I sure WANTED TO!! 😉

It was a great, BUSY weekend! I did manage to squeeze in a run on Sunday. Let’s be honest…I HAD to after the chicken on a stick “incident”!! And…I’m still convinced that this 10k is going to happen…in like 3 WEEKS! #crazyGIRL

How was your weekend??

I was away…..

….But just for a minute! I feel like I’ve been away FOREVER!! I guess a few days in BLOGland is like forever. My weekend was jammed packed and I looked up…MONDAY!!

Julian had his first basketball practice at his school on Saturday. He’s in 7th grade and that means….VARSITY! (Btw…his school is K-8, so 7th and 8th graders are on the Varsity team 😉).
While he was in practice, I took advantage of the time and went for a run….

IMG_4418.JPG. The weather was perfect for a morning run around Lake Silver in Winter Haven, FL.

IMG_4433.JPG. I couldn’t squeak out a little more to make 3 miles. My energy was zapped…. #ohwell
Aidan was able to spend the afternoon with my mom, so that was nice so could clean my house watch the Gators STOMP on Tennessee!! Go Gators!!

Sunday brought even more beautiful Fall weather. It was 60 degrees here at home. I love this time of year…it’s conducive to excellent running!!


I’m looking at an exhausting week…and it ain’t for me!! ⚠️MISHAPS ALERT ⚠️

Tuesday: First Communion classes for Aidan; camp meeting for Julian

Wednesday: CUB SCOUTS.

IMG_4396.JPGYep…Aidan has a meeting for the first three Wednesday’s of the month. Guess who gets to go….?😉

Thursday: Julian and Miguel leave for Georgia for Opening Day for Youth a Deer Hunting Season. Father and son trips are the best….can’t wait till Father and SONS trip!!!😉

I’m finding it difficult to to balance it all, particularly keeping up with this blog. But, I’m gonna make it work….I’m Mom, Miles,and Mishaps! I am the personification of that title!! And because I am….I can make it work!!

How was your day?
What does the upcoming week look like for you?

PS….just an FYI…

IMG_4424.JPGIt’s PA Day/Week! Our profession started out with a day (October 6th) and has graduated to a week! Show some love for your PA today! I’m PROUD and BLESSED to be a PA…to have a career that I love and can grow with! ❤️

Another summer goodbye…..

My CF buddy (ie my Running buddy) will be gone for the next few days because he went to basketball camp.

20140721-205511-75311386.jpgThe excitement….! His face is saying “ENOUGH with the pictures, Mom!!”. I thought he was saying “I’m ready for some BASKETBALL!!”
He is about an 1 hour and 1/2 from home in Orlando…on the campus of the University of Central Florida.


20140721-205832-75512874.jpgThis place is the off campus dorms that he will stay.

20140721-210024-75624135.jpgYep…dorm beds still SUCK!

20140721-210050-75650776.jpgWe don’t care WHAT UCF’s mascot IS…we’re GATORS and we ALWAYS represent!! 😉❤️🐊

20140721-210330-75810890.jpgI had to say “goodbye” to No.4 and get back home to pick up #2. Dropping Julian off at camp gave me a glimpse of how it’s going to be when college comes calling. 😢

Off to pick up #2 and to the gym we go….

20140721-210835-76115889.jpgUGH…it was HOT! Again, you look at the WOD and think “Oh…that’s not too bad!”. And then BOOM…it IS!
The first WOD was a 3 min AMRAP of burpees box jumps. WHAT??? Yes…first you do a burpee, come up and jump on the box. Nice!!!
REPS?. I did 29.
The second WOD was a 15 min AMRAP (R = ROUNDS in this one) of the exercises listed. ROUNDS??? 4 2/3.
GRAND TOTAL for the WOD : 33 2/3 (29 from the first and 4 2/3 from the second)
That was a much needed Monday WOD!

How was your day?
Any parents say “goodbye” to their babies this week?

The FIRST Time….(“This one time…at CF…”)

I was going to write about 6 Places today from the 10 Day You Challenge. But something far more interesting happened today! My “baby” Julian did his first CrossFit WOD today!!! 😃

20140714-220441-79481761.jpgLook at that face! Excited!!



20140714-220526-79526266.jpgJulian is a basketball player and he wants to get better. All he TALKS about is basketball…all he THINKS about is basketball….you think he wants to play?😉. I’ve been waiting for the right time for him to try CF.
He’s 13 and I feel this is a good age to incorporate weights. When I was a competitive swimmer, at the same age as Julian, I was lifting weights too. So why not?

This WOD was a PERFECT introduction to the sport!

20140714-221034-79834566.jpgHe totally kicked my old ass! First time
doing KBS and not only did he KILL them in the WOD, but he killed the 100 KBS we had to do for time. You know what that makes me…other than OLD??? A PROUD MAMA!!!He’s excited and can’t wait to go back!

Wasn’t that more exciting that my 6 Places? Don’t worry…it’s coming tomorrow! 😉

What was one of your proud parent moments?

Surprised Saturday

….and NOT in a good way!! I’m sad to report that my BELOVED Gators lost to UConn 63-53. #heartbroken💔

And in ALL kinds of weather…we Gators stick TOGETHER!!
They had a great season and a great tournament run, but the outcome wasn’t what any of us expected. This truly was MARCH MADNESS!!
Still LOVE my Gators!!

Today…I literally had NO time to squeeze in any type of workout for myself. My youngest, Aidan, went to a tennis clinic. I have secretly hoped one of my kids wanted to play tennis!

He came home wanting tennis lessons! (Oh no….WHAT have I created??)
I’ll keep you posted!

T-minus 7 days until Julian and I do our 5k. His first and my first since I haven’t run in almost a month because of my WICKED shin splints! They are feeling great and I can’t WAIT!

Hope your weekend is going well!


Ok..let me NOW say that….
The Gators made it to the Final Four by defeating University of Dayton! The Flyers were the Cinderella story this year. But sadly..the glass slipper broke, the carriage turned back to a punkin’, and the ball is OVAH! Good job to The Flyers!


Today was our last day of vacation, as the kids go back to school and I go back to WORK!! No workout today because we just got back and it’s…
MIGUEL’S BIRTHDAY! I’ll spare you the age because I really don’t want you figuring out how old I am! I say 40 something and I’m sticking to it!! Bwahahahaha!

I am fully looking forward to getting back on routine…work and gym time. Ain’t it interesting how we crave our routine?? It’s nice to get away…but it is sure nice to get back home!
(In my BEST Judy Garland voice)..
“There’s NO place like home!”

(A Key Lime Design original with the EXACT coordinates of our house in Valrico, FL)

🏀Basketball and Sprints

My NCAA Men’s Basketball bracket is filled out!! All the papers are shuffling and computer are on fire with everyone filling these out!! I should go ahead and just tell Warren to go ahead and write the check for the billion bucks. It’ll save the heart break for the others if we just handle it now….

If you’ve been reading my blog you KNOW who I have picked to get to the “Big Dance” aka “Final Four“, to take the whole thing and bring home the trophy…..


That’s right…THE University of Florida!

Who wants some????

I can’t wait!! Upside…first game is tomorrow, March 20th. Downside….it’s at like 4 pm, while I’m still at work! #boo
Thanks God for computers and iPads with Watch ESPN app ready to go! I can keep tabs on the game some how…

Ok..onward! Today’s WOD was a doozie.

BEFORE the 7 min AMRAP, there were TWO…count them TWO 400 meter sprints. Now, I didn’t stutter nor did I mistype. Two 400m SPRINTS!!! This 40 something lady was scared she was going to break a hip or something! I’m still trying to figure out whose idea it was to do these!

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