A Pedal Story

How did the weekend go so fast??? Friday was a rest day for me, as Julian had basketball training and there wasn’t enough time to get at least a run in before. Oh well….
Those of us in Florida were waiting…patiently…to see if TS (or Hurricane) Erika was going to make her presence known! This is the only time of year that FL isn’t fun! It’s the “wait and see” that drives me crazy..! Is school going to be closed? For how long? How much work am I going to miss?? Do we have what we NEED to get through this?? All of this…and then nothing…really wears a person down. PLEASE don’t get me wrong…I would rather go through these emotions and NOT have a storm, then to have a storm and it be absolute CHAOS! Thankfully, (at least at the time of writing this post) Erika has changed course and she will only dump rain on us. I continue to think about all other states that may be affected by these kind of storms. 
There wasn’t a lot of rain in the evening on Saturday, so I needed to get a bike ride in. I am (trying) doing a race in 2 weeks ….

  I haven’t registered, but plan to by tomorrow. I needed to take my bike out, as I haven’t since my last CANCELLED tri. Let me say…I was a little scared! The 4 mile loop that I anticipated circling twice didn’t pan out. The cars that were SUPPOSED to be driving 30 mph…were driving so FAST! A few cars came very close to be..too close for my comfort. Now I see how and why there are so many bike accidents and even casualties. SCARY….!

I was only able to get in 6 miles…..   
 The first reason was because it was about to rain. Secondly, I was finding it hard to get my rhythm because of the cars!  And lastly, my bike was “pulling” weirdly during my ride. I thought it was because of the asphalt or riding on the sidewalk.  It was “slipping” a little, as well. I noticed it when I was trying to get out of the way of the oncoming car. I cycled to the edge of the street, in a swell (that part that water drains into during a rainy day), and it was slipping or skidding when I would cycle back to the street. I pumped my tires BEFORE I left my house. So I knew it couldn’t be the tires! Couldn’t be more wrong! When I was done, I saw my back tire was completely flat. I attempted to pump the tire up but as it became full…I could hear the air coming out! Ugh….again?!?!?!?  

I took it to the bike shop…and I quote “I had a nice, evenly sliced hole in my tire.” It was rather large and I can’t even tell you what or when I ran over something.  Fortunately…it only cost $19.95 to repair the damage.  I tell ya…this triathlon is an EXPENSIVE hobby o have picked up!! 😉

I didn’t mention how the ride was….! It felt great!! I felt powerful and like I knew what I was doing! Of course it WAS a flat course (and the race has hills), but it felt good!!!  

 We shall see how I do….

How was your weekend? 

What did you get to do?


….HOW-sah!  She’s mighty, mighty…🎶 (You KNOW you sang it!!😉).   I was all to excited to leave work and get my run on (and in) before picking up the boys.  Then, another Florida rain storm detailed my outside run….

This is what it looked like when I left work about 4:20pm.

  I had planned on running before picking up the kiddos, which is about 15 minutes away from work. But….apparently Mother Nature had other plans for me! DREADmill, sweetheart!  I was not happy, but then hubby reminded me (through my psychotic rant) that “at least you have another option!”  YEAH…Angie! Gimme a break, Angie!  #firstworldproblems

Got home, and got my butt on the ‘mill.   

 Like the background view?? 

Where does the “brick” come in?  WHAT is a brick, you ask??? 

A brick in the triathlon world usually refers to a bike-run workout but would also include a swim-bike workout. Brick workouts are important in triathlon since the sport is made of up of three consecutively run legs — swim, bike, run, in that order for the most part.” (Source – USAT).  

I decided after this little run, I’d ride my bike.  See….I was starting to get bored on the treadmill.  I still felt like I could DO more, but didn’t want to run.  So, after stopping the ‘mill, I hopped on my bike.  I only biked 3.5 miles, but I was EXCITED to do it.  It made me feel like the little triathlete that is screaming to get out!  She’s in there…and she’s on the COME BACK!  So…..there’s my “little” brick! 

What did you do today?

Here’s a thought I have…..A LOT! 

Source- Pinterest


#thestruggleisREAL #idroppedtheMIKE

Come and Go….FAST!

Hello Tuesday!  I seem to always say this…but how did it come so FAST???  How do the weekends come and GO??

Last weekend, Aidan had his first basketball tournament.  He was excited to be playing again.  We found a team of (rising) 4th graders that he (as a rising 3rd grader) can play with.   

 He picked the #14 because of Oscar Robinson, a player from waaaaaa-ay back in the day that he likes.  

They played on Friday…and won. They played Saturday morning…and WON! This advanced them to the finals, where they met with another great team.  Sadly, they lost and took 2nd place. But…they’ve only played together for 3 WEEKS!! I’d say -not bad for them!!   

 He’s still learning how to play with older kids and different skills and I’m excited to see what’s to come.  This is towards the end of travel season, so they may get one, if not two, tournaments to play.  #buhBYEweekends

Because I was busy this weekend, I literally did NO exercise, making me feel like a SLOTH! #comeandgoneFAST

Monday, Julian started working on mobility movements with his new trainer, so that pushed any workout for me to the back.  

 It was so late by the time all was said and done, this wall all I could muster the strength to do. BTW…that HBO’s new series “Ballers” with Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock). 😛 LOVE it…check it out.  

Today, Julian wanted to get some shoting practice in, so after work…off to the park (and another Mom workout pushed back!). 

 He also had some mobility HOMEWORK with air squats and mountain climbers. Oh my….. 

All said and done, I hopped on the bike (stationary) that is, and pedaled away. 

 5 miles…but I’ll take it!!!  Biking is my weakness, so I’m always afraid in the tris for this leg of the race.  But, I’m trying! 😁

My weekend theme.. 

Photo: Run,Eat, Repeat (one of my FAV blogs!!)


Let’s hope the rest of the week will be better…

How’s your week shaping up? (TOTALLY wanted that pun,btw!😉)