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Here is my latest post from my sister’s blog!

Plus…a big Happy Birthday to my very fashionable Mom!Isn’t she just the cutest Mom, ever?? Work that Cassie, Mom!!!  You can see where my sister gets her fashion sense from!! 

Hope your holiday weekend is great and thanks for reading!!! ❀️


Happy Wednesday!! My favorite day of the week…Hump Day!!  Let’s go run!!

If we were running today, I’d tell you….

….that I finished another triathlon last weekend.  I’m pretty stoked that I have 2 races done this season and still have more to come!

…that if eat popcorn BEFORE you WOD, you WILL feel like you are going to barf!!  I had a little snack on the way to the gym.  Well…do 6 – 2 minute AMRAP consisting of 12 calorie row or assault bike and max rep of power cleans at 75#. Yeah…you’d want to barf,too!! And horrible residual heartburn, too, by the way. 😝 

…I’m still keeping up with #RWRUNSTREAK. Yep, still logging 1 mile daily.  

….I’m pretty pissed about missing a virtual race! What??? Yes!! This year, Disney was hosting a 3- 5k virtual runs: Red Pants, White Gloves, and Yellow Shoes (all parts of Mickey’s iconic outfit,for you non Disney folks).  Sign up, run, get a medal without having to submit a time. #winning. I’ve already done Yellow Pants and waiting for my medal.  Went to sign up for the others…
What?? REALLY????EPIC FAIL!!! My friend, Leslie, signed up for the series! I am sadly only getting one medal because all the rest were sold out! But because I am a good sport (and really need the practice!!), I’m going to run the 5ks with her. No medal, but getting in shape…I still win! πŸ‘Š

….today is my birthday! Yep…44,baby!!  That went fast! I still feel like a stupid teenager, sometimes. And I really don’t like to “ADULT”on most days, but I guess because I’m a MOM, I have to!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

THIS IS 44…and I intend to make it a GREAT year!  Here’s to an abundance of  health, happiness, and cocktails! πŸ˜‚

Great conversation!  Thanks for the chat! ❀️

Let’s get it STARTED!

This morning started of with a run!  I am BOUND and DETERMINED to make this little run a routine. I’ve literally been trying to do this for like 3 YEARS!!!!  The kids are out of school for the summer, so I always TRY to start then.  But some how, some way, I always get off track and never get back.  Here I am….”trying” again, days after turning 43….

43???? It’s ON!!!πŸ˜‰ 

This morning I only ran for 18 minutes…pretty fast (at least for me!).  I have figured out that I can only squeeze in 20-25 minutes in the morning.  I mean, I COULD do more, if I got up at 3am instead of 4am, right??  I am waiting for the day when 2 miles in the morning becomes the norm (AGAIN!).  

When schools out, I get to sleep in an extra hour!!!  But I have opted instead for 45 minutes extra sleep to get the run done.  All I have to do is MAINTAIN!  As I tell my patients “make it routine and it will STICK!”. Here’s to hoping…..


Aaaaaa-nd it JUST started with the typical Florida afternoon rain, so it doesn’t appear that I can get my afternoon OUTSIDE run in today!! #boo

How’s your Wednesday shaping up? I was totally BUMMED because I thought it was THURSDAY when I got to work!! #duhhh #FAIL

You Don’t Say……

It’s official….. I’m 43!!! Yesterday (June 8th) was my birthday.  Who has a birthday on a MONDAY? πŸ˜‰. I started the day with a date….DREADmill.   

  It wasn’t a lot, but it was something!  I had planned on doing another run AFTER work, but my meeting let out earlier than I thought and my buddy, Leslie couldn’t meet up.  

It’s interesting…. the OLDER I get, the LESS I want to make a big deal about birthdays.  I think birthdays are special still but I don’t need the fanfare (you know…big dinner, gifts galore, etc.).  WAIT…I still like the GIFTS!! πŸ˜‰. I came home early, changed my clothes, and watched TV (in my ROOM!) while the boys were busy elsewhere.  To me, having some “veg” time is by far the BEST gift!!  I caught up on some magazines, watched some mindless TV (old 90s sitcoms, I’d like to say) and waited for hubs to come home.  He greeted me with a cocktail…vodka on the rocks with a lime (my FAVORITE!!).  He made me a nice dinner with steak and asparagus with snow peas.  (sorry no pic…because I SCARFED it down!!)

I figured (before my birthday) that my diet still needs to change.  You think 40 is hard, wait until you are IN your 40s!  #ugh. I’m stuck with this 10 pounds that seems to have made a permanent home on my body!!!  I found the book from Christmas Abbott, one of my favorite CrossFit Athletes.  It was just recently published and released and I was anxious to get my hands on it.   

 I need a super charge, so I’m willing to try something new.  I will keep you posted, as I read along.  I’m excited!!  If you don’t know about Christmas, check out her site or follow her on IG and Twitter. 

All in all, it was a great day…. 

 HERE’S TO 43!

PS..I also heard June 8th was National Best Friend Day! I hope all you BFFs had a great day!!

Tell me about your BFF! Me? I don’t have one.  I’m what you’d consider a “butterfly” when it comes to friends.  I’m friends with EVERYONE!  I don’t think I ever really had a BFF.  (That really isn’t as as SAD as it sounds!!πŸ˜‰).  I LOVE all the friends I have and I treat them like they are ALLmy BFF!!❀️

National Running Day (or the day AFTER!)

How was your… 

 I had full intentions of having a date with the DREADmil but a surprise basketball session came up for Julian.  So..Mom’s stuff took the back burner and my steady was STOOD UP!!😒. 

But it’s ok, he forgave me this morning!  

 He was good to me! πŸ˜‰. (I should have done MORE, btw!!!). 

Now that the kiddos are out of school, I am going to attempt (yet AGAIN) to put myself back on a morning routine.  I always try to do this so I can have this routine when school starts.  I LOVE having a run before work….

  • It’s DONE and one last thing to “do”!  Even though it LOVE to exercise, I like the freedom of not having something to do before I get home! You know…..πŸ˜‰
  • I REALLY feel good! I’m not as tired, I have more energy, I feel more focused for the day.

When school is out, I can go to Starbucks and treat myself…. 

I LOVE the Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal! I know that you’ve seen me post this like a GAZILLION times! But I can’t get enough! And let’s be honest….I’m LAZY!!  It’s not like I can’t make this at home, but why not treat yourself and let someone ELSE do it, right??? πŸ˜‰#theSIMPLEthings 

Today is my Dad’s birthday, so I hope to take him out to dinner, if he LETS me.  One of my favorite pictures of my dad…WHY?????

 Because it’s CLASSIC…he is doing what he does best…being the BEST Father in the WORLD!!!! ❀️ 


Do you prefer morning workouts or evening??

Get it TOGETHER sister…..

It seems like every time I turn around its MONDAY again! Except this time….it’s TUESDAY…and I feel like I have NOTHING to show for it! Well…maybe that load of laundry and still hasn’t been put away! πŸ˜‰

Since this lady is busy now that basketball season is in…I have found myself again in a dilemma of finding time for me!! I only managed to make it to CF twice last week and not a single, solitary mile was run my me! I’m disappointed because I usually have my s**t together! This week, I’ve been off trying to adjust to my new extracurricular schedule! I WAS doing well getting my running in at 4 am while training for my triathlon, so why haven’t I done the same thing with he same stamina for the past 3 weeks?? I can’t accept this any more!! Whatever I found before, I HAVE to find her/it/them…WHATEVER….to get my ASS back in gear! I’m MAD at myself because this time last year my Saturday runs were 5 to 5 1/2 miles. How do you go from THAT to the bare minimum??? Ugh…..#pathetic

So, last weekend I promised myself that IF I didn’t get to the gym the days I have planned..then I have to pull a Saturday! AND…my friend Leslie’s birthday was last Saturday and she was wanting to have a good workout for her birthday! BONUS!!!! It was good, but hard WOD…

IMG_4695.JPGI like giving WODs their own names (if they don’t have one). I dubbed this one “It’s Leslie’s FAULT”. Because SHE wanted the workout, so it’s only right to blame her, right?? πŸ˜‰
Man…to look at it…it doesn’t look that bad. Hmpf….don’t believe the hype or the white board! Thus my new CF hashtag..#whiteboardLIES. It seems so appropriate in all of my CF scenarios! Feel free to use it…!
Birthday girl and myself did a good job and we survived!

IMG_4675.JPGExcuse how HORRIBLE I look…I just HATE pictures of myself! 😝
Leslie got to 5 rounds and I got to 5 and 2/3.
I look forward to when she can make it back to the gym because I miss her like CRAZY!!! I’m so happy that I got to spend her birthday with her!! LOVE that girl….❀️

The beginning of the WORK week started of pretty good in terms of fitness. I made it to CF and I always LOVE Monday WODs!! I think because it sets the tone for the week….

IMG_4697.JPGThis was NOT one of the OCCASIONS where I felt comes led to say #whiteboardLIES. LORD…was that a hard one!! I was done after that WOD but truly HAPPY that I made it!

Pray that I will continue to ride this wave of “keeping my ASS in gear”!! Pray for me people….!
Today is rest day…so tomorrow I’m back at it!!!

How was your weekend ?
What do YOU do to keep motivated when you are busy??

My First WOD….

…as a 42 year old!!!. Yep…that happened….yesterday was my birthday, June 8. It was great and I felt every bit of being a 42 year old, mother of two!

“Abby” is in honor of one of trainers, Her dog, Abby, whom we all loved dearly, passed away on Saturday. She was like our mascot….

We all joked that we thought Abby would not appreciated the slam ball run. She would have loved for us to just “chill” on the floor….doing a whole lot of NOTHING! You know it IS hot is Florida at 5:30…πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

Any way….I NEEDED to work butt off today because I really indulged at dinner at Bonefish Grill.

20140609-213410-77650756.jpgFontina Chop
A yummy pork chop topped with prosciutto and fontina cheese with a Marsala sauce. Seriously….OMG!!

My dad had the Soft Shell crab….

20140609-214834-78514786.jpgwith a capers dressing. He LOVES Soft Shell crabs and he truly enjoyed this meal!

Miguel has the Sea Bass...


Then we went to The Cheesecake Factory for dessert! Oh boy!! SN: sorry about the pictures as this stuff was so yummy, we dove it and I TOTALLY forgot to grab pictures!




Top to bottom:
Tiramisu Cheesecake
Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake
Vanilla Bean Cheesecake
Blueberry White Chocolate Cheesecake

This is why I HAD to workout today….πŸ˜‰

Well…upward and onward with year number 42!!

How was your day? What did you do?

When did THIS happen???

It is OFFICIAL!!! I am a mother of a…….TEENAGER!!! When did THIS happen??? When did this little guy…..

…become THIS guy…..?

Today is Julian’s (formerly “J”) 13th birthday. I honestly didn’t feel if I was OLD enough to have a teenager. πŸ˜‰
It feels just like yesterday he got here and I was a brand new parent trying to figure out WHAT to do with this little baby.
I am scared interested to find out and FIGURE out the teenage psyche, particularly in a boy. The only reference for teens I have is myself…as a teen…which was a MILLION years ago! Should be an interesting bumpy ride! Prayers, people….PRAYERS!

My teen (AHHHHHHH…..I said it!!!) decided he wanted to celebrate his day with his family out to dinner!! It’s that WONDERFUL?? Hope it stays like this FOREVER!! I hope he enjoyed his day as much as I did. My baby is ALL GROWN UP!

Anyone else a parent of a teen? Gimme the goods!!!

PS… Since I disclosed Julian’s name…why NOT everyone’s…?
“M” is for Miguel
“A” is for Aiden Aidan
How ’bout that?!?!

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