RunGAB #5

Hope your Wednesday has been great! Hump Day is my favorite day of the week…it’s ALL down hill from here!  Let’s go….

If we were running together, I’d tell you….

…that I signed up for some nutrition counseling. One of my favorite blogs, Swim Bike Mom (by Meredith Atwood, Triathlon coach and athlete, and Mom) has teamed up with a nutritionist, triathlon coach, and all around guru, Meredith Vieceli.  Their program,  Swim Bike Fuel  
is designed for all kinds of athletes!  I figured if I had a little help in his department, I can shed this 10-15 lbs that’s decided to camp out on my body!  It starters November 1st and ends on Turkey Day. I’m excited to see how my body will respond to a better diet…

….I actually signed up for some races AHEAD of time! WHOA…that sure is new!! Sommer Sports was having a “sale” yesterday.  Well…open registration really but with GREAT deals!  I found out it a little late, so I did get get the awesome deal of $100 for the entire triathlon series (total of 4).  That’s $25 per race!  So, I managed to get into the 3rd tier group, which was $175 for the series.  That’s the 4 race series for about $45!! That’s still a great deal!! 

….I’ve got a strength training program coming my way! Super excited!! I know what I need to do to help my body…better nutrition ✔️, cardio✔️, and the return of weights✔️.  Again, I know what I have to do, but I’d rather follow aomething.  I do better with routine and I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of it….

A lot of change is coming my way so and I’m ready for the challenge!  Wish me luck!!!

How was your Wednesday? 


Thanks to you guys who have follwed me on Periscope!  I did my third broadcast this morning (after kiddo drop off).  I am trying to figure out when to do these casts, WITHOUT distraction and WITHOUT my hubby thinking  I’m crazy talking into my phone,like I am!!😂. So for now…in the car.

I hope you will let me know when you do your broadcast, because I am excited to put a voice,with the faces and the stories I read on your blogs. 

Have a great Tuesday!!!

You’ve been WARNED!

It’s a night off from any working out today! So….what am I doing?? Catching up on ALL my blog reading, both here and at Bloglovin.  Bloglovin is where I was first thrusted, head first, into the blogosphere.  If you are like me, and LOVE to read blogs, take a look.  #blogADDICT

One of the blogs I read is from PopSugar.  It’s a lifestyle blog…fitness, celebrities, nutrition, fashion, parenting, etc.  I always read the fitness and nutrition sections.  What caught my eye was the section on “burpees“.  (you KNOW I hate them!!).  This article highlighted foods we eat and how many burpees (in time increments) you would need to do, in order to burn the calories.  Oh…I’m INTRIGUED….and SCARED!

According this article, 1 minute of burpees burns an average of 10 calories. (THAT’S IT?!?!?!? I’m going to test this theory VERY soon! I’ll keep you posted!).  They had a list of popular foods, the caloric count and how man minutes of burpees that are needed to 🔥burn, baby, BURN🔥 it off. Here are some of my (used to be) favorites:

  • Pepperoni pizza (1 slice) – 298 calories : 30 min of burpees
  • McDonald’s fries (Med) – 380 calories : 38 min of burpees 
  • Red velvet cupcake – 496 calories: 50 min of burpees
  • 5oz glass of red wine – 115 calories: 11 min and 30 sec of burpees 
  • 12oz beer – 150 calories: 15 min of burpees
  • Cheeseburger – 423 calories : 42 min and 20 sec of burpees 

All I can say is WOW!!!  Now, some of the items didn’t give serving sizes, so I’m not 100% sure how accurate some of the calorie count is.  But for all intents and purposes, let’s pretend we know what the serving size is.  And therefore, you get the point, right??  If you are going to HAVE some, you better WORK! #youvebeenWARNED

What are your thoughts on this??


Source- Pinterest


Where else in the WORLD am I?

 I read a lot of blogs and I am ALWAYS inspired!  Thank you for letting me in and sharing in your adventures.  I hope that you receive the same enjoyment and (some) inspiration reading here at Mom, Miles, and Mishaps (3M as I like to call it!).  Suceeding in this thing called LIFE and making it all work, at least for me and my family, is my goal.  I get to have my ups and downs with you all here, so thanks for listening and reading!  I thought it would be nice to share other social sites that you can find me and my shenanigans…..





And of course…you continue to find me here at Worpress.  

Whew, that is 3M OVERLOAD!! You probably don’t want to know THAT much about me, huh?? 😉

Where else can I find you??

What I’m Digging Now….

It’s 🍟-day!! Get it….FRY-day???? Cheesy??? YES…but you KNOW you wanted to laugh.  I’m on my way home after a wonderful week at my sister’s house in Haymarket, VA. The kiddos had Spring Break and we drove up for the week.  I’ll fill you in on my visit, later, but for now….

1. Stitch Fix – Have you heard about this? For a $20 fee, a stylist (per your profile likings) picks out clothes and/or accessories for you.  5 pieces in total, ranging in price, that you can keep or send back.  You can choose all 5 or not. You can choose 1 or 3 or nothing at all.  The $20 fee goes towards the purchase if you buy all 5 items PLUS an additional 25% discount on top of that!!! You can sign up to get a monthly “fix” or an occasional one.  I have it quarterly as a little treat to myself!! Some photos of my last fix (PLEASE forgive me!!!)  

 It has a light pink background….


 Love this because i can LITERALLY wear it woth everything I own!


 Feeling kind of “Leave it to Beaver” Mom here….but love the color!


 So cute…but needs a belt!!!

My fifth piece was a bracelet and I decided to keep them ALL!! #greedyMOM. All 5 pieces (minus the $20 fee and 25% discount) was $180. I personally think that’s GREAT!!! Check them out!!!

2. Cheez-It GROOVES – these are DANGEROUS! I am a sucker for chips (or anything of the like😉).  But outside of the handful of tortilla chips that I had from Chipotle (that I STOLE from one of my kids!!), chips and their cousins haven’t really touched these lips since January! I found a great substitute for those that are like me and want that “chip crunch”.  


 I don’t have them very often but when I don’t…I eat the CRAP out of them!!! #sorryNOTsorry

3. RunDMT- a fellow mom, runner, blogger and close to home! You know I’m a sucker for finding ladies like me! And I LOVE the name of her blog…a play on RunDMC!!!  She is an inspiration to follow from her marathons to “simple” mommy-hood!  Please check her out!  She also helps manage a group of bloggers to connect, socialize and get our stories out in the Blogosphere!! If you live in the Tampa Bay Area, please link up! You WON’T be sorry you did!  I just did and you won’t believe the overwhelming support and guidance I’ve received already!!!

4.  Wild Red – another blog I LOVE!  I am a Florida girl (or at least since the age of 8…..and I’m almost 43!!!!😉) and she finds all of these amazing places right here, practically in my backyard, to go and see here!!! It can be VERY easy to fall into the rut of theme parks while you are a FL resident.  And sometimes…you just want something else. And if you do, Wild Red is that lady that will help you find it! Even if you aren’t a FL resident but plan to visit, check her out!!

5. Balance Bars– my second “not so nutritious” snack.  I like bars as my “in between” meal snacks or my “before I run” snack.   

 oh YEAH!!!!

 There are some other flavors but THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!  I think they are 88 cents at Wally World and I usually stock up on Mondays before work.  😉

Happy Friday! I’m back at IT (my entire routine of diet and exercise) on Monday after a week hiatus! 

Pssst…..Random Stuff!!

For you Lilly Pulitzer lovers, her limited collection at Target starts April 19th! I have my alarm set- GO set yours!!!!😉

The new iOS install has some new emojis and FINALLY answering the age old question….. 

Where ARE my multiracial peace signs and stuff??? 😂😂

Dropped the Mike

My friend sent me this…… 

 Source: Pinterest

Sorry for the language….but I think it’s HILARIOUS!!   I’m a little classy, sassy, and smart ass-y! 😉#idroppedtheMIKE

What are YOU digging lately?

What I’m Digging Now…

I used to post about “What I Love Tuesdays” (WILT).  I haven’t posted about that in a while, so I thought I’d bring it back….with a new name…..What I’m Digging Now (WIDN).  This will be my Blog (or Website) Edition – 

I’ve read many blogs over the years and doing so inspired me to do the same.  The blogs I have read (and continue to read) inspire me…to be a better me.  Whether it is through fitness, parenting, health, fashion..whatever…I get something from them all!  I thought I’d share some of the blogs/websites that I like.

 Asshole Parents (sorry for the language if you are sensitive to it😁).    

I literally DIED when I saw this!! I stumbled across this on my IG.  Anything that deals with people that are just like me…I’m all in!!! You know those moments when your child is crying/pouring/being a brat for reasons that seem INCOMPREHENSIBLE to you as an adult?? Then you are an #assholeparent. If you have a sense of humor like mine (basically of a 13 year old BOY) and you are a parent, you will more than likely enjoy the website and the IG feed!! Check them out. 

Petite Girls Need Clothes Too

This is for all us petite ladies living in a non petite world. Have trouble finding some clothes, do you? This is a new blog that will help us petite girls find clothes that work for us.  This blogger is an attorney, mother of 4 and on a good day, 5′ tall! Oh….she also happens to be my younger sister, Mo, too! 😉.  She’s a stylist little lady (I’m still trying to figure out how we are related!!).   #soNOTstylish #butiTRY

Courtesy of Petite Girls Need Clothes Too

 Check her blog out! 

Cupcakes & Miles

I am particularly partial to blogs that are local! I live in the Tampa (FL) area and by chance, so does she!!! I’m sure we have passed each other a GAZILLION times and haven’t even known.  Her blog is great…from what she eats, to what she doing (soon training for a marathon, right??), and her home and work life.   Hopefully, we will meet in a race…or in Target! 😉

When you follow websites and blogs, you really feel like you are getting to know that person.  I find comfort in reading their stories amd can’t wait to see what the next post is (….but not like stalker-ish waiting…..😉😂).  And although you may NEVER meet in the real world, you always know in the BLOGiverse, you have a person/people that understand EXACTLY what you are going through. 😃

I’ll feature some more next week! Many of them are right here on WordPress!!  Hope you get to take a look at some of my likes!!

Any blogs or websites you like and would suggest?

WILT???? What the HELL is that….?

I’m thinking of the things I love. But I figured why wait until Friday and announce it?? Tuesday seems like a reasonable day and NO ONE ever does something on Tuesdays, right??? I mean we have #MCM (Man Crush Monday), #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday), #tbt (Throw Back Thursday)….
Is there something on Fridays or Tuesdays that I’m missing? Wait..#FF ( Flex or Fit Friday). Again I ask, what about Tuesday??? I’ve decided to coin my own hashtag phrase and from now on, I shall call MY Tuesday loves WILT(#wilt), as in WHAT I LOVE TUESDAYS…..I like that!!!


1. Chobani Yogurt

This is a serious OMG!!!! It’s Key Lime flavored Greek yogurt on one side and you “flip” the fixings of crushed graham crackers and some mini white chocolate morsels. WOW!!! It tastes just like Key Lime pie…and I’m a Florida girl and we LOVE KLP!!! Its perfect because it’s a small portion AND it satisfies the sweet tooth that I usually get….

  • Nutrition Stats :
    1. 180 calories
      5g fat (total)
      24 g carbohydrates
      11g protein

    Not too bad, except for maybe the carbs…..
    There are other flavors but what I love is Key Lime!!!

    2. U2
    On Super Bowl Sunday, U2, in collaboration with iTunes, offered their new release “Invisible” for FREE. And for every download, Bank of America donated $1 to (RED)’s fight against AIDS. It’s a GREAT song, by a GREAT group, for a GREAT cause….
    By purchasing the song now, you will help fight this disease, as the proceeds go to many AIDS programs worldwide. GO GET IT!


    3. Marley Lilly
    When I say obsessed, I mean OBSESSSED with this company!!! If you dig monogrammed items, this is the site for you!!! Everything you can imagine with a monogram, you can get here!! They have “Flash Sales” every Monday and if you forget, sign up for their text messages as a reminder!!!
    I am currently salivating over Monogrammed Luxe Cross Body Clutch in green!!! Check out all the goodies they have……

    4. Blogs
    I started out in this Blog-a-verse by reading blogs as most do. I fancy myself a “crafty” person, so I started reading craft blogs (THANKS Pinterest!!).

    The very first crafting blog I read was written by the ladies from eighteen25. They are sisters and they are AMAZING!! I wish that I more time to craft like them.
    Another FABULOUS must read blog is from Anne at Wobisobi. I❤️❤️her! She does some great,dummy proof easy fashionable things with clothes. I’m going to meet her one day…I just know it!!! 😀

    Fitness is my other passion….so I found some other blogs that really kept my interest. I felt like I learned SO much from these ladies, that I feel like I know them! I have a lot of favorites but two I will mention today-

    Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers

    Jess at Blonde Ponytail

    I love these ladies!! They are both personal trainers and have many great ideas about working out and how to LIVE a healthy lifestyle. I love that they seem like REAL women, like someone I can relate to, someone that I would probably be friends with in the real world. I am going to continue to share other blogs that I read, but I hope that you will go on over and read and follow their blogs.

    The blogging community always seems to support one another, so this is my part!!! You won’t regret finding ANY of these ladies!!! When you do find them, tell them a LONG time reader and supporter sent you!! 😘

    I hope you like my first edition of WILT. Because I have so many interests, my “loves” seem all over the place. That’s just me….