Making Lemonade…

This weeks has been ROUGH! And it’s only Wednesday…

 I wasn’t able to run after work on Monday, so I opted to change my off day; meaning I would run on Tuesday instead.  Ok, fine!  Driving home on Tuesday, Aidan (my youngest) reminded me that he had basketball practice that evening!! How did I forget THAT?!?!?  Ok, fine!  I’ll just run while he is practicing.  Quick change and even FASTER turn around!  On the way to practice, I get an alert reminder that I had to do something at the church that evening! Ok,fine…I’ll drop Aidan off to practice, and run by the church to do what I need to, then run.  By now, it’s too dark (and COLD) to run outside and now it’s almost time to pick up Aidan from practice. Ok, fine!  I’ll just run in the DREADmill when I get home.  Some body needed SOMETHING when I got home (even as I write, I don’t remember what is was or who needed it), so no DREADmill tonight; i.e. Another day with NO exercise (and another moment to knock myself down for it!).  

I decide as I’m falling asleep and still in my running attire, that I will run in the morning.  I mean, everyone LOVES hearing the alarm and thinking “let’s RUN!!”.  When that alarm went off..I talked myself out of it for the first nanosecond.  Then in my half asleep-had awake status, I was able to REMIND myself that I hadn’t run in 2 days. So, I up I got!  

 It ain’t a lot, but I made lemonade out of my lemons!!! As a matter of fact, it looks like I died!! #flatline #codeBLUE

Wish me luck for my plan to run tomorrow and hope I don’t have to make any more lemonade! 😏

Ever have one of “those” weeks?? What lemonade did you make??

‘Tis the Season

This time of year is BUSY in our house! It’s BASKETBALL season, BABY!!  That means practices, games, training, traveling, eating in the car, late nights…you get the picture!  This also means…less time for ME #selfish 

I have to run and go to the gym at ridiculous times, usually at night. Last night, for example, 8:45 pm because Julian has a game at 6:30.  I have come to the realization that his genuinely SUCKS!!!  I’m at the gym by myself and no one to work out with!! It’s made me realize that I really miss CrossFit! I miss the people, the atmosphere…and it’s just sad that right now, I can’t get back.  These are the sacrifices we make as parents.  #goUS

On a lighter note, I was able to go to Trader Joe’s in Tampa while Julian was at his try out.  

 I’ve been before when my sister lived in AZ, but I haven’t been there since.  I was beyond PLEASED to see this place on Sunday.  When I gave my online “shout out” generally everyone had the same paraphrase…”Place is GREAT…parking SUCKS!”  They were not to far off! It’s kinda tight in there, so get there early! I found the Ezekial bread I was looking for, in cinnamon raisin, mind you!   And then I found something to put on it that should be banned on EARTH! 

 Have you tried this?? O.M.G!!  It’s creamy gingerbread/graham cracker cookies! I only use 1/2 of tsp on two slices because I don’t want super sweet in the morning.  I’m so glad that I found it!!!

Tomorrow is another day!  I have scouts with Aidan, and practice for Julian, so a little run before hand is all I have to fit in.  I hope I am doing right by myself with this schedule….

How do you fit it all in??

  A little holiday humor for ya….#mikeDROPPED

Mom Blues…

All day I thought it was WEDNESDAY!!! I don’t know why,but I did!! Probably because basketball season is here which means a few things: I am BUSY shuttling between practices.  My workout out feel sporadic (but I’m NOT going to let it). And I’m…wait for it….TIRED!!!

I love that my son, Julian, LOVES basketball.  As we are part of making some of his dreams come true, that means our stuff gets pushed to the WAY back!!  But I vow to keep better management of my time.  My youngest Aidan and I had a really deep conversation earlier this week. He says “Mommy, if you had a super power, what would it be?” (Deep, huh?). My answer to this self searching question…”I would have the power of CLONING.  So I can be everywhere at ALL times!”  Wouldn’t that be great???  

My week started with a little run, because that’s all I seem to be able to get now a days.  

 We got 1.71 miles in while our kiddos had their first basketball practice at school.  I made it to the gym after the kids were settled at home, ate, and HW was reviewed, at 8:30. (Gotta do whatcha gotta do, right?). My strength training program is great and I’m excited to see me strong again. 

Wednesday, while the kiddo was at practice, I ran.  I was able to finish work early, so I started earlier.  I did 2.25 miles and then finished the rest of my 3.49 (total) when Leslie was finished at work.   

I love running but I’m SO frustrated now! I’m NOT where I was this time last year and it SUCKS!! I’m trying to remember that I am giving all of what I have with the time I am allowed.  But sometimes that reminder doesn’t work!  I continue to get inspiration from you all, and I blame myself for not being where some of you are. #jealousmuch  But…I’m me and I’m continuing to learn to not compare myself to others! Today…another basketball practice and a rest day for me.  I will run tomorrow, after Julian had his weight training session, on the DREADmill.  

Ok…enough of the pity party, Angie!

How has your week been? Any races coming up?  I have to submit a 10k time for the Star Wars run in April at Disney. I am looking to repeat the first 10k I did last year.  But I’m so much slower and I’m REALLY nervous!!! 😁

RunGAB 3

It’s Wednesday, y’all!  Let’s GAB!!

If we were running today, I’d tell you..

….I am going to do a race this weekend. Nothing big…nothing spectacular….”just” a 5k.  This time of year, as the weather cools down in Hell..I mean Florida…I start to particiapte in more runs.  I usually average 2 a month and I’m hoping on sticking to that goal (fingers crossed folks!!).  Faster with Fitniche 5k.  I haven’t down this race in about 5 years.  It’s easy course…small…and really no pressure!  I just registered, so I might not be guaranteed a shirt. (Well…DAMN! It’s ALL about the shirt, right?!?!?). 

….I “think” I found another triathlon to do!  I must be CRAY CRAY, but I’m excited! Siesta Key Triathlon is October 3rd and my friend kinda talked me into it.  1/2 mile swim (possible), 13 mile bike (possible IF I don’t have a flat!!), and 5k run in packed sand (well…I’m not STOKED about that!).  And it’s for a good cause because it benefits the Sarasota YMCA Sharks swim team. #teamplayer. I’m waffling on registering because I noticed there were cut off times and I’ve never done a race with that before.  What if I suck an do not make the cut off??? I don’t know what to do…..

…I want a new triathlon bike! Wha??????  What I NEED to do is learn how to ride and change the damn tire on my CURRENT bike!  Hey….I said I wanted one but I really don’t need one! #dreamsareFREE

…I’ve added ONE more thing to my weekly schedule. My youngest Aidan 

 is starting back at Scouts today. The meetings are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wednesdays of each month.  Officially, I now only have weekends free.  This is why the “squeeze in” workouts are my staple right now. #ugh

How was your Wednesday?

RunGAB 2

If we were running today, I’d tell you…

…that despite my new found “awareness” of my life and schedule, I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING today! Which is kind of funny considering we ARE having a RunCHAT!πŸ˜‚. I came home after Julian’s workout today, with FULL intentions, but sat my butt down and decided on a rest day. Is that bad??? #pleasesayNO

…I’ve been at Pinterest again! Man…is that a time suck!! But it is all with good intentions, I promise!!! I have been pinning “at home exercises” like the one from yesterday until I can get back to the gym.

….I am secretly worried about my race this coming Saturday. I just want to do well and I am afraid I won’t!  But…I’ll be there…so I guess I am a success regardless.  Sprint Triathlon….here I come!!

….I stepped on the scale yesterday.  I needed to know where I was, so I know where I need to be.  Although I wasn’t in love with the number, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I still need to shed about 15lbs.  43 is hard on the body, y’all. πŸ˜‰ 

I always enjoy our chats!  Till next week!

A New Chapter

Much to my chagrin, I have come to terms that my schedule is NO longer MY schedule!  I have accepted it…embraced it…and decided to make the BEST of it!  I need to get the strength training back on the schedule, so until I get a solid answer on how this will happen exactly, I have some substitutes.  Cue up….my Pinterest board!  All those many addicting pins have made their way into my reality!!

Since I did nothing (in terms is exercise) over this past Labor Day weekend, today was the day.   

Courtesy: Pinterest

 This was a good one….and a little challenge too!  I substituted the 1k for 1 mile. WHEW!!!!

 I am not going to kill myself this week, as I have a triathlon on Saturday.  I am enjoying the idea of adding new workouts in until I can get my butt back in the gym.

I’ll keep you posted….

How was your Tuesday? What did you get done today??

Get my LAPS on!!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a swim!!! My friend Leslie joined me AGAIN….and she still HATES me!! πŸ˜‰ 

Another GORGEOUS Florida day!!

 It was unfortunately another “time crunched” workout because I have to get to the aftercare before 6!  #busyMOM

Let’s DO this!!!

 My swim was very similar to what I did earlier in the week (may be the same one, for all I remember!)-

  • 200m warm up Freestyle
  • 6 x 50m on :60
  • 100m cool down

I wanted to do more, but I just didn’t have the time!  If I did, I would have gone for a little run! #abrick

Today was a rest day.  We are preparing for Aidan’s First Communion on Saturday and have some family coming in tomorrow.  I am hoping to get a run in before I get the boys!  Or maybe after….

 How was your day?

Another one bites the DUST…..

Basketball tournament, I mean.  Julian had a tournament in Orlando, which didn’t have favorable outcomes (to put it nicely). This is all a part of travel ball and learning how to play with a group of guys that hopefully you will GROW with.  He’s getting a little discouraged but understands that this is part of the process!  No one starts out the gate KILLING it!! 

We stayed in O-Town and I brought my running clothes so I could squeeze in some “ME” time! Well…..the intentions were there, but the follow through….NOT SO MUCH!  I didn’t get finished with the first game until 10 and bed by midnight.  That didn’t allow for an early rise to get it in 😒

Then…game at 10:30 and 4:30. Again….no ME time. Dinner and bed! 

Got up this morning….exhausted…and still no run! So, I am taking this as a sign that I did need to rest and NOT to freak out like I normally do. Say it out loud, Angie….”It’s ok! You need the rest!” #sessionOVER

I stare down the barrel of the week coming, already planning in my head what workouts need to be done. And they WILL get done…….

How was your weekend???

Did you get some workout(s) in??


I DID find a new cereal to eat this weekend! 

 Where has this been?? Better yet….where have I been???

The start of my “Basketball Mom” life….

Seems like FOREVER that I have written a post! It’s really only been 10 days, but that IS forever in the blog world! πŸ˜‰

Busy doesn’t even BEGIN to describe my life lately. My oldest has begun playing with a travel basketball team. Practices two times a week and then tournaments on the weekends. He’s thrilled…I’m EXHAUSTED! (No really…I’m BEYOND happy for him!). Ahhhh…a new beginning for me…
The life of a “Basketball Mom” (hopefully it won’t be like those Dance Moms…😝).
Let’s look at some Pros and Cons (from MY perspective)……

1. My son is participating in sport he LOVES and has the opportunity to continue to develop his skills.

2. He’s gets some new teammates and maybe some friends. (I get some new friends, too!πŸ˜‰)

3. Some light traveling. (I secretly LOVE hotels!!)

1. Practice 2 times a week = NO real gym time for Mom! This “con” has allowed me to run MORE, so I should add this as a “PRO” rather than a “CON”!

2. Time away from races, etc that I want to do because of traveling schedule. (Ehhhhh….I’ll figure something out!)

3. Being home on the weekends –>NO go! (Ehhhh….Refer to #3 from the PROS list)

I’m sure I can think of a few more for either list, but that’s good.

I have been able to run more, as I prepare for the 15k in February (22 days from today!!😁). I am only able to get in about 2.5 during the work week because of the kiddo activities. Not bad…but not great either. It could be worse and I couldn’t run at ALL! I am able to get 4 days of running in and I am working on getting a longer run on the weekends. Even after my upcoming race, I plan on continuing to run before any kiddo activity. Game at 9? Betta get up and run BEFORE!! #keepATit

These were all of my runs this week….



I’m hoping I can do the same (if not more) this week!

I don’t get to CF as much before and that makes me sad. I haven’t seen the inside of my box is almost 3 weeks! 😒
I will be incorporating some at home WODs to do, which is better than NOTHING! But I miss the interaction with other gym members…..
I’m currently pricing some kettle bells to invest in. I’m also shopping for a new DREADmill since the original has gone to heaven to be with the others.

I’m pleased that I have a plan (or a resemblance of a plan) for working out. It CAN be done…just takes a LOT of planning ahead.

WISH ME LUCK! βœŒοΈβ€οΈπŸ€ (and 🏊,🚴, and πŸƒ).

Busy Mom = Running HIATUS

I took a little break from running last week. NOT because I wanted to, but because the kiddos had many activities that week and I couldn’t find time to get it in. I think that’s one of the rules of successful running is to remember to incorporate rest into your plan….I just don’t think they meant a whole WEEK!! πŸ˜‰

Basketball season is in full swing which meant saying “GOODBYE” to my lovely Saturday morning runs. It means “HELLO” to Saturday afternoon runs! I really don’t like running in the afternoon. Why?

1. The day is already started and my laziness is already on full OVERDRIVE. There is always something that has to be done…laundry, cleaning, football, basketball….you name it.

2. Let’s face it…it’s FLORIDA! And it’s HOT! This time of year it’s a little cooler but it’s not like our friends up north!

3. It’s harder to “convince” myself to get it done in the afternoon. (Refer back to #1). This is why I dressed in my running gear at the boy’s games, so when we got home, off I went!!

But Julian and Aidan LOVE basketball and how can you say NO to these faces???

IMG_4893.JPGπŸ€Go Wizards and Celtics!!!πŸ€

I ran 3 miles yesterday. This is part of the prep for Saturday’s 10k. I wasn’t in love with my pace (I am about 1:30 minutes SLOWER than I am accustomed to) but the reality is that I don’t have the time to devote and dedicate to getting faster right now. That was HARD to write and put out in the universe. I don’t like to think that I don’t have the time, but the boys have needs and their needs are important. These are the sacrifices we make as parents. I am able to keep a fairly consistent pace, so I should be “ok” for the upcoming race.

IMG_4899.JPGMy MANTRA that I try to remember and live by.

This week I hope to have a few days for running. Nothing crazy because I don’t want to hurt myself before the 10k on Saturday. I can only get to the gym twice this week because of basketball and Scouts this week.

Bring it on, MONDAY….

What’s your exercise this week look like?