Miami Weekend 2k16

This weekend involved a little trip to Miami for…you guessed it…BASKETBALL.  Hubs being the eternal ‘Canes fan, this is the second year we made the trip to a game.  Remember last year?  This year, the Hurricanes were taking on the Louisville Cardinals  

 Being a Gator, I was a neutral fan (but definitely not pulling for Louisville because I’m from Florida). My kiddos were happy too….  

   …with that little sneaky kid throwing up that “U”!! #whatevs

We had a great time and anytime you get to show your kids a college campus…DO IT!  It shows them where hard work will lead them #ohthePLACESyouwillGO

We stayed downtown at the Hampton Inn Brickell  

 ….which is always nice!!  I feel all fancy when I stay here!! The rooms are spacious and amenities are just what you’d expect in The 305-top notch! 

Next door, is one of our favorite restaurants, Batch Gastropub.   We ate here last year,too! We don’t branch out much, do we??? 😂

 All the pub fare you love can be found here! We didn’t want to eat very heavy, so we opted for the Pork Belly Sliders with pickled cucumbers and Korean BBQ 

 …and in the back?? Truffle cheese fries-truffle salt, asiago cheese and rosemary. #inLOVE

SN: Ok…totally off the subject here, but  can I just say that I love this contraption in the restroom?? 

 Seriously…I don’t have to waste paper touching the door handle after washing my hands!  Use your foot under the lever and it opens the door.  I’ve never seen this before, but I believe every restroom should have this!!

We had a great weekend 

 …but now it’s back to it!!

Today is a rest day because of basketball practice for little man and scheduling Jr. Big Man Physical therapy and all he needs to get back on the court!

Tomorrow is another day…

How’s your week going to shape out? 


Again, another holiday has come and GONE!!!  Man, I can not believe how fast time is going!  

I was able to go visit my sister and her family in Haymarket (VA).  The kids were excited to spend time with their cousins.  I have been blessed with 3 nephews and one rose (i.e. Niece).  I took the  week off from work because the kids had off from school (STILL don’t understand why “we” need to have a whole WEEK off to eat turkey on ONE day!😉).  

I just finished a nutrition program with Swim Bike Mom (SBM) right before the holidays.  Trust me when I say, it was VERY informative and VERY helpful.  I found that many of my struggles with food are not my own.  I found and bonded with MANY women just like myself who have the same “issues”.    If you are interested, check out her website. And FYI…the program starts up again on December 1st!  #getonIT

I convinced my”non running” sister to run a Turkey Trot with me! I use non runner in quotes because she and my BIL completed a Couch to 5k program and both HATE running and both are kicking my ASS in running!! Kicking my ass like running sub 9 CONSISTENTLY! #notHATING 😏. I guilted her into a run about 25 minutes from her house on Turkey Day at Freedom Aquatic Center in Manassas (VA).   

 Not only did I fun with my sister but I also did this run as a virtual run with SBM  

 which benefited ALS.  A fellow SBM triathlete Andrea Peet who was diagnosed with ALS last year.  All the race proceeds go towards researching ALS.  This was the first time I’ve done a virtual run (I’ve always been a little skeptical).  But since I was in the SBM nutrition program, I knew it was safe. I get race bling (a medal! YAY!) and a shirt (double YAY!).



She’s SO happy I made her go!!😉

  I had to buy some new kicks prior to the race because the shin-ny,shin,shins were starting to get a little sore.   I bought them at The Running Store in Gainesville (VA not FL) where my non running sister shops. (Like how I squeezed that in??)

 Them Brooks Adenaline 16, baby!!  

 I raced well, shaving about a few seconds off my time. Mile 1 AND 2 where at 9:52 and 9:56, respectively.  I was pumped because I haven’t seen 9 ANYTHING months! #disappointed.   I kept up with a gentlemen during the race and we kept each other accountable when the other look like hey were slacking! I like that!  I am most proud of my sister, as she got a PR of 27 (and change).  I knew she’d do well!!  She’s so good and I hope that I can convince her to do another with me!  Except…I gotta train BETTER to keep up with my “non running” sister! 😉

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  As always, I am thankful for you and your journeys that I am able to follow.  Thank you for coming with me on mine…..


She said it tastes like GRASS….

…which really means it tastes like A**! This is what my sister, Mo, said!!! So, the back story- yesterday, my sister and I were in Target buying last minute Easter baskets items. (Ok, really…just STARTING my Easter shopping😉). As a general rule, I make it a habit to stop at Starbucks when there. The new smoothies have arrived and ready for us to try! Why not??  

Ok….you GOT me!!! Let’s go…..

 There are three different flavors…. 

 Strawberry (200 calories)

  • Strawberry purée
  • Apple juice
  • Banana purée 
  • Beet juice
  • Non fat Greek yogurt 
  • Nutmeg
  • Ice

Mango Carrot (230 calories)

  • Mango purée
  • Pineapple juice
  • Apple juice
  • Carrot juice
  • Lime juice
  • Non fat Greek yogurt 
  • Nutmeg 
  • Ice

Sweet Greens (170 calories)

  • Celery juice 
  • Mango purée 
  • Banana purée 
  • Cucumber juice
  • Spinach juice
  • Romaine lettuce juice
  • Kale juice
  • Lime juice 
  • Parsley juice
  • Nonfat Greek yogurt 
  • Ice
  • Nutmeg 

Let me say that I wanted to try the green one, but Mo wasn’t even HAVING that! 😝. So, we opted for the Strawberry…. 

She may LOOK like it’s all good, but she says it tastes like GRASS (see above!!!)


I enjoyed it and would have another. It would be a treat once in a while because it’s about $6 for one….😁 

Yum!! Almost GONE!


We are here in Haymarket, VA were my sister and her family live for Spring   Break. We love being able to spend time with our family, even if it’s pretty loud….I have 2 kids and Mo has 4 kids. What do they call that??? Joyful NOISE???  Ummmm….OK!?!?!😂😂

Hope that everyone is enjoying this Easter Sunday! We get to have an EXTRA special one today in Baltimore,MD at the National Aquarium.  🐰Happy Easter🐰


Would you have expected anything ELSE from me? #idroppedtheMIKE

What have you tried anything NEW lately?

Getting back to it….

I was out of the pocket over the past few days because I went to see my sister and family in Virginia. It was nice to be there, but it wasn’t long enough!! I HATE leaving them behind! My kids LOVE being with their cousins..




And don’t forget THIS sweet face…

20140805-200827-72507788.jpgThe LAST of the cousins!

My boys LOVE to travel! They are like me…they have the TRAVEL BUG!!


We left Tampa to Reagan National Airport. SN: If you EVER have the Jet Blue! From the ticket counter to the on flight crew..EVERYTHING about this airline was AMAZING!! They have gained a customer for LIFE! I have never had such a great experience with an airline is a LONG time!! My Dad worked for Pan Am and I have been SPOILED regarding air travel. They set the standards HIGH at Pan Am! Well…Jet Blue is my 2K14 Pan Am! I hope you get a chance to fly them!!!👍❤️👍

I’ll fill you in on our adventures…..

Getting to Know You….#2

Thought I was done? NOPE!!😉


9 Loves (in NO particular order,mind you….)

1. My Guys…

20140630-220215-79335569.jpgMy hubby, Miguel. He’s the love of my life, my friend, my champion, and my rock. I thank God every day for this man…for who he is, the husband he became, and the father I always knew he would be. ❤️

20140630-220653-79613107.jpgMy oldest son, Julian. He such a sweet and smart young man. I always wonder HOW I was blessed with this child!

20140630-220801-79681176.jpgMy “baby”, Aidan. This kid is ALL personality….don’t know WHERE he came from!!😉. God blessed me again with this cutie!

There is NO question in my mind that my renewed relationship with HIM continues to bless me and my family. I strive every day to be a better person, to be patient, and to live the life in the way HE wants me too. Keep those prayers coming….

3. Reading
Books, magazines, blogs….
You NAME it, I LOVE to read it. Outside of the professional reading I do, I get some fun stuff too! I’m currently reading “House Girl” by Tara Conklin.

20140630-221540-80140262.jpgI’ll give you a review when I’m done!

4. Movies
Ummm…where do I start? Let’s just say I’ll watch ANY movie (except Horror…HATE being scared!!!😁). And this love of movies have led to a (mental) collection of movie lines and one liners! Don’t EVEN get me started….

5. Electronics
I’m a junkie….I seriously love Best Buy as much as I love Ross! I wish I could take one of EVERYTHING!!!

6. Travel
I was lucky enough to have parents that loved traveling. That “bug” was passed on to myself! My father worked for Pan Am (remember them?) and we able to travel the world! Now that my boys are old enough,hubby and I have plans on traveling abroad..hopefully next year!!

7. Sports
Oh yeah!!! I love to watch sports…particularly college sports…ESPECIALLY The University of Florida Gators! Go Gators

20140630-222341-80621785.jpgjust in case you want to know the new Gator Football schedule….

8. Crafting
Oh LORD…do I love to craft! Oh DAMN….do I NOT have enough time!! I love to make all kinds of neat things. Pinterest is my crack! #soNOTsorry

9. Gators
See number 7; but I’m sure this ISN’T a huge shock! My brainwashing TEACHING my kids that Florida is where they need to go! A girl can hope and dream, right?


There you have it…my LOVES. I have a few more but I had to tailor the list! 😁
Hope you like it….

Next up…. 8 Fears