Admit it…you sang the song, didn’t you???  πŸ˜

You know….when you have an opportunity to have a moment to yourself…you take advantage,right?? I had to kill about 2 hours before picking up J for his Orthodontist appointment. What’s a girl to do?? Go for COFFEE!! This isn’t anything new or earth shattering for me, as I get it when I get to work. But I don’t get to go relax, sit down and ENJOY the coffee.  It’s usually drink and go….

I had the time, so I decided to go try a new place in town that I’ve been meaning to (but never can get there!!).  In downtown Winter Haven (FL), there is a cute coffee shop with a cute name….Just deserts that which one deserves and Coffee.  How did I find out about this place? I met Pat about 5 years ago when we were KILLING ourselves at CrossFit!! When I heard that her new venture included opening a shop selling something that I love almost as much as I love my kids (I kid…!), I was sold!!  


 I was there at opening time, so the bakery case was getting filled up!! They have some crazy good looking scones!! 

Source: Deserts FB page

 Wha??? Ham and Cheese scones!!! 

Source: Deserts FB page

Blueberry,Chocolate Chip and Ginger…oh my!! Scones are my weakness….I’m going to get to that next time!!

AΓ§ai bowls are in the menu also.  They are  basically a really thick aΓ§ai smoothie in a bowl that can be topped with a variety of items.  Deserts offers bananas, blueberries, strawberries, granola, coconut and sunflower seeds.  

Source: Deserts FB page

 Beverages include coffee (obvs!!)- cold brewed, pour over, and regular brewed. Teas (hot and cold) and protein shakes round out the liquid menu.  

What I really wanted to try was the Bulletproof coffee …and one of Pat’s lovely staff members was the one that hooked it up!! #thankYOU

  What’s that you ask?? It’s a popular coffee in the fitness world because it’s got the “good stuff” in it, i.e. the fat!

What’s in it??

  • Quality coffee
  • Grass fed butter
  • Coconut oil

Coffee is brewed and then blended with the butter and oil.  I don’t use sugar that much, but to sweeten the coffee, I chose a little bit of honey.  The only way to describe the coffee is creamy and rich.   It has a froth and it smells heavenly and tastes even better. It’s definitely something I would drink again and this is the place I would drink it!

Thanks, Pat and Deserts staff!!!❀️

If you find yourself in downtown Winter Haven, do yourself a favor and drop in!   Pat and her staff would love to have you and share all of their “deserts”. 

Any place that you’ve been to recently you’d like for us to try??

Glad that’s DONE!!

Halloween flew in like a witch on her broomstick and that b***h flew out even faster!! πŸ˜‚. For those of you that had beautiful, picturesque Fall weather to enjoy Halloween…I envy you!! It was HOT and mosquito HEAVY here in (outside of) Tampa!!!  But the boys has fun.  Aidan was…

 Darth Vater! With Lightsabre, the “Luke, I am your Father” voice changer, and all.  He WOULD pick the evil guy to be….

Julian is 14 and was kinda begging to go trick or treating.  It wasn’t about wearing a costume and more about getting candy!  So he walked with us as… 

 Darth GATOR!! We were celebrating the WIN against Georgia just a few minutes prior, so his playing around with his borther’s costume was VERY appropriate! #goGATORS

We were left with a TON of candy, NONE of which I ate (yeah me!!!).  

Now…what’s this nonsense about CHRISTMAS coming soon?? Ugh….

How was your Halloween?

Any candy your favorite?? Mine? 100 grand bar! For those that aren’t familiar…chocolate, caramel and krispies. HEAVEN!!  Thank goodness, Aidan didn’t get ANY! 😏

Thus far….

This week has been good, thus far, at least on the exercise front.  πŸ˜‰

Monday – Leslie and I, fresh off our 5k from Saturday, got a run in.  Thankfully… torrential Florida rain (ie “there was a TS brewing”) gave us afternoon showers, which lead us to “not so HOT Hades” weather for our run!  This was a good run for me, just like Saturday.  Maybe this whole “running with my Polar but not obsessively looking at it for my pace” thing is working.  I just ran…. 

 …and it was NICE!  

My shins are a little sore, mostly on the right, from those DAMN jump ropes at CF last week!! Remember I suffered the WRATH from the multitude of double unders last year?? This is NO way the same, but it is a touch sore but a different side than before. #treadLIGHTLYangie

Tuesday- we AGAIN got the run in!  Another HOT day (whoa..what a SURPRISE!!) for a run!  It was 100 degrees that registered in the car when I left work.  I forgot my Polar at home on the charger, so I ran without today. Like I said before, it was nice…liberating, almost.  A struggle though…as I am used to trying to get back to MY pace.  Apparently the secret is to NOT look at it…. 

 A nice little jaunt before pick of up the kiddos.  The shin did well, but I did put my compression hose on.  I DON’T want a reoccurrence of last year! #hellNO

Tomorrow- going to try and either go to CF or do a CF-inspired WOD.  Wish me luck! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘


Happy Mommy Moment!!!  Aidan came to me and said that he wanted to have the FASTEST TIME in the mile in his grade (3rd, that is) this year (like his brother, mind you).  He asked me if I could show him how to use the DREADmill.  It was so cute!! If I wasn’t so CHEAP, I’d pay WP for the ability to upload videos, and then you could see him! If you follow me on IG, you can see the Master at work!  

Blurry DREADmill shot!!πŸ˜‚

   After the WORK is done! 0.25 mile, but hey…it’s a start!!  Hope he keeps it up! 

I got my SWEATS ON!!!

No…I don’t have my sweat PANTS on, I mean I my SWEATS ON from yeaterday’s WOD!  It was another pleasurable Florida day…like 100 degrees “pleasurable” day!  I was sweating BEFORE the WOD even started!!!  

 Doesn’t look TOO bad, right?? WRONG!!  Remember I’ve always said….the ones that LOOK the easiest are the ones that kick your ASS!!! #whiteboardLIES

Managed to pull 10 rounds out of you-know-where and was DRENCHED in sweat! (ie…got my SWEATS ON!!).  My hair that normally looks like this…. 

 …looked like THIS… 


 I sweat the damn STRAIGHT out of my hair!  I went from straight to curly (my natural hair) in less than 20 minutes!! πŸ˜“πŸ˜ 

I can tell you that this AMRAP burned some GOOD calories too 

My new TOY….Polar M400

305 calories in that 20 minutes. #meLIKEY

I’ll tell you about the toy in another post ( = “I’m still working out the KINKS” or better yet “I’m still trying to figure it OUT!”)

Today is break day because Aidan has basketball practice at 7-9 PM!!! 😁

How was YOUR Monday???

Summer Running 2k15

You KNOW you sang it…..just like you did last with last year’s post!!πŸ˜‰ Yesterday started off the Watermelon 5k Series in Lakeland (FL).  I do the race series every summer to keep me running over the summer and to check in terms of my “training”. You know…when you THINK you are doing good and then you race and see that your AREN’T doing enough? πŸ˜‰ #checkYOURSELF

Prior to most races, I go to Fitniche and buy myself something new.  I don’t have to convince myself it’s a BAD thing to buy prior to a race!! This time, I decided on..

I’ve always wanted to try these socks.  Up to now, cheap Walmart socks have been my go to brand.  I felt like a REAL runner having purchased and using these babies!  They were lightweight and they didn’t feel as tight on my feet as my current ones.  

I usually use a baseball cap to race in, but I’ve been wanting to try.. 

a visor.  They always looks so good others, so why not.  Again…felt like a real runner even MORE.  

Leaving my house early in the morning to get to Lakeland (it’s about a 30 minute drive), I was excited! This event draws in a lot of local and out of town runners.  I think this one had OVER 1000 folks! Not bad for a small town that I can’t wait to move to….SOME DAY! 

 Lake Hollingsworth in the WEE morning, about 30 minutes prior to race time….


It was a nice, flat course wrong the lake.  I covinced a few friends to join me../ 

Me, Sam (front); Donald(Leslie’s son), Leslie (back)

Our post race smiles….

I wasn’t really happy with my time, but like I said, I like to race to show myself WHAT I need to change in my daily trading or exercise routine.  

  Sorry for the language (if you are easily offended….because I NOT!!πŸ˜‰). But you ALL know….struggle is REAL!!!
How was your Saturday?

Keeping busy…..

I managed a rain FREE run yesterday! But typical FL weather, it was HOT at 5pm; that made me run slower than I normally do, and THAT made me angry! But…I’ve lapped the folks on the couch, right??πŸ˜‰  

 Happy….to be done!!  

Tuesdays, Julian has basketball practice and my friend, Leandra (and fellow basketball mom) keep busy with some exercise while our boys are too!  

Source: Pinterest. I know you thought I modeled for the picture, but it isnt me!!πŸ˜‰

We modified the the squats only because we did some squats the day before.  AND…the jumping jacks…yeah those were modified because ladies like us that have had children….generally and GENUINELY don’t like to jump for reasons that I WON’T explain!! #depends.  I did 3 rounds in 13:34.  And it was a challenge!  If you are ever out of town and need a workout (and don’t have access to a gym) ALWAYS check Pinterest for ideas. Check out my Pinterest Fitness board here.  

This afternoon I’m back at CF for some more torture! Pray for me…..

What are you doing today???

Yeah…that just happened!

This morning…this COLD Florida morning I did my first 10k. What do I mean by cold??

IMG_4950.PNGThis is the temperature right NOW but this morning, at race time…41 degrees!!. Nothing like the cold weather to get you moving! My friend, Sam (from our triathlon glory) ran with me. Yeah… I roped her in AGAIN she signed up with me again. πŸ˜‰

I was EXTREMELY nervous this morning! I’ve never run this far IN.MY.LIFE! Five miles is the most I’ve ever run, so you can see WHY I thought I would die. Like meet my maker TODAY, die!πŸ˜‡ My stomach hurt…my heart was racing….I felt like POO!

The Jingle Bell race was for the Friends of The Winter Haven Library.

IMG_4958.JPG(Sorry for that shot….just as I was shooting the picture, the dude walked right in front of me! 😁).

The proceeds help the library with necessary upgrades, new books, etc. Race time was 7 am and by the time the buzzer buzzed…I was ready and over my “issues” prior to the race. I didn’t get many pictures during the race…well…because I was running. πŸ˜‰ Seriously though….I haven’t figured out the balance of running and taking pictures to post. #rookie. I want to concentrate on the run because I’m just NOOOOOOOT that good enough yet to just run a race all “willy nilly” and not thinking about it. But I’m working on it…..

It was a great course to run…a bridge was involved (HATE those!) in the middle and of course on the way back. I didn’t psych myself out like I normally tend to do. It was a fun race because many were dressed in their BEST Christmas running gear,socks, hats, you name it!! (Didn’t get any pics of that before the race because it was too darn COLD!!). You know what wasn’t really fun?? The BELLS!! Well, you ask, what would a jingle bell race be without jingle BELLS???

IMG_4959.JPGThis thing was strapped on to every runners sneakers, hats, headbands…WHATEVER. 🎢Do you hear what I hear?? 🎢. Ugh….I really didn’t like the sound of the bells with each heel strike, each passing runner, or each huff and puff. That was my only complaint.

I felt so good, so EMPOWERED after the race. I felt it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. It wasn’t that I “killed” the race, but for the first time in a LONG time, I just ran. Just for the sheer enjoyment of the run! I am feeling like I have checked off another “Want” off of my list….


I am going to be sore, but it’s a different sore…a sore that I welcome because of my accomplishment.
I going to be honest, I have a little crush on 10k now and I am thinking I might have to leave 5k. 10k really makes me HAPPY, so the break up might be inevitable. I’ll always love you 5k, because you were my first, but I feel something I haven’t felt in a long time with 10k….passion for running again.

IMG_4948.JPGSam and I with the “afterglow” of the race. (Do I get one of those “10k” magnets for my car now??)

Even Santa from Legoland (Winter Haven) came to spread his Christmas cheer and congratulate us….


So, in my BEST Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca..”Louis (insert 10k), I think this the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Cue music……


What did you accomplish that you really wanted to today? Or ANY day?

IMG_4945-0.JPG….And some parting thoughts inspired by my GIRL, Wonder Woman!! It’s in us ALL!!

3 M Recap….

I realized that I’ve covered the “Miles and the Mishaps” of the 3M, but I have to remember to cover the “Mom”
part, too! It’s not like I forget, I just tend to write so much on the workouts and stuff.

This past weekend, Julian had a Halloween party. We couldn’t agree on the costume at Party City..partly because he kept going back to the $50 costume! #ohHELLno. I wasn’t spending that kind of money on a costume for A party!! And…he isn’t going to trick or treat this year because he’ll be out of town.
We were leaving, going down a random aisle…and then…WE.FOUND.IT!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽƒπŸŽ‰

Julian has an a wide variety of taste in music, especially for a 13 year old! We collectively decided on the rapper. As in Old School rapper. What’s Old School to a child in the new millennium? Biggie? Diddy? Anyone along those lines???? NOT Julian….


IMG_4592.PNGTHIS is what he’s feeling…LL Cool J!! He was over the MOON when he found this get up. And I was all too happy to photograph his Old School vibes…




IMG_4583.JPGWhat do you think?? I DIED!! It was perfect!! I thought he captured LL to the “T”. #NAILEDit. I also thought he could have passed for RunDMC, too! We adults knew he WHO he was, his friends…”yeah…Julian’s a RAPPER!”.
He was happy, so I was happy too! Halloween Party was a success!!

Aidan had a field trip at school on Friday. He and the rest of the 2nd Grade went to Cracker Country. No….it’s NOTHING like what you think. YES…we do live in Florida (I guess it’s the “South”), so let me ‘splain…
According to the dictionary. A “Cracker” is

a native or resident of Florida.

The term was named after the horse whip that the farmers in Florida used that made a loud “crack”….hence “crackers”. Both Julian and Aidan are “crackers” as they were born and raised right here in Florida. Cracker Country celebrates Florida settlers during the 1800s and what life was like. I’ve lived in this state since 1980, and I learned a TON in this field trip.

The School House

The General Store (HAD to buy some stuff!!)

The Smith House

We got a demonstration on how they made REAL butter. Man…did it taste GOOD!

The “mules” at the Sugar Cane….


The Okahumpka Train Station….




Making beeswax candles….




Oh….let’s take a CC selfie….


And here he is….cracking the WHIP!!


I found his trip to be very educational and would ABSOLUTLEY visit again!!


There it is…some Mom action for you! This is why I workout…so I can keep up with these guys! #whew. I hope to keep writing some more Mom stories with my Miles and Mishaps….

Anything fun go on towards the end of YOUR week?


Saturday was THE day! The Lycra and Lace Triathlon. It was located at Ft. DeSoto Park in Tierra Verde, FL. (Just outside St. Petersburg). I was excited but again nervous because my training was a little “light” this time. But I always remind myself that I am racing MYSELF and no one else!

The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect! Florida seriously needs to be the perfect mix of cool and warm ALL the time!

My friend, Sam participated in the race with me. SN: Ever want to get rid of a friend or someone you don’t like? Ask them to do a triathlon with you!! They will run the other direction and pretend they don’t even KNOW you! πŸ˜‰

We got to the transition station JUST in the nick of time!! We had to be there by 7:30 am. We cut it SUPER short getting there because we got lost! #oops
I had to still get marked….

IMG_4510.JPG…and get my stuff out and organized. Suffice to say my stuff was literally thrown on the ground, my bike was shoved in between two other bikes (sorry!) and off I went! I wasn’t even sure that I had all of my stuff out.

IMG_4500.JPGI THINK my bike and stuff is in there SOME WHERE!!
We had to hustle out of the area because the swim start was about a 1/4 of a mile walk. 😁

The course:

Looks pretty easy, right???

The Swim:
440 yards (aka 0.25 miles) started the race off. The water temperature was perfect! It was an open water swim in the bay…not too choppy either! The swim felt good. Nice easy stokes lended to a nice easy pace. No matter that I had a few feet in my face…it was all good! The swim ended fairly close to the transition area. No 1/4 mile walk there!
Sam’s wave time was 8:12 am and mine was 8:20am.

IMG_4512.JPGThat’s the BEAUTIFUL Tampa Bay behind us. I’m in the yellow cap (age 40-44) and she’s in the green (NOT age 40-44!!!). Another odd color to add to my cap collection!
Time: 6:40

Considering I had all my stuff thrown “orderly” under my bike, this transition went more smooth than I thought.
Time: 2:14

Oh…the bike! The meat of the sandwhich that is a triathlon. My worst leg by far. But…I guess one could get better if one would practice/train just a little more! Off I went…
Leaving the transition went smoothly, I got on my bike and ready to peddle. Something didn’t feel right as I’m peddling. I’m thinking it the asphalt which was kind of off, but I knew smooth road was ahead. I still kept peddling wondering WHY this felt so difficult. I mean I’m no spring chicken and I sure as hell ain’t light as a feather. The views were AMAZING during the ride….
Oh…Look!! The Skyway Bridge…how pretty!! Focus Angie…FOCUS!!

It still feels kinda funny on the bike during the ride. I get to about the 2nd mile marker, as literally EVERYONE in the race has passed me (at least it felt like it), I look back…and there’s my answer….A FLAT TIRE!!
I still have 8 more mile to ride…on a FLAT TIRE!! Ever done THAT before? Let me just tell you…it is very interesting. One wheel is pulling your a** for 10 miles. I was like one of the LAST ladies off the bike and into the transition. I did ALOT of praying during that ride…..

IMG_4515.JPGTHIS is what I found AFTER the race. I didn’t know/see this when I pumped my tires the night before! #loser
Lesson learned about inspecting the ENTIRE bike more than 24 hours prior to race….

Considering my legs where super bricks from riding 10 miles on one wheel…again this transition went well.
Bike shoes and helmet OFF (and thrown)…running shoes, race belt, and running hat ON!
Time: 1:12

The run felt GOOD! I was so happy to have another chance to redeem myself in another leg I was comfortable with. I will say…I make a deal with myself to pass at least ONE person on each leg. I’ll be honest….It felt good to pass a lot of the woman that passed me on the bike. “On your LEFT” INDEED! (that’s what is said when someone is passing you on the bike) πŸ˜‰
Ol’ brick legs was BACK!! Wasn’t the best run, but it WAS after that horrible bike!
Time: 32:46

Almost there……
Thumbs UP because I’m DONE, ladies!!!
Total Time: 1:39:45

I was pleased with the outcome of the race. I shaved 6 minutes from my last race in Clermont. I have learned a lot about myself and what I need to improve on. I have to have more focused training and obviously become more efficient on my biking. Each race I learn something new and this will help me become a better triathlete (or so I hope!).
This was the first time I have done that was an all women’s race. I was a little apprehensive and intimidated, honestly. And I don’t really have a justifiable reason….
Once there, I found it INCREDIBLY inspiring to be around all types of women competing…the elite, the weekend athlete (folks like me) , the newbies, you name it. Everyone there had the same goal…for fitness and to be the BEST we can be! Everyone there had encouraging words to get you through the race! Everyone showed how AMAZING woman can be when we are together. Thanks!!!

IMG_4531.JPGSam and I at the end! Feeling PROUD and GREAT that we did it (AGAIN) and we survived!! Ready Sam? Because I am ready to tackle another one!!
Now…on to the SWAG bag and the cool cycling jersey we got!!




How was your weekend?
Any races?? Do tell….

Swim, Bike…..DONE!

…Uh huh…my Triathlon is DONE!!!
What an experience. This was the first one I have done in 3 years. Injuries sidelined me and then just life got in the way with training. I was all too excited to get back at it!!

This race is the 2nd in a series of 4 sprint triathlons (Central Florida Triathlon Series) located in Clermont, FL, nestled between Orlando and Tampa. I’d never been to Clermont, so I was looking forward to being there! I was more nervous about doing a triathlon in July…in FLORIDA! My other races have been in October, when it tends to be cooler (believe it or not!).

Each race in the Central Florida Triathlon Series has a theme..

20140712-181304-65584959.jpg…..this one was “America” #merica
I didn’t dress in my Red,White, and Blue…simply because I don’t own any tri stuff in those colors. πŸ˜ƒ

Clermont is about an 1 hour and 25 minutes from me in the Tampa Bay Area…so suffice to say…I left my house at a** crack of dawn so I could fudge in “getting lost” time and get to check in with plenty of time.

20140712-181614-65774421.jpgThe Full Moon that followed me….

I checked in, got marked and went to the transition area to set up. Number 522, baby!!




20140712-181747-65867572.jpgMy set up in the transition area had all my items needed for the race:
Bike helmet
Bike Shoes (and socks)
Running shoes (and socks)
Running shirt
Bag (with remaining items)
Fluids (Gatorade)
Energy chews

The cap and goggles stayed with me because I needed them for the first leg.

I waited for my girlfriend, Sam, to meet me

20140712-181850-65930990.jpgWe workout at the same gym and she was the ONLY one of my friends that I could bribe convince to do this race with me!

This distance was a Sprint:
Swim: 1/4 mi (440yds)
Bike: 10 mi
Run: 3.1 mi

The wave times were posted

20140712-182307-66187421.jpg..and since I’m OLD (42!)..I had a pink swim cap and therefore an 8:00 am wave time. Sam was 3 minutes ahead of me in the green caps.

1/4 mile in beautiful Lake Minneola


From the sand, those buoys looked FAR AWAY! The swim happens to be my strongest leg, so I wasn’t really worried about it.

20140712-182643-66403146.jpgThis was a lake swim which was a first for me. My other races have been in open water. Many asked me if I was scared because of our Florida gators (NOT my BELOVED University of Florida GATORS!) that swim in the lakes. I was more worried about amoebas and parasites and stuff like THAT from swimming in a lake! 😁
Time: 8:50

Whoa…not my strongest leg…EVER! I wasn’t looking forward to this part. I’m not good not confident on my bike. But how do you get better?? Get on IT!!!
I can now see WHY people gave me the “look” when I told them I was doing a race in Clermont. One word…HILLS!!! I’m a Florida girl and we don’t have hills. Well guess what?? We DO have hills in Clermont! I didn’t have my phone on me (SMH), so I can only show you some after shots and some representation of the ACTUAL hills…



Mind you, there was the biggest hill I have EVER been on, towards the end of the bike route!! #really. It wasn’t my beat bike, but considering there were THREE hills, I’ll take it!! Seriously….

Ok…I now have LEAD legs and I have to run a 5k. Oh yeah…and some hills too! #damn
I had to walk one part for the first time EVER! I didn’t feel good about it, but it is what it is! I felt good but my legs were tired!


That’s the “in between” between each leg in the race. This is an art, in and of it self! This should be practiced in some way, but in not sure how…
How well you do in your transition will help you smoothly move from one leg to the next. Having everything set up and easily accessible is the key to a great transition. That….and having a good “rack” neighbor. πŸ˜‰


These times aren’t impressive at all…

Final time:1:45:13
Not great but not bad for a gal who didn’t do a LICK of training. All I did was CF and run. Not bragging, but I wouldn’t recommend doing “JUST” this for a race.

What did I learn?

1. Training is the key!!
You can’t expect your body to weather the demands if you don’t put the work in! I was about 10 minutes of my last triathlon time. Mind you…I was 3 years younger BUT I prepared and trained for it. I won’t let that happen in my next one!

2. Gear preparation
I made a list of the items I needed the night before. I was fairly confident I had everything. But I did forget to bring a little bin to put water in it to wash my feet off after the swim.
Ehhh…not too bad!

3. You have to start SOMEWHERE
I used this race as a baseline…some place to start to see where I need to improve. Which again…refers back to #1.

4.Loading during the race
You probably saw the Gatorade in my bike. Yeah…it didn’t get TOUCHED! I drank some before my swim and that was the last time something of food source touched my lips. I didn’t drink during the bike or the run. I had some energy chews

20140713-162204-58924383.jpgand didn’t touch them! It’s not like I forgot…they were out…I guess I just didn’t think about it. It was pure ADRENALINE that fueled me and kept me going, I guess. I surprisingly didn’t crash (mentally or physically), but I wouldn’t recommend it! I will make sure on my next one, to fuel up appropriately.

Who I do it again?
In a HEARTBEAT! I can’t make the race in this series in August, but I found one for September! Unless I can find one another day in AugustπŸ˜‰

I’d love to hear about your experience with triathlons…first or one hundredth. Any tidbits? Any training tips?