When did I……?

…..become a parent of a high schooler?

J’s first day at Santa Fe Catholic High School. This is a new school for him, so first day in another way as well. I am beyond nervous for him but he seems confident and ready for the new experience. Prayers, people….PRAYERS!! 

….become a parent of a 4th grader?

Aidan’s first day of school at St.Joseph Catholic School.  This is the first time Aidan has not gone to school with his brother.  He had mixed emotions…happy that he’s the only brother left at the school but sad that he’s the only brother at the school!!! 

….become a football parent AS WELL as a basketball parent?

J decided he wanted to try football this year.  I figure it can’t hurt…well…it CAN hurt really bad!!!  (He’s nursing a muscular injury now because of learning to tackle!  No practice today but back tomorrow…). But it can’t hurt because he is getting great conditioning for basketball and if he doesn’t like it, he gained some experience about another sport! Win WIN in my book! 

….have a child that wants to be a swimmer too??
Aidan spent a month with my sister in VA.  His cousins swim and he desperately wants to swim now! With a month there and swim camp for 6 weeks, we are in swim mode to try and get on a team (or so HE says!). He swims every Saturday at the Y and he loves it! We shall see….

….forget how to use a lock for a locker in school?

I’m totally aging myself here but I remember going “3 turns to the right, 2 turns to the left, 1 turn to the final number”. Over 20 minutes trying to open this damn thing….only to find out you don’t do this ANYMORE!!! Wha????? 

…..become the person that signs up for TWO races in one weekend!!

Yep…while J was figuring out his lock I was registering for the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend run.  I did the 10k last year and was all too excited when I received the email that sign up was August 9th at noon. You know what I did??? I signed up for the 5k AND 10k!!! It’s costly but I am going to run with some girlfriends from HS and plan on making it a girls weekend! All too excited!!  I need the motivation to get back and what a perfect way!

I am sure this school year will many more firsts, so maybe there will be more “When did I…..?“posts in the future!😉

How was your day??? Did anyone have some first day of school stories???

Super Bowl Swan song

I’m sure that I am not the only person that has this epiphany that I had today. Blogs are like the modern diaries of the 70s and 80s and the ultra cool journals of the 90s and the turn of the century. (Did I just SAY that??). I know that was deep insight in my part, but I feel like I’m exposing my life and felt the need to share that little nugget of info!

And since I’ve had this awakening of what I’m doing, I feel comfortable explaining that TODAY, Super Bowl Sunday, is my last day of eating like, excuse my French, shit!!!. I love, love, LOVE to snack! But my 40-something (almost 42 to be exact) isn’t responding well to my diet! Or lack of diet to be truthful…..

Meaning…I have lost and gained the SAME 10 pounds since I turned 40. Meaning….I have probably lost and gained my actually total weight trying to get these 10 pounds off over these almost 2 years!! I can’t blame it on my thyroid like most of my patients do (I am in NO means disrespecting those with thyroid disorder, but c’mon ladies…it AIN’T always your thyroid!!!). I can’t blame it on being 42 any more…that excuse is OLD (no pun intended!). So today, is my SWAN song of poor eating! I gotta do it today or it won’t get done! I have a bunch of races in mind over the next few months and I want to do well.

Without further adieu….Super Bowl Sunday started with my favorite…..


Venison chill, some cheese sauce, small helping of sour cream and guacamole = YUMMMMMMM!!!

…and then…

….followed by Korean style lollipop chicken wings, spring salad with ginger vinagrette dressing, topped with fried rice noodles.
A side of a chicken spring rolls too!!!

OMG…this is wrong! And this is WRONG, I don’t wanna be RIGHT! Lawd…..

This man right here…my love, my hubby, M, hooked up a great Super Bowl spread for my swan song meal.

Thank you my love!!! I enjoyed every last beautiful bite!!! I’m sure there is something for “the grease” (called dessert for the rest of us) waiting in the wings, but I’m too full!!

What are your favorite Super Bowl snacks??

SN: Broncos are losing currently in the 3rd Quarter 29-0.
Oh…and M is winning his office pool right now!