Something New

I am all about trying some new stuff, so this weekend I tried YOGA! A local Lakeland yoga studio, The Balance Culture held a free yoga session outside at Florida Southern College.  Saturday was a beautiful day here in the Sunshine State! I love when the weather changes!

Nothing but CLEAR skies, today!!!

Some of Lake Hollingsworth

Our AWESOME instructor!

The Balance Culture is a ladies studies that offers yoga, Pilates, Barre and HIIT classes!  I’ve never been in the studio but I have wanted to try yoga with them!  They do these free yoga sessions frequently, so I jumped at the chance!!  There were many ladies out there and I loved that it was a mix of ladies: different ages, some or no experience,  even a few gents showed up! 

I dragged two of my friends with me:

Leslie (L); Me; Leandra (R)

We all needed this morning out! #busyMOMS

I’m not going to lie, but I was apprehensive about taking this class.  Mobility (and therefore flexibility) are not my strong point. I don’t dedicate enough time, before or after activity! #myfault. I’ve done yoga tape before when I did P90x about 6 years ago. But…it was 90 minutes and I was bored out of mind! So much so, on those days that yoga showed up on the schedule, I skipped it! Yoga and I didn’t start off well….but I was willing to try again!

The class was about an hour and I learned some new poses and reconnected with some old ones! 

What movements/poses I knew before:

  • Downward Dog
  • Warrior Pose
  • Tree Pose
  • Upward Dog

What movements/poses I never knew:

  • Warrior Pose (there’s 3)
  • Chair Pose
  • Happy Baby Pose (that’s an interesting one!!)
  • Cow face Pose
  • Eagle Pose
  • Fire Log pose

There are so many more that I learned that can’t remember! I found an online source, called Yoga Journal, to help with the poses and keep my mind fresh for the next time. 

Some shots from yesterday…

It really was fun and was so happy that my friends were able to join in! I really learned how much I need to work on mobility and how it can benefit me during this health/fitness journey.  I can’t wait to get to the studio to do it again! Right now, I’m just waiting for DOMS to set in!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

What kind of fun did YOU have this weekend??

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!โค๏ธ


Hey There!ย 

Thanks for hanging around during my drought from blogging!  It’s been hectic juggling two ACTIVE kids in two different schools!   I will admit that it is challenging, but I am trying to make it all fit.  

About 2 weeks ago, I was challenged a friend of mine to participate in a 22 day challenge of push ups! Why in GOD’S name would you do that?? This brings awareness to the fact that “on average 22 veterans committ suicide every day”. EVERY.DAY. You can find more information and how to do your part at

I’m just doing my part to help raise awareness. It’s small…but I feel good about it.  The idea is to challenge other friends to join in, but I’ve run out of people that I KNOW will do it.   I lose friends in the FASTEST way!๐Ÿ˜‚ 

I am on Day 14 and I have challenged myself to get through the 22 push ups UNBROKEN! I don’t know if I will make it, although I am currently at 17, I’m going to try my hardest to get there! 

โ€‹โ€‹I laughed because my Dad said something funny (to me) to my oldest about the belch he heard! The belch wasn’t funny, but my father’s response to it cracked me up! Teenage boys…..

I did the challenge after my run yesterday…. ….and finally was able to run with Leslie before we had to put our Mommy hats back on! We haven’t run together in about a month! I was so excited to get this itty bitty run in!! 

The weather has been a little cooler in the early evening, so the runs don’t feel so awful!  I got 2.5 miles in on Monday and it was epic! #thanksFALL

This weekend, I plan one more run and to get back on track with my 22 minute Hard Corp DVD. <—-More on this later!

Thanks for sticking around and reading!โค๏ธ

What have you been up to since we last saw each other? 


On this early Saturday morning, I went for a run.  A 5k…in Lakeland (FL)…around Lake Hollingsworth. Yep, it’s Watermelon Series time, y’all!  Truth be told, it’s the third in the series. I missed the first in the series because I had a triathlon in Clermont (FL) that same day! The second in the series…yeah, missed that too because I had to take J to camp at Duke University. So, #3, I was excited to see/run…considering I paid for the series!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

My friend, Leslie and her son Donald, also ran.  I’ve missed seeing Leslie because of both of our summer schedules!  It was great to catch up!!!

The run began at 7 am and it wasn’t as hot as it usually can be this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, it was hot, just a lot more tolerable! 

I was running at a good, slow pace for this run.  I haven’t run in 3 weeks and I wasn’t expecting a decent time.  I just wanted the kick in the butt- “I hate my time”- “I suck!” time so I can get back on it! I know once school starts, I will be back on a regular schedule.  This is the only reason I’m excited for school to start!!๐Ÿ˜‚

I finished and didn’t die! 

It was a good run, but I can do better. I WILL do better next one! My time wasn’t stellar (actually quite slow for me) but what did I honestly expect for a 3 week hiatus??? I feel like I’ve had this conversation with myself (and you all) for some time!! Hope you aren’t bored with it! But the point of doing his blog is to show that I’m a real person…with a real career, real family, and real wishes.  Like most things, it’s about balancing all of these real things!  I’m still, after all these years, still trying to figure it out!  Stick with me guys…..I’m working on it!

The Watermelon Runners!!!

C’mon #4….I’ll be waiting and ready for you!!!!

That’s Me, AGAIN!

I literally saw myself in the mirror changing after a run…”WHOA, what was that there??was my first thought.  My second? “How did I let this happen..AGAIN??”  Somewhere along the time-space continuum (ie kids school, kids activities…),my diet   SUFFERED.  I made ok choices and started back to some old habits and behaviors. You know…thinking I could out exercise a blah diet.  I was so proud of myself and had done so well around March and keep going strong.  My body was changing (for the better) and I was happy with what I was seeing.  Clothes fit better…I had more energy…I didn’t obsess about my weight.  Then, something happened, but the sad part is…it wasn’t anything specific! It just.CREPTED.BACK!  Back on it…as I say!

Yesterday, I was able to run with Leslie and my other friend, Tracy (fellow Mom, fellow runner/triathlete, all around FUN gal). 

 We “only” got in 1.6ish but again…in this FL heat…I’ll take it! 

SN: I’m secretly (or maybe not SO secretly) trying to get fellow parents from our kiddos school together for a group to run.  I got Tracy with us…and I’m recruiting more!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today, was my first day back at CF in a MONTH!! Ugh! I’m ashamed….  It was a nice easy one to get back to:

  • 30 DU/90 SU*
  • 10 slam ball squats 25#
  • 5 slam ball S2OH 25#
  • 10 slam ball Russian twists

It was 15 min AMRAP and I completed 6 rounds.  I was pleased considering…

Diet has been in point this week.  I am going to bed earlier, drinking more water, and snacking on the good stuff.  I’m back at the gym, getting more running and genuinely pleased that it has been easy to transition back to what worked for me before.  I will keep this in mind as I keep moving.. 

 This is what I looked like just 2 years ago with my WOD partner, Katelyn. (LOVE that girl!!!).  I work hard and I’m going to work HARDER to get back. My WOD partner looks AH-mazing now (she didn’t look back before!).  Her muscle are INSANE!! I’m coming back to you, muscles!! SN: I used to think I looked AWFUL then.  What I would give to look awful like that NOW!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  My life….! #now #butNOTforlong

Summer Running 2k15

You KNOW you sang it…..just like you did last with last year’s post!!๐Ÿ˜‰ Yesterday started off the Watermelon 5k Series in Lakeland (FL).  I do the race series every summer to keep me running over the summer and to check in terms of my “training”. You know…when you THINK you are doing good and then you race and see that your AREN’T doing enough? ๐Ÿ˜‰ #checkYOURSELF

Prior to most races, I go to Fitniche and buy myself something new.  I don’t have to convince myself it’s a BAD thing to buy prior to a race!! This time, I decided on..

I’ve always wanted to try these socks.  Up to now, cheap Walmart socks have been my go to brand.  I felt like a REAL runner having purchased and using these babies!  They were lightweight and they didn’t feel as tight on my feet as my current ones.  

I usually use a baseball cap to race in, but I’ve been wanting to try.. 

a visor.  They always looks so good others, so why not.  Again…felt like a real runner even MORE.  

Leaving my house early in the morning to get to Lakeland (it’s about a 30 minute drive), I was excited! This event draws in a lot of local and out of town runners.  I think this one had OVER 1000 folks! Not bad for a small town that I can’t wait to move to….SOME DAY! 

 Lake Hollingsworth in the WEE morning, about 30 minutes prior to race time….


It was a nice, flat course wrong the lake.  I covinced a few friends to join me../ 

Me, Sam (front); Donald(Leslie’s son), Leslie (back)

Our post race smiles….

I wasn’t really happy with my time, but like I said, I like to race to show myself WHAT I need to change in my daily trading or exercise routine.  

  Sorry for the language (if you are easily offended….because I NOT!!๐Ÿ˜‰). But you ALL know….struggle is REAL!!!
How was your Saturday?…I WANT you to be my friend!!

It just hit me…as I was on my way to work…I have figured out the QUICKEST way to get rid of friends! No…no…NO! Don’t get me wrong…I don’t WANT to get rid of my friends!!! But, apparently I can do it without even trying! #theyHATEme

See…I love working out- CrossFit, triathlons, and running! I’m ALWAYS trying to get a friend, MANY friends to do these things with me.

Typical conversation:

Me: “Hey, there’s a race I want to do! Are you interested?”

You: “What is it?”

Me: “It’s a (insert ANY race)”

You: crickets….crickets….crickets…

Me: “Hello?? Hel-LOOOOO??”

Why IS it this? I have a ton of friends that workout (and a ton that don’t) and they all different types of activities. I don’t think that my ideas are THAT bad to join in…..
I just want to have a partner in crime exercise.

I have a few friends that I look up to and want to be running beasts like them! (Terri and Wendy….I’m looking at YOU!!). I have few friends I’ve done races with. (Sam and Megan….looking your way too!). And I’m always trying to recruit some other wannabe/weekend athletes like myself!

So, if you were wondering….you don’t have to UNFRIEND on Facebook, UNFOLLOW on Instagram or Twitter, or UNPIN from your board on Pinterest….just ask them to race! All of a sudden…POOF…your friend just slips away!๐Ÿ˜ข

By the way…you all know this post is in PURE jest, right??๐Ÿ˜‰. I sincerely love ALL of my friends….whether they want to run/race/Tri/CF with me or not! But…it SURE would be nice if they did…HINT HINT….!

How do you get your friends to race with you???

Get it TOGETHER sister…..

It seems like every time I turn around its MONDAY again! Except this time….it’s TUESDAY…and I feel like I have NOTHING to show for it! Well…maybe that load of laundry and still hasn’t been put away! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Since this lady is busy now that basketball season is in…I have found myself again in a dilemma of finding time for me!! I only managed to make it to CF twice last week and not a single, solitary mile was run my me! I’m disappointed because I usually have my s**t together! This week, I’ve been off trying to adjust to my new extracurricular schedule! I WAS doing well getting my running in at 4 am while training for my triathlon, so why haven’t I done the same thing with he same stamina for the past 3 weeks?? I can’t accept this any more!! Whatever I found before, I HAVE to find her/it/them…WHATEVER….to get my ASS back in gear! I’m MAD at myself because this time last year my Saturday runs were 5 to 5 1/2 miles. How do you go from THAT to the bare minimum??? Ugh…..#pathetic

So, last weekend I promised myself that IF I didn’t get to the gym the days I have planned..then I have to pull a Saturday! AND…my friend Leslie’s birthday was last Saturday and she was wanting to have a good workout for her birthday! BONUS!!!! It was good, but hard WOD…

IMG_4695.JPGI like giving WODs their own names (if they don’t have one). I dubbed this one “It’s Leslie’s FAULT”. Because SHE wanted the workout, so it’s only right to blame her, right?? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Man…to look at it…it doesn’t look that bad. Hmpf….don’t believe the hype or the white board! Thus my new CF hashtag..#whiteboardLIES. It seems so appropriate in all of my CF scenarios! Feel free to use it…!
Birthday girl and myself did a good job and we survived!

IMG_4675.JPGExcuse how HORRIBLE I look…I just HATE pictures of myself! ๐Ÿ˜
Leslie got to 5 rounds and I got to 5 and 2/3.
I look forward to when she can make it back to the gym because I miss her like CRAZY!!! I’m so happy that I got to spend her birthday with her!! LOVE that girl….โค๏ธ

The beginning of the WORK week started of pretty good in terms of fitness. I made it to CF and I always LOVE Monday WODs!! I think because it sets the tone for the week….

IMG_4697.JPGThis was NOT one of the OCCASIONS where I felt comes led to say #whiteboardLIES. LORD…was that a hard one!! I was done after that WOD but truly HAPPY that I made it!

Pray that I will continue to ride this wave of “keeping my ASS in gear”!! Pray for me people….!
Today is rest day…so tomorrow I’m back at it!!!

How was your weekend ?
What do YOU do to keep motivated when you are busy??

Rest day….Like it or Not

Oh Friday…how I LOVE thee!! I’ve been looking for you all week! Not like I have anything super exciting planned but it’s a LONG weekend….LABOR DAY WEEKEND, Baby!!!

IMG_4158.JPGHaving Monday off (actual Labor Day) means the WORLD to us working folks/parents! One more day to get stuff done and prepare for the week! The weekends go so fast, that by the time you look up…it’s Monday! #damn

I fully intended to meet my girlfriend, Leslie, for a run around the lake after work.

IMG_2399.JPGWe haven’t seen each other much since she doesn’t come to the gym anymore because of her work schedule AND since the kiddos started school!

I usually take Friday off, but I took full advantage of the idea of:
A. Catching up
B. Getting in an unplanned run
C. Doing something BEFORE I pick up the kids!!

But guess what??? Mother Nature had a different plan. NO, not THAT!!!๐Ÿ˜‰. About an hour before it’s time to leave work….the sky started to become and black…and them it.was.ON!! Rain like NO business came falling out of the sky!! #typicalFLORIDA

It didn’t let up about 1 1/2 hours!! So….NO run!!! #weatherFAIL
I was pissed!!! But I got over it…picked up the kiddos….went home and relaxed!

My plan is to run in the morning, and get myself back on track for possible 10k before the end of the year. I am still in training for my triathlon in October, so this will help!!

So, I thank Mother Nature for the I unscheduled rest day today. I probably needed it more than I would like to admit…..

How was your Friday?
Any plans for Labor Day weekend?

PS….College Football is BACK!! And my Gators are playing tomorrow! Excited isn’t the word….

IMG_4156.JPGGot my NEW lawn flag!!
And we are getting ready to….