It’s SUMMER TIME, folks! You know what that means??? Yeah…work! Work…that’s what it means for me! 😂. But….it also means the yearly Summer Sunrise Watermelon 5k Series around beautiful Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland, FL.  I’ve been doing this series for about 5 or 6 years now.  I LOVE this series because it keeps me motivated to run despite the hot and humid Florida weather.  I’m a FLORIDIAN, people and I can’t STAND the summer heat! But if I don’t sign up for a race, I’ll look for every excuse not to run, only because of the heat!! On the other hand…I HATE wasting money!! So..if I sign up…I’m DOING IT!!!

I always managed to rustle up my friends to run with me! 

They are STILL my friends….I think! 

I love when my “I hate running because it sucks” do so well!!! We had a PR in the group and no stopping too! I celebrated with them and for them because I know how hard they worked! 

I on the other hand, didn’t have a good race.  I had to stop about 2 miles and change because it was hot and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. And I am always disappointed in myself when I do stop….

I felt defeated because I didn’t do well.  But I didn’t let that rain on the parade of my friend’s victories!  I didn’t do well because I really didn’t run in May.  My last race was the 2017 Star Wars Marathon Weekend – The Dark Side.  I ran the 5k

…and the 10k

All of my runs,up to that point, had already been on the calendar.  For some reason, May was missed and therefore nothing was scheduled! I have no one to blame but myself. Now let me be clear, I don’t pity myself because I am able to run.  I’m just disappointed that I didn’t do well. If you’ve been reading for a while you know I need that kick in the ass moment to shock me right back to reality with my running. Watermelon Series, race #1 = my kick in the ASS! 😉

It’s Monday and it’s a new beginning.  I’m ready….I’m recharged…I’m ready to GO!!!

How was your most recent run??


I’m sure that everyone is well into 2016 goals….and I haven’t really set mine! #typicalME

Our recent trip to Charleston for the anniversary (hereherehere, and here) allowed me to catch up on some reading.  One of my favorites to catch up on is Florida Running and Triathlon

 It’s where I DREAM about all of the races I am going to do!😉. The magazine always has some good articles but I going Maria William’s article was written just for me!!  

 “January First. A New Year. A Clean Slate!” Oh…this is me!!  It’s speaks to all the good intentions we have embarking on the new year but how we are bound to set ourselves for failure by not setting goals!! She says to set A,B, and C goals;basically small goals that lead to larger goals. These goals should be realistic and not overwhelming. And most importantly…WRITE THEM DOWN!!

So here’s what I’ve got…

A goal: I’d like to learn to balance my life a little better. Well…that ain’t SMALL!! What I mean, is to stop using excuses as to WHY I can’t exercise.  I seem to have become full of excuses lately,  which in turn causes the lack of activity for the day, which cycles into the obsessing about “Why didn’t you do it?”, and “Aren’t you trying to loose weight?”, and “Jeez, Angie…fill in the blank!“. It’s a viscous cycle and I’m reading to get off this ride! I’m doing a 10k in April and I finally decided to do something different for training. I bought a training plan!  No more excuses now! More on that later…but for today… 

 ….I got a run in.  Won’t focus on that it was “only” 1.5 miles (I HATE when I say that!!).  But I will focus on the fact that I was out there and it was a good run!

B goals: Stop dwelling and camping out in “negative land”. Ugh….where do I start?? This is probably an extension of goal A but I need to write this down because I tend to use bad words about myself. I would NEVER, EVER say the mean/hurtful/obnoxious things to anyone that I love.  So, why do I feel so free with those words in regards to myself! My coach from CF posted something great today on her FB page… 

 If this isn’t the hardest thing to do, I don’t know what is!! But as I have said before…I’m just enjoy the process of getting better and back to where I was before. Period.

C goals: In learning how NOT to be hard on myself, allow that to trickle down to my parenting skills. I could write a post just on my LACK of skills!! 😂😂. I have to learn to breathe and let my kiddos fall and make mistakes!  Cue the helicopter….! I’m hard on my kids, justifiably, but sometimes it’s ok not to be so hard!  

 (OLS picture, but how can you be mad at these faces??). 

These goals are fairly basic and I’m sure I can think of more.   I hope you are getting the idea and are interested in jotting down your goals for the year (if you haven’t already).  Please share them so I can see what you’d like to do this year.  Next post, I plan on writing my race plan for this year. It’s about to get #real!!!

What are your goals for 2016? Please share!

For my Northern peeps (like my sister)…


What’s UP, 2015?!?!?

HELLO 2015!
I figured it was time (now that I and the kids are back to work and school,respectively) to think about and write down my fitness goals for the year. I did a recap of my 2014 goals and I was pretty pleased with what I accomplished. So what do I do now? What goals can I make for this year? Would it be bad if they were very similar to last year??

1. Plan ahead
This goes without saying, but what exactly do I MEAN by this miraculous statement? I PLAN on nailing down races AHEAD of time instead of waiting for the last minute! From a cash flow stand point…it’s cheaper! From a sanity standpoint….it’s on the calendar and now I’m committed! PLUS- I hate wasting money! If I’ve spent it, I’m DOING IT!! 😉

2. Triathlons
Again, I say that as a plural noun. I made it to 2 last year, so I am hoping to get to 3!! And is it too much to ask to get a better time WITH this goal?? I think NOT!!
SN: #2…please see #1.

3. Change up the Running Distance
I made it to a 10k last year, literally 2 1/2 weeks before the year ended, but I did it! And I liked it, and that means more coming for me. I hope to use that as a plural noun, as well.
Oh…and dare I say…dare I think…dare I put this out in the blog UNIVERSE…I think I may try a half marathon this year. I’m still thinking on that….
SN: #3…give a “shout out” to #1.

4. Eat better
I think I have GAINED and LOST the same 12-15 pounds that I have wanted to lose since I turned 40 (almost 3 years ago….😁). It all boils down to my HORRIBLE diet. Well…it’s not THAT horrible, but it could definitely be BETTER!


I am on Day 2 of eating better because I am THINKING better. It ain’t rocket science and really isn’t that hard. I’m going to be honest, because that’s the only way to I will change. I have, in some ways, thought I could always workout a bad diet. And getting older just shoots that theory RIGHT OUT OF THE WATER!!
I hope to CRUSH this goal!! Who’s with me??

4. CrossFit
I don’t think I will be competing any time soon but I want to get stronger. I aiming for a little bit more of a commitment (from myself) at my box.

I hope that I can mange to work towards these goals and succeed. Being a mom and professional can be a recipe for the mishaps…but I am UP for the challenge!

What are your 2015 goals?
How can we support each other on our goals?

PS…made it back to my CF box after the Christmas break! I was so happy to see my gym family.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/383/62083904/files/2015/01/img_5169-0.jpgYou like the name of the WOD??? Yeah…I did that!

Recharge and Re-evaluate for 2015

Seriously….I have been on a 2 week workout hiatus since the beginning of the holidays. I did manage to get a Christmas Eve morning run in, but haven’t again since then. No excuses (because I run when I’m on vacation) but I DID have my beloved family in from Virginia…my sister, BIL, and their “Army” (THEIR words, not MINE 😉): Ray, Jolie, Marc and Baby Gavin.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/383/62083904/files/2014/12/img_5099.jpgAren’t they all so CUTE??❤️
(Source: Monica A. Vignier…aka my sister)

I’ve promised myself that I am back on track after the new year. I honestly didn’t feel bad about the break. I’ve been off from work, got to sleep in, spend time with family and that’s something I don’t get to do very often. Then, that “thing” that happens…you know that self hating voice that tells you what that you suck and you should get your ASS moving….yeah that STILL happens! Time to sit down and recharge and re-evaluate my new goals for 2015. Before I can look forward, I need to look backwards at my previous goals. I set some goals last year on my first blog post. I thought it would be neat to see what my goals were for 2014 and IF I met them (or not)….

1. 10k ✔️
Yep…I did it! By the skin of my teeth..but I did it! Not like I died, but I just barely made the goal of completing one by 2 weeks. I loved it!! If you don’t recall my love for the 10k, check it out.

2. CrossFit Level I Certification 👎
That didn’t happen, but I’m ok with that. I honestly scaled back on my “intensity” after my last competition. I thought that I can always get the certification later (if I still wanted to) and that I didn’t have to do it by said deadline. Long story short…I’m good with failing at this goal.

3. TriahlonS✔️
I’m going to give myself a check because I DID do more than ONE triathlon in the year 2014. I wanted to do three but could only make 2 this season. I’ll take that….

Tomorrow, I am going to sit down and figure out my goals for 2015.

Happy New Year to you!!! I hope that you have a prosperous and FIT 2015!!!!


The long day has ENDED! Another day filled with the extracurricular kiddo stuff to do! Last night, Aidan had class at church for First Communion and Julian had his first basketball game at school.

IMG_4734.JPGMy “superstar”!

Then…both the kiddos had the Rec basketball team practice too! I didn’t get the run in because THANKFULLY Tuesday is my off day!! #happyDANCE

Tonight was ANOTHER long evening. It was Cub Scout night for Aidan and Youth Group for Julian.

Why am I telling you all this?? My PROMISE, that’s why! Not like the #iPROMISE aka LeBron James promise! But I PROMISE myself to get the exercise in…no matter what! That being said…I haven’t been able to get up in the morning (exhausted? laziness? You pick..), so I promised that I would do it in the evening. Sounds crazy, right?? Not any crazier than running at 4 am….
But it gets done and that’s all that matters! I am particularly interested in continuing this pattern because I’ve decided to run a 10k in 4 weeks (or at least that’s my PLAN!!). I need to run…plain and simple.

Monday :
CrossFit WOD was a “station day”…

IMG_4741.JPGDon’t let it fool you…I worked my butt off! When I got home…get on the ‘MILL, girl!!


Rest Day.😃

We came from scouts and kids were winding down and I’m on the DREADmill at 9:15 pm. I can’t tell you how HAPPY I was to have run. I felt I needed to run…to wind down from the day. I didn’t regret one BORING minute of it!

IMG_4739.JPGMy view while on the DREADmill, in the sweet paradise of my garage! 😝

Am I going towards my goal or am I just crazy? I have a few folks that think I am the latter….

Crazy or not….I’ll keep on RUNNING!!

How do you keep your goals?

You betta WORK!!!

In my BEST RuPaul voice…YOU BETTA WORK!!!. I figured it is time for me to start balancing my CrossFit with other exercises. I had a nice conversation with myself. I said “self…..where do you want to go from here??” I have many goals in regards to my fitness…maybe some realistic and maybe some unrealistic. I’m still trying to figure it all out. I am already back to running (Thank GOD) and I’m eyeing a sprint triathlon in June.
Trying to balance it all…work, parenting, being a decent spouse, is very challenging. But “Put me in Coach!!”…I up for the challenge!!

I asked one of our lovely trainers about incorporating some more strength training, maybe alternating some WODs with some traditional strength training. I need to continue to work on my cardio for endurance- for running, for CrossFit and for triathlons. This is what she came up with…

20140421-224147.jpgohhhhh, you want to get better shape, huh? You want to be stronger, eh?
Beware of what you ask for, Angie!!
Oh…and there was a strength WOD of front squats!!!

20140422-071717.jpgSQUATS????? wahhhhhhhhh!!
Again…be careful what you ask for,ANGIE!!!

It’s all good…it’s going to help me get to my goal…to be the best ME I’m setting our to be!!! I set goals for 2014 and I need to get moving!!!

How are you with your goals?
Have you had to have a “come to self ” moment yet??


We were asked to write our 2014 fitness goals at CrossFit right before the holiday.  It was so cute – we wrote them on a Christmas ornament and we decorated the tree with them.  Of course being the (wanna be) crafty person that I am…I totally wrote mine all fancy (or at least I TRIED!!!).  Well, there is something about writing your goals, then verbalizing them publicly.  It’s out there in the universe, so now you have to do something with that information.  So I was thinking…maybe that’s how some of the blogs I love to read started, right??  Why not start doing the same thing myself??? I figured what a GREAT way to hold myself accountable than PUBLICLY putting my goals out into the universe of CYBER space. Nothing scarier than that, huh??

So…here are my goals for 2014 (in no particular order):

  1. Do a 10k.  I’ve been “stuck” in 5k-land and I figured there isn’t any other way to break free unless I do it.  I haven’t officially signed up for anything….but it’s coming.  I am already at 5 miles for my long runs on the weekend and to be honest…I am LOVING the longer distance.  I don’t ever think that I will ever be enough of a stud to anything more than 10k, but…never say never, right???

2.  Complete Level I CrossFit Certification.  I have been CrossFit-ing almost 4 years, with the last 2 years being more of a commitment.  I figured I have learned a lot from CrossFit, I love all there is to working out, so why not??   What better way to combine the love for working out with my gift of gab then becoming certified and work on teaching??

3.  Triathlons.  I say “TriathlonS” because I have only managed to accomplish one per year since my first Sprint Tri in 2010.  I missed last year because of injury and I missed this year because…well….BECAUSE!  Life just got in the way and I couldn’t swing the timing for training!  NOT gonna happen in 2014.  I wrote down to do THREE in ’14!  Am I crazy?!?!?!?! Yep….

4. CrossFit Competition.  Well…..that’s coming really soon!  Like…JANUARY soon.  I signed up for a local competition a 2 day competition, none the less!!  What is so scary about this?? My first competition was a TEAM competition with my workout buddy.  Loved being a part of a team where we could push each other.  This time…INDIVIDUAL!!  OH.MAW.GAWD!!!  I am absolutely accountable for myself…having to find that inner strength to continue to push on through.

On the white board, next to the WOD (Workout of the Day) was a quote about goals… “46% of goals are kept if people write them down.  78% are achieved once they are told to another person”.  Is this true?  Is there some study that proves it? HELL…I don’t know.. but it sure SOUNDS good!!!   I’ve been back and forth about blogging…who’d be interested in what I have to say???  But today…I got the kick in the pants I needed.  My goals have been set and VERBALIZED in the most open forum that exists today…. the INTERNET!!!

So here’s to goals….here’s to KEEPING those said goals…and here’s to healthy and Happy New Year!!