I haven’t done a RunGAB post is a while.  I honestly don’t know why I stopped (or forgot!!). Let’s try it again!

If we were running today, I’d tell you….

….my oldest son, Julian graduated from 8th grade!

I know it’s not as big of a deal as High School graduation, but it’s still a celebration of the ending of Middle School. I survived….and now I am totally stressing about what the next chapter will bring!

….I am extremely happy to be back at CrossFit!!! It’s a full month since I’ve been back.  I’m am no where near my strength before but I can already tell a difference in my body.  Today’s WOD called for 75 WBS, 50 knee raises (modified from toes to bar), 50 WBS, and 25 knee raises (same modified move) in a 15min time cap. I managed to be 23 WBS into the second round of 50, when time was called. I’m getting there…

…..the d**m scale will be the death of me!! If you remember, Hubs and I are in the midst of a challenge.  I stepped on the scale and although I have lost inches, I have not lost any pounds! But as frustrating as that is, I’m keeping my eyes on the prize!! Wish me luck…

I WISH it said that!!!😂

…..I am participating in Runner’s World RW Run Streak. 

No, I’m not running naked! 😝. Just pledging to run at least a mile every day from May 3oth until July 4th.  I’ve tried (and failed) before, but I am going to stay at it this year! I’m bound on keeping summertime a time to KEEP running. And….it’s….my second triathlon of the season is on Saturday. Excited? Yes! Nervous? Yes! I signed up for Central Florida Triathlon Series in Clermont, FL. I’m nervous because of the darn bike course and those damn hills! Ugh…

By the way, June 1st is….

Hope you got to get out there and run!!!

Great conversation on this Wednesday! Thanks for chatting!! ❤️

Ever heard of Haymarket, VA? (Part 2)

….On to day 2 in beautiful Haymarket! It was still a VERY rainy day but I was with my family, so I really didn’t notice too much! 😃

Day 2 came with a nice surprise because I was able to see my ONLY niece graduate from Pre-K. She’s our “rose amongst the thorns”…you know…the ONLY girl in her immediate family (she has 3 brothers) and the ONLY girl of all the cousins (I have 2 boys to add to the mix!).

20140615-092501-33901402.jpgOur “rose” with my mom, dubbed “Grandma Sunshine”

It wasn’t that long ago that Aidan was graduating! Hell…it feels like yesterday that Julian graduated from Pre-K! It does seem like time flies…..

Still didn’t get to run because of the weather. My sister thinks I’m nuts because I’m on vacation and workout. I HAVE to do something so I may enjoy the food and DRINKS that I will partake in! #sorrynotSORRY
Am I crazy? Yes
Am I a tad bit unstable? Why…YES! But I am comfortable in my insanity! It works for me!😉

Last day in Haymarket tomorrow…..

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there! I am very blessed to have a wonderful Dad

20140615-165720-61040279.jpg Dad and I at Texas de Brazil (Tampa,FL)

…and a wonderful husband who is a wonderful father to our sons…


20140615-165953-61193352.jpgThank you for all of your love and for showing our young men how to be GREAT men.❤️😘