…and in the morning, there will be DONKEYS!!!!


That was my weekend sign! I started off my 5k season with a run sponsored by my gym. This was first for me in a few ways…..

1. This park in Lakeland, FL is in the midst of a booming city. It is a little wilderness with beautiful trees, woods…and of course BUGS! But besides the bugs, it is also primarily used for Cross Country races, both the 3k and 5k distances. I have NEVER run a XC course….and let’s just say I NEVER will again!! Last week, I think, I wrote a post about my shin-y shin shins. Well…..they are WORSE! They are so sore and tender to touch. I ran yesterday and stopped a little bit after 2 miles, because I couldn’t push through. I.WAS.PISSED!!!!

The Rock Tape didn’t stand a chance in the wilderness!!!! I spent the first mile trying to NOT fall….into the soft sand, in the wet (from the morning dew) grass, and in nature’s little holes. It felt like an obstacle course. I didn’t know this going into the race, but then, HAD I known, I might not have done it.

2. This was a race to benefit an Equine Rescue Center. I was very happy to participate….and then I saw they had animals at the event! Yay!!! One problem….HIGHLY allergic to horse dander! Itchy eyes, runny nose , bronchospasms…the works! But…there weren’t any horses,but there was a DONKEY! I’ve never seen one up close and personal other than a zoo or the movie “Shrek”. So…I took a picture

Me and my HAIRY ASS. Ain’t we cute???


Then there’s the TWO asses and the donkey!!!

Pretty neat, huh? I chalked this off to a learning experience..just like when I did that mud run the “Warrior Dash”. I found out afterwards, albeit it fun, that I really don’t NEED to do another race like that again. That definitely gets crossed off the bucket list!!!

Any race or event that you’ve done that you WOULDN’T do again???

©2014 Angie