Hump Day

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week…it’s all downhill from here! I’m in race prep mode and this is my third week back at the gym.

I started the week with a little run on the DREADmill…

This is the “set up” that I had for my run.  I dislike the DREADmill but sometimes it’s all I have! I found a wasp in my garage and I was trying to stay out of its way. In doing that…yeah…I slipped and fell off the DREADmill. Best part?? This isn’t the first time I’ve done this!!  And where is a phone to record when you need it?? 😂. I was YouTube ready….
Monday, I went to the gym for my start of the week a** kicking. I’m on week #3 towards my way back.


Bench Press (5×3) @70-80% 1RM – 95#


4 rounds for time

7 power cleans 65#

14 bar facing burpees

21 WBS 10# ball

*22 min time cap (I made it!!)

Tuesday, I went for it again! Nothing like torture 2 days in a row!

Strength: Push Jerk 6×2 AHAP – 90#


100ft lunges

40 push ups

100ft lunges

30 push ups

100ft lunges

20 push ups

100ft lunges

10 push ups


Why did it take so long, Angie??  I’m slow! ( I kid…I KID!).  Truly, I’m on call and I was paged right after the the first round of push ups. Of course!!!  But,it’s  kinda my job…so I had to take it. Bonus? I did pick a good cough medicine for a patient! 😂

Today…aka Hump Day…aka My favorite day of the week…is a REST Day!  However, do you know what else is today??  It’s May 4th and….

May the 4th be with you! 😂

Get it??

Hump Day!!!

Today means “my favorite day of the week”….Hump Day!!! (Minus the annoying camel running around the office asking “what’s today??”). I love Wednesdays because it’s all down hill from here!!
A long day work deserves a really good workout?!!

I shall dub his “Hump Day WOD”
I’m exhausted, even while writing this…I’m dozing! So, I’m out…

Let’s see what Thursday holds for me….

©2014 Angie