Simple Things

Every time I drop my son off at his day camp during the summer, I LOVE to see the sun reflecting off of the lake.

Lake Ariana- Auburndale, FL

Beautiful, isn’t it??  This image prompted my post this morning.  It’s the simple things….the things that make you happy, the things that ground you….these simple things that seem to make it better and put it all in perspective.  They don’t always have to be a person or something tangible, but often times they are.  Of course, finding and appreciating the simplicity in life doesn’t negate the happiness I find from family and friends! My CUP runeth OVER!   
The “BUSYness” of life tends to cloud our thoughts and make us forget about the little things.  We tend to miss them because of distractions.   As a mother, I KNOW that I don’t do enough to appreciate the simple things my kids do/say/sing/create that make me BEAM with joy!  


 My morning picture challenges me to FIND the joy and CHOOSE to ENjoy the simple things…maybe in my surroundings, in my quiet times and moments, in myself (including the successes and failures) and in my faith.  

I think I might add a “Simple Things” comment at the end of my post (every now and then) to remind myself (and hopefully y’all too) to search and continue to seek out those simple things!

Tell me some of yours!

Running = JOY

No CrossFit for me today. A lot of members are competing this weekend, so gym was CLOSED. But it’s all good, because there is always….ALWAYS the DREADmill! So, I squeezed in a quickie before dinner. I wasn’t killing any records, but it made me happy to run!

20140626-214620-78380824.jpgI did a little with Wayne today. #excellent #partyON
That was fun!

Since coming off the hiatus and getting (slowly) back to running, I feel like I am falling in love all over again!! I have a new feeling for running; because you never really know HOW much you miss something until someone/something tells you “you can’t”!!! I found my joy of running hadn’t faded.

I try not to focus in the number. You know…”time”, “PRs”, “paces”. I just try to FEEL when I run- patience, healing, prayer,happiness,love….

I like having that back!!!

Rest day tomorrow because I’m going to run a 5K on Saturday.
SN: my butt STILL hasn’t swam yet! My race is 3 weeks away! You think I should….??😉
There is always next week!

How was your day?
Where did YOU find your joy today?