Hey THERE….again!!!

Long time…No see, guys!! Life has been so busy since school started for the kiddos, that my lack of blogging was in high gear! My last post was about 4 months (or more) ago, btw! Did you miss me?? ๐Ÿ˜‚. What really reminded me about my blogging (or lack there of) was a reminder that showed up on Facebook today about a post from last year, to the day! Take a walk with me….. J in his Freshman year of high school and not making the basketball team! The heartbreak this Mom had for her son with his second major blow in 2 years (fractured shoulder= loss of a season; being cut = ANOTHER loss of a season!) Ugh….

Enter Sophomore year…and tryouts are here once again! 3 days of tryouts with some of the same coaches from last year. Double Ugh…..

#AssasinsCreed over here was pumped and ready for the tryouts…while Mom over here was just plain scared of what the outcome was going to be. He has been working and training so HARD since last year! He wanted to prove to his fellow players (current and previous) that he has talent and CAN play. He wanted to prove and show the coaching staff that he has grown as a player and has been “studying” the game. However, most importantly…he wanted and NEEDED to squash the doubt he had in himself and prove that he deserved to be there!

On the last day of tryouts, I was nervous as s**t! I๏ธ just couldn’t bear for my kiddo having his heart broken yet again! Pull up to the school, he gets in the car,and….

Mom….your son made the team!

It was like he won a National Championship! His self esteem took a beating last year and probably affected him more than any of us wanted to admit. To say that he was beaming at that moment is an understatement! It honestly was nice to see him feel good about himself again and not let self doubt take over. What made this “victory” even sweeter…the coach that sadly (and in disbelief) had to cut him the previous year, spoke to both the Varsity and JV teams. He said that there was a young man that didn’t make the team last year and definitely and without a doubt made the team this year. He said he was proud of how much he has grown as a player and most importantly how much he stuck with it, even stayed with the Varsity team as a Team Manager, and didn’t let any of the disappointment from last year get him down. Who was he talking about?? MY KID!!!! Everyone else had to wait (sadly) before the end of the evening regarding their status. When he told me, I๏ธ didn’t know what to say….was actually kind of speechless (that’s a FIRST!๐Ÿ˜‚). Most parents know the pure joy of watching their children do and excel in something they love! You all can add me to that list now……

Excited to share this joy with you, J! Can’t wait to see you doing YOU! #GoHAWKS #wheresmyteamshirt

So glad to be back!! Share some good news with me!!! โค๏ธ

PS….if you notice the lack of the lower or upper case ๐Ÿ‘ ‘s in my post….it’s not my fault! ๐Ÿ˜‚. iPhone is working on that upgrade! #getonITplease

The First Day…

My summer as I know it is officially OVER! How do I know that??  Because my kiddos started back to school today!! Super excited and craving the normal routine again! NOT super excited to argue, fuss and fight about missing to write HW in the agendas, forgetting books/notebooks, crumpled papers in the backpacks, FOOD in the backpacks…I could go ON  forever! Ugh…..

This is Julian’s LAST first of school at St. Joseph Catholic School. He’s going into 8th grade, that means ….GASP…high school in T-minus one school year!

   He’s finally smiling because he got his braces off last week! Flash that 5k smile, love!! (No…not the run 5k but as is 5k like 5 GRAND!!!). 
Aidan is going into the 3rd grade at SJCS.  And in true fashion, he starts  the school year in HIS way…. 

   All I can people is PRAY for his teachers!!๐Ÿ˜‚
  They had a GREAT day!
I was able to squeeze a little run in before picking them up and hearing all about their day! It was a very HOT Florida day…my breathing was off and so it was a challenge to get this little run done. 

 SN: the school is celebrating its 60th Anniversary.  I was representing and sporting the colors!  I truly hope I didn’t embarrass them….because I was SLOW! ๐Ÿ˜‰

All in all…it was an EXCELLENT  first day!

Have your kiddos started back to school? 

How was their first day?

Busy Mom = Running HIATUS

I took a little break from running last week. NOT because I wanted to, but because the kiddos had many activities that week and I couldn’t find time to get it in. I think that’s one of the rules of successful running is to remember to incorporate rest into your plan….I just don’t think they meant a whole WEEK!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Basketball season is in full swing which meant saying “GOODBYE” to my lovely Saturday morning runs. It means “HELLO” to Saturday afternoon runs! I really don’t like running in the afternoon. Why?

1. The day is already started and my laziness is already on full OVERDRIVE. There is always something that has to be done…laundry, cleaning, football, basketball….you name it.

2. Let’s face it…it’s FLORIDA! And it’s HOT! This time of year it’s a little cooler but it’s not like our friends up north!

3. It’s harder to “convince” myself to get it done in the afternoon. (Refer back to #1). This is why I dressed in my running gear at the boy’s games, so when we got home, off I went!!

But Julian and Aidan LOVE basketball and how can you say NO to these faces???

IMG_4893.JPG๐Ÿ€Go Wizards and Celtics!!!๐Ÿ€

I ran 3 miles yesterday. This is part of the prep for Saturday’s 10k. I wasn’t in love with my pace (I am about 1:30 minutes SLOWER than I am accustomed to) but the reality is that I don’t have the time to devote and dedicate to getting faster right now. That was HARD to write and put out in the universe. I don’t like to think that I don’t have the time, but the boys have needs and their needs are important. These are the sacrifices we make as parents. I am able to keep a fairly consistent pace, so I should be “ok” for the upcoming race.

IMG_4899.JPGMy MANTRA that I try to remember and live by.

This week I hope to have a few days for running. Nothing crazy because I don’t want to hurt myself before the 10k on Saturday. I can only get to the gym twice this week because of basketball and Scouts this week.

Bring it on, MONDAY….

What’s your exercise this week look like?


The long day has ENDED! Another day filled with the extracurricular kiddo stuff to do! Last night, Aidan had class at church for First Communion and Julian had his first basketball game at school.

IMG_4734.JPGMy “superstar”!

Then…both the kiddos had the Rec basketball team practice too! I didn’t get the run in because THANKFULLY Tuesday is my off day!! #happyDANCE

Tonight was ANOTHER long evening. It was Cub Scout night for Aidan and Youth Group for Julian.

Why am I telling you all this?? My PROMISE, that’s why! Not like the #iPROMISE aka LeBron James promise! But I PROMISE myself to get the exercise in…no matter what! That being said…I haven’t been able to get up in the morning (exhausted? laziness? You pick..), so I promised that I would do it in the evening. Sounds crazy, right?? Not any crazier than running at 4 am….
But it gets done and that’s all that matters! I am particularly interested in continuing this pattern because I’ve decided to run a 10k in 4 weeks (or at least that’s my PLAN!!). I need to run…plain and simple.

Monday :
CrossFit WOD was a “station day”…

IMG_4741.JPGDon’t let it fool you…I worked my butt off! When I got home…get on the ‘MILL, girl!!


Rest Day.๐Ÿ˜ƒ

We came from scouts and kids were winding down and I’m on the DREADmill at 9:15 pm. I can’t tell you how HAPPY I was to have run. I felt I needed to run…to wind down from the day. I didn’t regret one BORING minute of it!

IMG_4739.JPGMy view while on the DREADmill, in the sweet paradise of my garage! ๐Ÿ˜

Am I going towards my goal or am I just crazy? I have a few folks that think I am the latter….

Crazy or not….I’ll keep on RUNNING!!

How do you keep your goals?


….I did it! I survived the first week of school! I have a…

IMG_4030.JPG7th grader!!!

…and a

IMG_4029.JPG2nd grader!!!

Summer went by so fast! I looked up and it was time to buy school supplies!! I CRAVE the schedule because of the routine…I just don’t like all of the WORK THAT comes with it!! The HW…the room parent responsibility ( I have “GUILTY MOM” Syndrome…I’m incapable of saying no to the school!)…the after school activities…EVERYTHING!! This is probably where the “MISHAPS” in the 3M blog title comes from….๐Ÿ˜‰
Organization….UGH! I’m still working on that….but I get better every year!

Theeeeeeen…there is the working out! This week I managed to get to CF ONE time!! I couldn’t go on one day because of orientations. The third day I planned to go…I got half way to work and drum roll PLEASE…..left my bag at HOME!! #seriously
C’mon, Angie!! The fourth day, Julian had church responsibilities after school. Let the MISHAPS begin…..

Selfish Mom Alert…..
I just want to make sure that I have time to squeeze in my workouts and my runs! I feel like such a slacker for basically doing nothing this week! I have to get back in track because I have a 5k next weekend. I’ve also convinced myself that I’m a triathlete and registered for another Tri in October!

IMG_4034.PNG Lycra and Lace Triathlon.
It’s for the LADIES only! Cool! I’ve never done an all ladies race…#kindaSTOKED. I have to schedule ME, find the ME, remember ME in the “Mom,Miles,and Mishaps”….
Ok….Selfish time is OVER! Thanks for letting me vent….๐Ÿ˜‰

Back on it next week….

How was your week??


This week has been one of those “BLAH” weeks. I only made it to CrossFit 2 times and ran once. J’s school activities had me on a tailspin this week!! His schedule IS my schedule!!! Here lies the problem, for me at least…….I go into this psycho mode, this thought process of feeling guilty and blaming myself for only making it to the gym a few times in a week. Or blame myself for only running a certain amount of days or miles. Why do I do this to myself??? Why do ANY of us do this????. I wish I had that one simple answer, but here’s what I think……

I think it’s because I’m a creature of habit. Working out is my stress relief and I HONESTLY look forward to it! I love the feeling of busting my ass in a WOD or having a great run. When I don’t get to have any of those feelings, I’m not a happy camper !!! But, today, I’m in full blown mental warfare because I won’t go today (SN: I have to look for a new car…NOT happy!!!) or Saturday. I’m already beating myself up, as I’m writing this, that I won’t make it over the next two days.

I think because I am in such a routine, I tend to feel OFF balance when my it is changed. I sit down with my schedule at the beginning of each week and try to see where I am/ what has to be done. Working full time and being a parent really throws you OFF balance. I’m trying to maintain my sanity by balancing everything! Sometimes…it just doesn’t work like I planned in my head. But what I really need to work on is my response to my “imbalance”. Is it REALLY necessary to get that upset when you don’t make your workout? Why can’t I just view it as a necessary day off and go with it??? Is the world going to cave in because I didn’t get to run???

I am always under construction; constantly working on ways to improve myself mentally AND physically. I am understanding in life that there is a message in everything, and I guess my message today is about BALANCE. Balance is something we probably all need to learn,understand, and maintain.


1. a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc.
2. something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.
3. mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgement

Learn to balance, girl!!!

ยฉ2014 Angie