You SPIN me ’round

To quote the Dead or Alive song (you know you sang it’s!!!!), I did something this weekend that I haven’t done in a LOOOOOONG time.  SPIN CLASS!  The last time I took a spin class (or spun 😂), I was preggo with Aidan. He’s 8, by the way…. Since going back to the gym, I decided to take full advantage of the classes I like.  I’m not a “woo hoo” kinda gal that takes Zumba and classes like that. (Although I did take Reebok Step Aerobics back in the day😝).  I felt weird in group classes…like I’m not supposed to be    there.  When I discovered spinning about 15 years ago, my “fear” of group classes went away.  I had so much fun!!

I was excited to see LA Fitness had Spin on the schedule, so let’s do it!! My last gym you had to get there INSANELY early to get a “number” and get a spot to get a good bike.  It was torture…but an expected torture if you wanted to spin.  I expected the same at this gym, but not the case.  Therefore I was there 35 minutes ahead of the class!  What do I do now? Treadmill!!  I squeaked in a quick 2 miles before the class. 

9:10: Time for class!  

 This room was HUGE!!  

 There must have been 50 bikes!!  The class was small…only about 10 folks where there.  The instructor was great…she had great music…and I remembered why I enjoyed spinning again!! 

 A quick selfie during a sprint….!

Julian finished his basketball workout (our gym has a full court) and he joined me for a little bit. 

 He turned too quickly!! 

I burned 500 calories!! Can you believe it??  It was great…and my butt is sore! 😂😂

I’ll be back….

Is there any exercise/activity that you haven’t done in a while that you miss and want to do again??

Oh no I didn’t….!

Today I had to say goodbye to my beloved CrossFit box, CrossFit UFPC.  Why??? My kiddos schedule just doesn’t allow me to get to the 5:30 class, 3-4 times a week like I used to.  Julian has pre-season/off season basketball skills training 2 days per week and strength training 1-2 days a week.  Aidan just started back with Cub Scouts once a week.  This leaves me…empty handed! 😂. No…seriously…I can get in a little bit before pick up and that’s the reality.  Like today… 

 Then…a bright star, in the shape of a great idea, showed up!!  I have a LA Fitness less than 5 minutes from my house!!!  Now…I’m not going to lie…I felt all sad and embarrassed that I had to join a “gym” to get my workouts on!! I’ve been doing CF for    almost 6 years and sometimes the CF culture doesn’t embrace the “globo gyms” culture (or at least that’s what it seemed to me). How was I back at a “regular” gym after doing CF for so long?? #snob. I need the strength, I jumped ship and landed at a petty cool place. 

Julian can play ball while I workout…and he’s all too happy about that!  

 I snapped him playing a pick up game with some high school players.   #basketballHEAVEN

 My view from the mat…

I figured I’ve done enough CF to do it on my own.  I can go back and repeat some old WODs or find new ones on Pinterest.  Interested?  Take a look at my Pinterest board.  

Today’s WOD, you ask? 

 50 pounds for squats ( I did back squats) and 30 pounds for the KB swings.  WOD completed in 7:28.  I lay here tying the post and my legs are SORE!!!  Not bad for a Monday …

I’ll keep you posted of all the fun things I get to do at the gym.  Trust me…there is MUCH more!!  I hope to drop in and do some CF sometime 

How was your Monday?

Don’t forget those prayers for tomorrow at noon! #runDISNEY