Hey THERE….again!!!

Long time…No see, guys!! Life has been so busy since school started for the kiddos, that my lack of blogging was in high gear! My last post was about 4 months (or more) ago, btw! Did you miss me?? πŸ˜‚. What really reminded me about my blogging (or lack there of) was a reminder that showed up on Facebook today about a post from last year, to the day! Take a walk with me….. J in his Freshman year of high school and not making the basketball team! The heartbreak this Mom had for her son with his second major blow in 2 years (fractured shoulder= loss of a season; being cut = ANOTHER loss of a season!) Ugh….

Enter Sophomore year…and tryouts are here once again! 3 days of tryouts with some of the same coaches from last year. Double Ugh…..

#AssasinsCreed over here was pumped and ready for the tryouts…while Mom over here was just plain scared of what the outcome was going to be. He has been working and training so HARD since last year! He wanted to prove to his fellow players (current and previous) that he has talent and CAN play. He wanted to prove and show the coaching staff that he has grown as a player and has been “studying” the game. However, most importantly…he wanted and NEEDED to squash the doubt he had in himself and prove that he deserved to be there!

On the last day of tryouts, I was nervous as s**t! I️ just couldn’t bear for my kiddo having his heart broken yet again! Pull up to the school, he gets in the car,and….

Mom….your son made the team!

It was like he won a National Championship! His self esteem took a beating last year and probably affected him more than any of us wanted to admit. To say that he was beaming at that moment is an understatement! It honestly was nice to see him feel good about himself again and not let self doubt take over. What made this “victory” even sweeter…the coach that sadly (and in disbelief) had to cut him the previous year, spoke to both the Varsity and JV teams. He said that there was a young man that didn’t make the team last year and definitely and without a doubt made the team this year. He said he was proud of how much he has grown as a player and most importantly how much he stuck with it, even stayed with the Varsity team as a Team Manager, and didn’t let any of the disappointment from last year get him down. Who was he talking about?? MY KID!!!! Everyone else had to wait (sadly) before the end of the evening regarding their status. When he told me, I️ didn’t know what to say….was actually kind of speechless (that’s a FIRST!πŸ˜‚). Most parents know the pure joy of watching their children do and excel in something they love! You all can add me to that list now……

Excited to share this joy with you, J! Can’t wait to see you doing YOU! #GoHAWKS #wheresmyteamshirt

So glad to be back!! Share some good news with me!!! ❀️

PS….if you notice the lack of the lower or upper case πŸ‘ ‘s in my post….it’s not my fault! πŸ˜‚. iPhone is working on that upgrade! #getonITplease


It’s SUMMER TIME, folks! You know what that means??? Yeah…work! Work…that’s what it means for me! πŸ˜‚. But….it also means the yearly Summer Sunrise Watermelon 5k Series around beautiful Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland, FL.  I’ve been doing this series for about 5 or 6 years now.  I LOVE this series because it keeps me motivated to run despite the hot and humid Florida weather.  I’m a FLORIDIAN, people and I can’t STAND the summer heat! But if I don’t sign up for a race, I’ll look for every excuse not to run, only because of the heat!! On the other hand…I HATE wasting money!! So..if I sign up…I’m DOING IT!!!

I always managed to rustle up my friends to run with me! 

They are STILL my friends….I think! 

I love when my “I hate running because it sucks” do so well!!! We had a PR in the group and no stopping too! I celebrated with them and for them because I know how hard they worked! 

I on the other hand, didn’t have a good race.  I had to stop about 2 miles and change because it was hot and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. And I am always disappointed in myself when I do stop….

I felt defeated because I didn’t do well.  But I didn’t let that rain on the parade of my friend’s victories!  I didn’t do well because I really didn’t run in May.  My last race was the 2017 Star Wars Marathon Weekend – The Dark Side.  I ran the 5k

…and the 10k

All of my runs,up to that point, had already been on the calendar.  For some reason, May was missed and therefore nothing was scheduled! I have no one to blame but myself. Now let me be clear, I don’t pity myself because I am able to run.  I’m just disappointed that I didn’t do well. If you’ve been reading for a while you know I need that kick in the ass moment to shock me right back to reality with my running. Watermelon Series, race #1 = my kick in the ASS! πŸ˜‰

It’s Monday and it’s a new beginning.  I’m ready….I’m recharged…I’m ready to GO!!!

How was your most recent run??


Happy New Year!! At what point do you stop saying that?? I mean….I haven’t seen you guys since “last year”, so it’s only appropriate that I greet you this way, correct? This blog hiatus was not on purpose (I know you weren’t DYING to know what I was up to!)….life just got in the way!! But I miss blogging and slowly moving my way back to regular posting! 

I forgot my Blogiversary during my hiatus! 3 years has gone pretty fast since I started this little venture.  

I realize now that just being me, (I think) is what people relate to and keeps you guys coming back to read. I hope that I am also inspiring some of you to know that you CAN do it…with all that life throws at you!! I strive for this every.damn.day!!! 

What have I been up to??

In my endless pursuit of weight loss, I started changing my eating habits with Hubs. He started a diet plan called Shake it Off.  (***DISCLAIMER: No compensation was received for this post. These are my own opinions regarding this plan.). Essentially….proteins, low and correct carb selections, lots of veggies, no sugars, no ALCOHOL (wahhhhh!!)..you get the idea.  He has a plan different than mine because right now, he’s not working out because he has a lot of weight to lose.  I wanted to support his weight loss and to help make the transition smoother for him.  This is the first time Hubs has been serious about his weight and how it can potentially worsen his health in the future. His “why now?” was he was tired of being overweight.  He made a committment to lose it and keep it off!

 My “plan” is just a few things that I have cut out and continuing to work out. 

What have I removed?

  • Sugars
  • Alcohol
  • Awful snacks (oh…Tortilla chips, how I have missed THEE!)

What have I added/changed?

  • More veggies
  • Eating every 3-4 hours
  • More water
  • Less snacking 
  • Learning how to substitute items in meals (HELLOOOO…cauliflower rice!)

As of today, Hubs has lost 60 pounds! We had to clean out his side of the closet because his clothes looked RIDICULOUS on him! πŸ˜‚


Now…I’ve always thought (and STILL think) he’s handsome! I just think it is even more handsome that he’s taking care of himself…all by himself!! He will be at his goal by March.

I have lost 12 pounds as of last week. I weigh tomorrow, so I’ll see! I have 8 more to go….πŸ™πŸ™

This morning was my first race of 2017……around beautiful Lake Hollingswoth in Lakeland,FL.  This race was a 5k hosted by Run4One, to raise awareness about human trafficking.   I did this race last year- another great race for an GREATER cause.  My friend, Katelyn and her BF, joined me for this race. They CRUSHED it!! I had a PR at this race at 30:05.  I would have been sub-30 this race, but I felt like my tank was emptying towards the end. I should have/could have pushed on through….but I am happy at the prospect of sub-30 again! I’m coming for you next time!!! 

Thanks for staying and coming back on my mishap adventures! Thanks for celebrating the busyness of motherhood. Thanks for watching my miles getting bigger, faster and making me stronger!! 

How has your Saturday been?

Oh…it’s basketball season!! We are watching a crap load on this house!! My Gators lost today to Vandy😒😒.

But some others are pretty happy about an up coming game tonight..It’s Hubs versus Julian! Who’s gonna win??? 

Something New

I am all about trying some new stuff, so this weekend I tried YOGA! A local Lakeland yoga studio, The Balance Culture held a free yoga session outside at Florida Southern College.  Saturday was a beautiful day here in the Sunshine State! I love when the weather changes!

Nothing but CLEAR skies, today!!!

Some of Lake Hollingsworth

Our AWESOME instructor!

The Balance Culture is a ladies studies that offers yoga, Pilates, Barre and HIIT classes!  I’ve never been in the studio but I have wanted to try yoga with them!  They do these free yoga sessions frequently, so I jumped at the chance!!  There were many ladies out there and I loved that it was a mix of ladies: different ages, some or no experience,  even a few gents showed up! 

I dragged two of my friends with me:

Leslie (L); Me; Leandra (R)

We all needed this morning out! #busyMOMS

I’m not going to lie, but I was apprehensive about taking this class.  Mobility (and therefore flexibility) are not my strong point. I don’t dedicate enough time, before or after activity! #myfault. I’ve done yoga tape before when I did P90x about 6 years ago. But…it was 90 minutes and I was bored out of mind! So much so, on those days that yoga showed up on the schedule, I skipped it! Yoga and I didn’t start off well….but I was willing to try again!

The class was about an hour and I learned some new poses and reconnected with some old ones! 

What movements/poses I knew before:

  • Downward Dog
  • Warrior Pose
  • Tree Pose
  • Upward Dog

What movements/poses I never knew:

  • Warrior Pose (there’s 3)
  • Chair Pose
  • Happy Baby Pose (that’s an interesting one!!)
  • Cow face Pose
  • Eagle Pose
  • Fire Log pose

There are so many more that I learned that can’t remember! I found an online source, called Yoga Journal, to help with the poses and keep my mind fresh for the next time. 

Some shots from yesterday…

It really was fun and was so happy that my friends were able to join in! I really learned how much I need to work on mobility and how it can benefit me during this health/fitness journey.  I can’t wait to get to the studio to do it again! Right now, I’m just waiting for DOMS to set in!! πŸ˜‚

What kind of fun did YOU have this weekend??

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!❀️


On this early Saturday morning, I went for a run.  A 5k…in Lakeland (FL)…around Lake Hollingsworth. Yep, it’s Watermelon Series time, y’all!  Truth be told, it’s the third in the series. I missed the first in the series because I had a triathlon in Clermont (FL) that same day! The second in the series…yeah, missed that too because I had to take J to camp at Duke University. So, #3, I was excited to see/run…considering I paid for the series!! πŸ˜‚

My friend, Leslie and her son Donald, also ran.  I’ve missed seeing Leslie because of both of our summer schedules!  It was great to catch up!!!

The run began at 7 am and it wasn’t as hot as it usually can be this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, it was hot, just a lot more tolerable! 

I was running at a good, slow pace for this run.  I haven’t run in 3 weeks and I wasn’t expecting a decent time.  I just wanted the kick in the butt- “I hate my time”- “I suck!” time so I can get back on it! I know once school starts, I will be back on a regular schedule.  This is the only reason I’m excited for school to start!!πŸ˜‚

I finished and didn’t die! 

It was a good run, but I can do better. I WILL do better next one! My time wasn’t stellar (actually quite slow for me) but what did I honestly expect for a 3 week hiatus??? I feel like I’ve had this conversation with myself (and you all) for some time!! Hope you aren’t bored with it! But the point of doing his blog is to show that I’m a real person…with a real career, real family, and real wishes.  Like most things, it’s about balancing all of these real things!  I’m still, after all these years, still trying to figure it out!  Stick with me guys…..I’m working on it!

The Watermelon Runners!!!

C’mon #4….I’ll be waiting and ready for you!!!!

End of the Series…

Yesterday was the last in the Watermelon Series in Lakeland.  It’s a 5k series over the summer that helps to keep you motivated to run.  This summer has been INCREDIBLY hot and it was HARD to stay motivated this year.  This year, I missed the middle two races – I was out of town for one and I had a triathlon for the other (which by the way was CANCELLED at the last minute!), so I was really looking forward to this race.  

It felt incredibly good to run! I just ran for the sheer enjoyment of it.  I’ve been very frustrated lately with myself- my body (as a result of my diet), my running, and my lack of gym/CrossFit time.  I promised myself that I wasn’t going to let all of these self doubting thoughts get me down and make me loose site of my goals.  I just want to be a successful RECREATIONAL athlete.  Success measured by MY goals and mine alone.  So…

  • If I don’t PR for my race, just celebrate the run and be PROUD that you finished!
  • Baby steps towards my goal! Remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a DAY”
  • When in doubt…just keep going!!

  Donald (Leslie’s son), Leslie, and Me! We look so happy, don’t we??? πŸ˜‰. I am extremely proud of Leslie because I coaxed her into this series and even though I missed two of them, she continued on!  My running buddy is STRONG and I hope she knows how AWESOME I think she is!!❀️

Until next year….. 


    Summer Running 2k15

    You KNOW you sang it…..just like you did last with last year’s post!!πŸ˜‰ Yesterday started off the Watermelon 5k Series in Lakeland (FL).  I do the race series every summer to keep me running over the summer and to check in terms of my “training”. You know…when you THINK you are doing good and then you race and see that your AREN’T doing enough? πŸ˜‰ #checkYOURSELF

    Prior to most races, I go to Fitniche and buy myself something new.  I don’t have to convince myself it’s a BAD thing to buy prior to a race!! This time, I decided on..

    I’ve always wanted to try these socks.  Up to now, cheap Walmart socks have been my go to brand.  I felt like a REAL runner having purchased and using these babies!  They were lightweight and they didn’t feel as tight on my feet as my current ones.  

    I usually use a baseball cap to race in, but I’ve been wanting to try.. 

    a visor.  They always looks so good others, so why not.  Again…felt like a real runner even MORE.  

    Leaving my house early in the morning to get to Lakeland (it’s about a 30 minute drive), I was excited! This event draws in a lot of local and out of town runners.  I think this one had OVER 1000 folks! Not bad for a small town that I can’t wait to move to….SOME DAY! 

     Lake Hollingsworth in the WEE morning, about 30 minutes prior to race time….


    It was a nice, flat course wrong the lake.  I covinced a few friends to join me../ 

    Me, Sam (front); Donald(Leslie’s son), Leslie (back)

    Our post race smiles….

    I wasn’t really happy with my time, but like I said, I like to race to show myself WHAT I need to change in my daily trading or exercise routine.  

      Sorry for the language (if you are easily offended….because I NOT!!πŸ˜‰). But you ALL know….struggle is REAL!!!
    How was your Saturday?

    Summer Running #3

    Before I sat on my butt and watched the CrossFit Games…I had the third in the Summer Watermelon 5k Series on Saturday morning. My running buddy, Julian, was back from basketball camp! I sure did miss my “baby” for the 4 days he was gone! 😒

    The run was held again in beautiful Lakeland, Florida around the picturesque Lake Hollingsworth.

    20140728-174820-64100790.jpgSunrise on the lake before the run.

    The race started at 7 am before the HORRIBLE Florida heat kicks in! This race was also special because my Dad came to watch. I usually don’t invite/ask anyone to come watch me race, even my parents! I’m embarrassed! Always have been…always will be!

    20140728-175140-64300953.jpgMy “baby” Julian

    20140728-175141-64301300.jpgMe and my girl, Salt! πŸ˜‰

    It was a great run and I shaved another 20 seconds off my time. I’m getting there! As soon as I get under 30 minutes again, which hopefully will be next race (and 20 seconds off), I won’t know what to do with myself!! Cartwheels, handstands, back flips…I don’t know…πŸŽ‰PARTYπŸŽ‰

    I bought a new singlet for the race from Fitniche. LOVE it!!

    20140728-175901-64741367.jpgMaybe it brought me good luck! But then I found that my FAVORITE running hat is falling apart…

    20140728-175944-64784352.jpgWhat’s a girl to do?? This Nike hat has been with me for 5 years!! You think if someone from Nike sees this and feels sorry for me, they’ll send me a new one?? PUH-LEEZE?????πŸ˜ƒ
    Well…I’m running in it until it falls completely apart!!

    Did you do any races this weekend?

    Summer Running #2

    Today was the second in the Watermelon Series in Lakeland, FL. It is a great flat course around beautiful Lake Hollingsworth.



    My running buddy, Julian, has been away at camp in Georgia (he comes home tonight!! YAY!!!!). Despite that disappointment, I got to run with my girl, Katelyn (she’s the “Salt” to my “Pepa”)

    20140628-234509-85509459.jpgGet it?? Salt ‘n’ Pepa?? The rap group? “Ahhh…Push it”?? Well…that’s what we called each other! #teamsaltandpepa
    I haven’t seen Salt in a while because her and I don’t go to the same CF
    Box anymore. 😒 We still talk but we don’t get to WOD together any more! Miss her like crazy!!
    She HATES running, so I was so proud of her and how much better her running has improved! We’ll see each other at the next race.

    This race had close to 1000 runners and it seems to grow every race!


    20140628-235054-85854103.jpgIt’s always fun to be out there early in the morning. All different types out there getting their fitness ON!

    20140628-235315-85995726.jpgLook…a watermelon skirt!!!

    20140628-235411-86051548.jpgThey had a lot of fun signs like these but I couldn’t snap many pictures this time! #fail

    It was a better race for me because I cut over 1 minute off my time from the last run a few weeks ago. Shins?? Felt AWESOME! It was a great run….

    20140628-235921-86361738.jpgThe aftermath….

    Rest today tomorrow and get to catch up with my baby on his adventures at camp!

    What did you do today?

    Summer Running

    …had me a BLAST! Summer running, happened so FAST (well..not really). In case you didn’t catch that…that’s a little play in “Summer Lovin'” from Grease! You hear it…you hear it NOW??? πŸ˜‰

    The summer always starts for me when schools OUT and the Watermelon Series begins! It’s a great way to keep motivated to run in this sweltering Florida heat! πŸ˜“. This is a 4 series race..2 in June, 1 in July, and 1 in August. BONUS?? Only 30 bucks for the WHOLE SERIES! #SWEET

    It is a flat course, around beautiful Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland, FL.


    It starts at 7 am before Florida decides to be hot!! I had my trusty running bud with me, #1 (aka Julian)

    He’s finally done with final exams (6th grade FINALS…can you believe it??) and school is out. He hasn’t run since his last 5k last month. I am coming back from shin splint hiatus, so THIS is my first 5k in TWO months!! Nervous?? Only because I thought my shin splints were going to come back.

    And we are off…

    20140607-093456-34496442.jpg After a break…a girl can dream, can’t she??


    20140607-093939-34779225.jpg Me…thinking that I’m dying!!

    20140607-094457-35097690.jpgI love this shirt.. “Mom’s Gone Running” (sorry it’s so blurry!)

    20140607-094652-35212597.jpgRun Like a Mother! #hellYEAH

    All in all, I survived. The head game that I’m playing with myself, about my time, is in FULL swing! I’m trying NOT to listen….

    Our after sweat glow!
    I’m so proud of this kid of mine!!

    Off to do my ab challenge, Day 7.


    Have a great weekend!

    What did you do to start off your weekend? Any races??