She’s got LEGS….

Today was a day that will live on in my mind for DAYS to come. Oh…my aching legs!!

20140507-223014.jpgI was STOKED because I actually tried and made it through the ENTIRE WOD doing the OHS! Not only that but I did them at 65 pounds! I’m not going to lie….but that’s a first for me!! #happyDANCE

You’ve read a thousand times how legs are my fear, but today I think I conquered it fairly well! Kinda proud of myself…..

So if see me walking by, and a tear is in my eye…look away….(sorry I couldn’t resist the lyrics from the song “Look Away” from the group Chicago.) because I am going to be waking like something is WRONG.

What was your workout like today?

PS…OHS meaning again? Overhead Head Squats

Wheelchair PLEASE!!!

Again with the old adage “Be careful what you wish for…“. I asked for legs…BABY, I got it!!

20140428-223842.jpgDid I mention it was 4 ROUNDS!!! Holy legs, Batman!! As you probably know, I won’t feel it in the morning, but as the day progresses…I’m gonna PAY for it. That’s whatcha call “DOMS” or Delated Onset Muscle Soreness. Usually doesn’t hit until anywhere between 2 -3 days after the exercise. So…no later than Wednesday…I will be in a wheelchair!

20140428-223818.jpgOh boy….That’s me!!! #skerred

My shins held out on the box step ups. I lowered the height of the box from my norm. I usually use a 20″ and I downgraded to a 16″ for today, and maybe for a bit,while I heal. Ugh……

Since “Shin-gate”, I am strongly fighting the urge to feel (and to verbalize) like such a wimp! But quickly, I put myself in check because they’re many people would might love “just” using a 16″ box! I need to learn that my pity party has to stay inside of me (and/or on my blog 😉). That’s another self defeating attitude that I am working on! One of the MANY things that has to change, as all that negativity, just beings me down. br />

How was your day?

How was your workout today?

Have you experienced DOMS after a hard workout? Was it as bad as you thought it would be??