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Here is my latest post from my sister’s blog!

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there! We are all thankful for you! I am especially thankful for my dad, Ray…

…and my Hubs, Miguel

Thank you for being the men that my “men” need!! ❤️

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!❤️

What I’m Diggin’….

Another Monday?? I feel like time is moving TOO fast because school starts in T-minus 4 WEEKS!!!! What the HELL happened to the Summer?? How am I already BUYING school supplies??? 

Ok…the vent is over!! On to more fun stuff😉.  Here’s what I’m diggin’ lately….

1. Kashi granola bars 

 Hubby loves these and I normally buy them at Costco.  I tried them (out of pure desperation) because they aren’t selling the SMART bars at this time. 😢. Man….wish I NEVER did! This bar literally hits all of the tastes/senses….dark chocolate (your “sweet”), almonds and Kashi (your “crunch”), and the sea salt (your “salt”).  The coconut is in there some how, but I can’t figure out if it’s in with the “crunch” or the “sweet “.  Whatever….it’s a combo that SERIOUSLY works! It was so good, I called hubby at work (we NEVER speak during the work day because we are both busy) and told him to “watch out because I’m eating his bars!!”

2. Snappea Crisps  

 What do I say??? Again….hubby is to blame on this one too!!!  I’m a SNACKER, it’s a known fact. But I am also trying to be more aware of what I snack on!  Hubby knows I love his snap peas with salt,pepper, and garlic powder right out of the bag! So, he knew I’d love these, too!  Bonus…the were a BOGO!!!!

 The crunch of a chip but WAY healthier!! The specs??? For a 1oz serving: 

  • 120 calories 
  • 6g fat
  • 16g carbs (3g of fiber)
  • 5g protein
  • 85mg sodium 
  • Gluten free (for those who are conscious)
  • NON GMO (per the website)!!

Not bad….I still see some ingredients that I’m not aware of. (What the hell is silicon dioxide and ascorbyl palmitate going to do to me???). And why NOT just munch on the real thing,you ask? Good question! I plan to…but these will kill time for me until hubs prepares them!! 😉

3. Reececliff Diner 

 I went with a friend of mine not to long ago, while our kiddos were at basketball camp.  It’s a family diner in  Lakeland, FL.  I’d never heard of it but was all to willing to try it out!  

 I love those kind of places that make you feel like THEIR home is YOUR home! We were there about 11:30am, thinking we might have missed breakfast, but they serve it all day! #bonus.  This was great news because I still wanted breakfast and she was ready for lunch!  

 My friend had the club sandwich with REAL sliced turkey and the works!! I had my breakfast FAVORITE pancakes with REAL blueberries!!!!  Looks good,right???  If you are in Lakeland and are looking for a nice place to eat with a nice environment…THIS is your place!  

 How can you RESIST a place like this?? They still believe in Santa!!!!

4. Ann Taylor LOFT – I have been CRAZY addicted to this place!!! They have a sale online literally every day!!! 

 I coped this skirt and necklace for total of $30!!! #whattheWHAT. If you follow me on IG, you’ll see some of the other items I’ve bought on sale from there!! I just got these navy blue pants today online…..

 Originally priced at $59.50 (HELL NO!!!!!), marked down to $44.99 (KEEP going!!!), now 60% off for $18 (MUCH better!!).  I am my mother’s child as I have become older and I REFUSE to pay full price for most things. (Athletic apparel doesn’t fit into that equation…sorry!  I’ll pay full price for that!!). 

5. My Polar M400 

 This watch FINALLY gives me everything I want…a GPS, a heart rate monitor, a timer, a pacer, a monitor of my activity and sleep!! It’s endless!! Remember my FitBit died last year and I was confused with what to get next! I was always leaning towards the Garmin, but I didn’t want to take another mortgage one house to get it!! These are all the settings I have programmed in the watch….

My favorite??? 

 It’s time to move your ass, Angie!!!😉

I’ve had this watch for about a month and change.  I’m still learning ALL the things it can do, but I’m DIGGIN’ it!!! 

There you have it…all I’m diggin’ lately. Hope you liked it!!

What are you DIGGIN’????

Oh…I almost forgot my Monday funny for you….. The struggle is REAL, peeps! REAL!!!  #droppedtheMIKE