Let the MADNESS begin….

You KNOW what time it is???   

That’s RIGHT….It’s March Madness, baby! This is the biggest time of year for NCAA Men’s and Basketball.  The teams have been selected, the brackets have been filled and it’s GAME ON!!! We are a basketball family-

  • Dad being the one that stared it all for us, sharing his love with my sister and I at a very early age. His “Not NOW….the game is ON” approach taught my sister and I to 1) be quiet while in the room AND 2) learn the game of basketball. 
  • The boys both play- my oldest on his travel team and the little one finished a season in the Upward league .Julian “The Observer”Aidan “I mean business because I have my headband on”
  • My BIL played college ball at Michigan.  He’s our resident EXPERT!🏀

So you see??? We are surrounded and FORTUNATE!  

This year, hubby decided he wanted to be a part of the action. No…not play! But be at a game during the Madness. He’s been a fan of basketball since Julian started playing but has really gone to the “dark side” when we watched the upset of Georgetown by Florida Gulf Coast University, 2 years ago.  That unbelievable loss has had my hubby hooked ever since!  He bought tickets for Season 2 in Jacksonville.  He surprised my dad with a ticket,too.  In all my dad’s years, he hasn’t ever seen a live March Madness game. After Selection Sunday, we found out that my dad was going to see his all time FAVORITE NCAA team- The University of North Carolina Tarheels. #giddykid

There view of the game in Jax….

My view….from the couch! #boo

It’s exciting!! Just when you think you KNOW who’s going to win…SURPRISE!!!! 

Hope you get to enjoy some of the tournament! And I get to enjoy some of Julian’s tournament action this weekend too! #basketballMOM 

Do you like this time of year?

March Madness

This weekend went by FAST!! I swear it feels like I don’t get things done like I want to. To top it off…It’s MARCH! When did that happen??

My shins are finally feeling ready to run again! Remember my shoes where FINITO…done…over!! I did find a new pair finally. She’ll make her debut tomorrow…stay tuned!

March is a busy month…

1. My oldest is going to be 13!!!! When did THAT happen?? When did I become old enough to be a parent of a TEENAGER??? Pray for me…
Better yet…pray for him!

2. St. Patrick’s Day
I’m not even any where CLOSE to being Irish….but it is my favorite holiday! Blessed enough to have been to Ireland twice, I have adopted them (unbeknownst to them) as my second country!
This day is like my Christmas!! I’ll keep you posted!

3. Ash Wednesday
Every year, I give up ANY form of chips during the Lenten season. This truly a sacrifice for me! This year, it couldn’t come at a better time because my weight and my diet need a recharge…and FAST!!

4. March Madness
As mentioned before, we ❤️ some NCAA basketball! This is that time of year when those brackets are gonna be more important than anything!
Just in case you forgot…


These are just a few in March I thought about mentioning. Keep you posted as more things come about….

PS…I tried my hand at cake pops today. I HATE to cook but I LOVE to bake!

Dark chocolate with Bailey’s with cream cheese frosting. Getting ready for St. Patty’s Day!

Have a great week!!!

©2014 Angie