Memorial Day…Day 1

We are back in town and back to the normalcy of life. Hubby snuck us away to Orlando this weekend

20140527-212504-77104753.jpgAwww…my guys walking in!!!

We spent most of the day Saturday at the park. Universal has done it again, keeping everyone in a family happy.

We found another JULIAN!

Waiting for the Minions from Despicable Me

20140527-212715-77235318.jpgAidan HAMMING it up…as usual

After hanging with the Minions, we went to Springfield and hung out with….🎶The Simmmmm-sons 🎶



The ride was a 3D ride that was funny and cool! While in Springfield, we ate at….

20140527-214043-78043307.jpgYou know Moe’s??? No..not THAT Moe’s!! Where Homer and his guys hang out, talk MUCH s**t and drink some beers…

20140527-214233-78153008.jpg…and I had some and it was GOOD!
Then there’s always the ….

20140527-214334-78214638.jpg“My name is Moe…this is a flaming name is Moe…” (Had to have seen that episode!!)

The other rides, you ask? We went on Transformers (kicked a**!!), Shrek 4D (still LOVE that green ogre), The Mummy (Hubby and Julian went because Aidan wasn’t tall enough…he only needed a smidgen!!) and my kids favorites…Men in Black.

My suggestion if you ever venture to Universal, DO get the Express Pass!!!. It’s worth EVERY penny! Hardly any lines and wait time is very short! Bonus…you can use it as much as you’d like to! #awesome

Whew…what a day! And I think I have posted the “short” version. 😉

Day 2…tomorrow!

Oh…first post Memorial Day WOD?

20140527-220426-79466166.jpgTomorrow…I’m sure gonna feel it!!

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

Until tomorrow, my pretties!


20140524-190006.jpg…and this my friends is how you start your Memorial Day weekend off! We are headed out of town (really just “up the street” to Orlando) for this weekend. I always plan to do SOMETHING workout related when away, but you never know. The Sandman might make me…FORCE me to sleep in! 😉

Hubby surprised us by taking us away this holiday weekend. I was secretly wanting to go away because…truth be told….one word…MURPH!!! This is an amazing WOD to participate in during the Memorial Day weekend. Lt. Michael Murphy was a Navy Seal that was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005. Like many soldier who have died in action, CrossFit helps to honor them by naming a WOD for them.

1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
1 mile run

My time last year was 73:21. Not bad for Rx and I was in shape! I am just coming off the “injured list” and I knew I wouldn’t do well. Although this WOD, like the many named for soldiers, represents the hard work..the struggle….the intensity of these fine men. This year…I really don’t feel worthy!

Next year it is, Murph! I can’t honor you correctly by kicking a** in your WOD, but I will remind others to…THANK YOU for service!!

PS…if you don’t know the movie “Lone Survivor” is the story about Lt. Murphy and 3 other Navy Seals in Afghanistan.