Miami Weekend 2k16

This weekend involved a little trip to Miami for…you guessed it…BASKETBALL.  Hubs being the eternal ‘Canes fan, this is the second year we made the trip to a game.  Remember last year?  This year, the Hurricanes were taking on the Louisville Cardinals  

 Being a Gator, I was a neutral fan (but definitely not pulling for Louisville because I’m from Florida). My kiddos were happy too….  

   …with that little sneaky kid throwing up that “U”!! #whatevs

We had a great time and anytime you get to show your kids a college campus…DO IT!  It shows them where hard work will lead them #ohthePLACESyouwillGO

We stayed downtown at the Hampton Inn Brickell  

 ….which is always nice!!  I feel all fancy when I stay here!! The rooms are spacious and amenities are just what you’d expect in The 305-top notch! 

Next door, is one of our favorite restaurants, Batch Gastropub.   We ate here last year,too! We don’t branch out much, do we??? 😂

 All the pub fare you love can be found here! We didn’t want to eat very heavy, so we opted for the Pork Belly Sliders with pickled cucumbers and Korean BBQ 

 …and in the back?? Truffle cheese fries-truffle salt, asiago cheese and rosemary. #inLOVE

SN: Ok…totally off the subject here, but  can I just say that I love this contraption in the restroom?? 

 Seriously…I don’t have to waste paper touching the door handle after washing my hands!  Use your foot under the lever and it opens the door.  I’ve never seen this before, but I believe every restroom should have this!!

We had a great weekend 

 …but now it’s back to it!!

Today is a rest day because of basketball practice for little man and scheduling Jr. Big Man Physical therapy and all he needs to get back on the court!

Tomorrow is another day…

How’s your week going to shape out? 

Miami Weekend

Last weekend, our basketball family made a trip to MIAMI to watch The University of Miami Hurricanes (my hubby’s FAVORITE team) take on The University of North Carolina Tar Heels. 

My kids are ALL ABOUT Marcus Paige from UNC, so you know who they were rooting for!

I got their “Carolina Blue” hats before we left home. Look how HAPPY they are!!! I was just happy they weren’t sporting UM apparel! (Sorry, Hun!!😉)

This is for Miguel and for my Mom, a UM Alum! (There…my good deed for today!!😉)

Since my older son is playing travel ball, it was good for him to see it in REAL time. To see how hard you have to work to get to the next level…..

I miss Miami, for one reason….well…actually TWO reasons-

1. I miss my friends that remained in the area! I don’t get home very often but I wish that I could catch up with them all!!!

2. I miss the FOOD! Being in a multicultural, big city, one can only imagine the variety of food!!!

We stayed on Brickell Avenue while in Miami…part of the downtown area. 

Do you remember this building from the opening credits for “Miami Vice”?? (Cue theme music…….). I’ve always loved this building…and couldn’t tell you what the HELL is in it…but I love looking at it!

Miguel found a cool restaurant for us to try next to our hotel called Batch Gastropub.  

What is a Gastropub,you ask? “A pub that specializes in serving high quality food” says I’ve seen it on Food Network like a GAZILLION times and have been anxious to try a place like this. That hubby of mine sure does listen to my nonsense because WHAT a surprise!! 

Batch specializes in using quality ingredients from Florida and around the world.

You see Cigar City? That’s right here in the Tampa Bay Area. 😃

The atmosphere was amazing, a place we loved and we could take our kiddos. 

I mean how could NOT love a restaurant that has THIS at a table! 

…….Or THIS! #helloGORGEOUS

Our food was EXCELLENT 

I had Quinoa risotto with peppers,onions,a little corn and asparagus. (First picture)

Miguel had a rib eye steak with grouper. It was actually the cheeks of the fish and apparently the best part of the fish. 

Aidan had the “Mac Attack” which is gnocchi with Gruyere cheese. You can add any toppings! He choose……BACON!!! (Second picture)

Julian had a burger that could probably feed a Third World country! (Last picture) 

Then there was….DESSERT!!!

Mudpie (left), Cast iron cookie with ice cream (right), and Red Velvet brownie with cream cheese frosting (front).

LORD, have mercy because EVERYTHING was good! If you are in Miami, make it a point to go to this restaurant!

Upon my arrival at home, I immediately Googled “Gastropub in Tampa”. I didn’t have much luck! So I’ll will keep searching until I can eat like this again!

It was a great weekend…..