I was away…..

….But just for a minute! I feel like I’ve been away FOREVER!! I guess a few days in BLOGland is like forever. My weekend was jammed packed and I looked up…MONDAY!!

Julian had his first basketball practice at his school on Saturday. He’s in 7th grade and that means….VARSITY! (Btw…his school is K-8, so 7th and 8th graders are on the Varsity team 😉).
While he was in practice, I took advantage of the time and went for a run….

IMG_4418.JPG. The weather was perfect for a morning run around Lake Silver in Winter Haven, FL.

IMG_4433.JPG. I couldn’t squeak out a little more to make 3 miles. My energy was zapped…. #ohwell
Aidan was able to spend the afternoon with my mom, so that was nice so could clean my house watch the Gators STOMP on Tennessee!! Go Gators!!

Sunday brought even more beautiful Fall weather. It was 60 degrees here at home. I love this time of year…it’s conducive to excellent running!!


I’m looking at an exhausting week…and it ain’t for me!! ⚠️MISHAPS ALERT ⚠️

Tuesday: First Communion classes for Aidan; camp meeting for Julian

Wednesday: CUB SCOUTS.

IMG_4396.JPGYep…Aidan has a meeting for the first three Wednesday’s of the month. Guess who gets to go….?😉

Thursday: Julian and Miguel leave for Georgia for Opening Day for Youth a Deer Hunting Season. Father and son trips are the best….can’t wait till Father and SONS trip!!!😉

I’m finding it difficult to to balance it all, particularly keeping up with this blog. But, I’m gonna make it work….I’m Mom, Miles,and Mishaps! I am the personification of that title!! And because I am….I can make it work!!

How was your day?
What does the upcoming week look like for you?

PS….just an FYI…

IMG_4424.JPGIt’s PA Day/Week! Our profession started out with a day (October 6th) and has graduated to a week! Show some love for your PA today! I’m PROUD and BLESSED to be a PA…to have a career that I love and can grow with! ❤️

Herein lies the “Mishaps”…

I have “Mishaps” in the title of this blog. I’m sure you’ve probably figured out WHY I have it…..😉

I’ve done it again….added another thing to my list of THINGS TO DO!

IMG_4306.JPGYep….that’s right! You read it correctly. CUB SCOUTS!! For those that are not familiar, Cub Scouts is an amazing organization for elementary boys (Grade 1-5). This is an environment for boys to learn it ALL….

IMG_4260.JPG…and this guy gets to be that boy! Aidan BEGGED me, pleaded with me to go to the meeting this evening. The kid is good because he’s been working in me for about 2 weeks when it first came home from school. How can you say no to that face???❤️

Well…herein lies the mishaps…I have now committed myself to three Wednesdays a month for meetings….2 Den meetings (all second graders) and 1 Pack meeting (all of the Dens). WHAT was I thinking?? I did the same with my oldest…only difference…I was the leader!!!! “Fool me once, shame on you….fool me twice, shame on ME”. Yep….didn’t sign up to be a leader this time! #whew

So….I will continue to try and balance my work life, squeezing in my own work out goals, and my children’s extra curricular activities.

I have a challenge ahead of me! The “Mom” in me will make it happen, I will continue to drive and run the “Miles” necessary to make the “Mishaps” not so mishap-y!

IMG_4307.JPGWe Moms CAN DO IT!!!❤️


….I did it! I survived the first week of school! I have a…

IMG_4030.JPG7th grader!!!

…and a

IMG_4029.JPG2nd grader!!!

Summer went by so fast! I looked up and it was time to buy school supplies!! I CRAVE the schedule because of the routine…I just don’t like all of the WORK THAT comes with it!! The HW…the room parent responsibility ( I have “GUILTY MOM” Syndrome…I’m incapable of saying no to the school!)…the after school activities…EVERYTHING!! This is probably where the “MISHAPS” in the 3M blog title comes from….😉
Organization….UGH! I’m still working on that….but I get better every year!

Theeeeeeen…there is the working out! This week I managed to get to CF ONE time!! I couldn’t go on one day because of orientations. The third day I planned to go…I got half way to work and drum roll PLEASE…..left my bag at HOME!! #seriously
C’mon, Angie!! The fourth day, Julian had church responsibilities after school. Let the MISHAPS begin…..

Selfish Mom Alert…..
I just want to make sure that I have time to squeeze in my workouts and my runs! I feel like such a slacker for basically doing nothing this week! I have to get back in track because I have a 5k next weekend. I’ve also convinced myself that I’m a triathlete and registered for another Tri in October!

IMG_4034.PNG Lycra and Lace Triathlon.
It’s for the LADIES only! Cool! I’ve never done an all ladies race…#kindaSTOKED. I have to schedule ME, find the ME, remember ME in the “Mom,Miles,and Mishaps”….
Ok….Selfish time is OVER! Thanks for letting me vent….😉

Back on it next week….

How was your week??

Wrap of the Week I

TGImfF…Thank God It’s (mother effin’ ) FRIDAY! I am so glad this week is done! Stick a fork in me because I’m DONE….

Here’s some MISHAPS for this week…

1) Julian decided that a project wasn’t worth MENTIONING to me until 4 days before it was due! Oh…thanks! So who gets to stay up with someone while he works late?? ME!!!

2) I was writing a prescription for a patient, and his name was “Samuel” and as I’m going to write his last name and I IMMEDIATELY wrote “Adams” as is Samuel Adams…the BEER! I died!! Does this mean I have a problem??? 😉😂😁

3) My “Check Engine” light came on in my car…AGAIN! This is going to be a COSTLY mishap!!

Trust me when I say…I’ve got more up my sleeve! I’m here all day….

A glimpse of my week….


Tuesday :


20140509-203903.jpgPS…it was a 20 min AMRAP – I forgot to write that!




I’m thinking Saturday..I might TRY a little run…by little I mean like a MILE. It will probably be a mixed emotion on happiness and sadness….
happiness because I will get to run and sadness because it will only be one mile. But I will remind myself of what I am LUCKY to have and focus on what I DON’T have (right now).
PLEASE pray that my shins hold up and let me complete it! I miss my running!!!

What are your weekend plans?

With Mother’s Day coming up, I saw this funny that EVERY mom should enjoy…

20140509-210606.jpgMOMS ROCK!!!

Why Mishaps???

This was my view this morning, dropping J and A to school. Every morning when I come around this lake I think about how pretty it looks when the sun rises. I was able to (mildly) capture what I see….

Everyone’s morning should start out this beautiful!!

I was thinking this morning about this blog…
It has been fun being a part of this world and I hope I have some part in the fun. When I was trying to figure out a name, I wanted to think of things that screamed “ME”!!! Mom, Miles, and Mishaps (3M as I sometimes call it) seemed like a perfect fit.

As many of you know…I am a “MOM”

20140228-211157.jpg</a to my almost teenager ( in T-minus 10 days to be specific!!)…

..my MVP….

…my new running buddy, “J”.
I also have

…my “camera” shy…

…who most of the time is doing something like this…

…younger son, “A”…


Although not part of the name, I’m also a wife to my love, “M”…


I love running and don’t really consider myself a “runner” (I’m working on that!). My many “MILES” are well documented here, either actual runs..

…CrossFit WODs

…or the “miles” I walk in the shoes of a mother, wife, and Physician Assistant.

But the “MISHAPS” is probably the part you most don’t know about.
Exhibit A:

There is a stretch of I-75 in Florida that run through the Everglades, dubbed “Alligator Alley”. I forgot to get gas, figured I’d get it after a while on the road. Hubby reminded me, as I’m driving PAST the sign for the national park..”you know that this stretch is 100 miles?? You won’t make it…”
Ok…freak.the. EFF. OUT!! I go into panic mode! Who does this stuff?? Oh…me! Fortunately God was in my side, about half way down the stretch…the LAST stop for gas sign showed up!!! Thank YOU!!
Exhibit B:

Only I would do something like this (potentially become stranded in the swamp..and NOT my University of Florida Football Stadium!!) and some how, land on my feet. My mother always said I have nine lives!

I hope to document and share all my (and my family’s) mishaps here on 3M. Hope you enjoy them and laugh a little too!