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Here is my latest post from my sister’s blog!

Plus…a big Happy Birthday to my very fashionable Mom!Isn’t she just the cutest Mom, ever?? Work that Cassie, Mom!!!  You can see where my sister gets her fashion sense from!! 

Hope your holiday weekend is great and thanks for reading!!! ❤️

Who RUNS the World???

Thanks, Queen B for that anthem!  Happy International Women’s Day!  I like a day when we are celebrated…for out likes and dislikes; our opinions and objections; our strength and weaknesses. The beauty of being a woman is the choice  we have to be what we want in this world and how we can make a difference.  There are many women to inspire us with their words, their actions and their convictions. Here’s a few that I like… 

 As cheesy as this may be, she was/is my girl!  She was the first real mainstream female superhero and made all us little girls that we could get respect, be beautiful and kick some serious a**! I wanted to be her…and truth be told…still do!!😂 

  What’s not to love about FLOTUS Michelle Obama. I really don’t care what your politics are, she is an inspiring and intelligent woman. She had a career and a voice before taking on the FLOTUS role.  Her voice and involvement with children’s health today has helped pave the way for changes in our schools and at home.  I am excited to see what she does once out of the official limelight!

  You may not recognize her from this picture because generally what you see is her iconic movie star picture.  I love Audrey Hepburn because of the style and class that she portrayed on the silver screen. But her work and philanthropy outside of tinsel town is what makes her a superstar!!! 
  My sister, Mo is literally amazing. An attorney, a wife and a mom to 4 amazing kiddos that get to call me “Auntie Ang”.  She may feel crazy sometimes (don’t we all??) but she does it with grace and style!   

 Then there’s this lady right here…my mom!  Mother of 2; Grandmother of 6; multiple college degrees and the reason why my sister and I are who we are today. This is a perfect day to celebrate Moms and not only Mother’s Day. ❤️

I could go on and on, but you’d be bored! Make sure you celebrate YOU too!!  

Do you have some strong ladies you like to share about?  


Come and Go….FAST!

Hello Tuesday!  I seem to always say this…but how did it come so FAST???  How do the weekends come and GO??

Last weekend, Aidan had his first basketball tournament.  He was excited to be playing again.  We found a team of (rising) 4th graders that he (as a rising 3rd grader) can play with.   

 He picked the #14 because of Oscar Robinson, a player from waaaaaa-ay back in the day that he likes.  

They played on Friday…and won. They played Saturday morning…and WON! This advanced them to the finals, where they met with another great team.  Sadly, they lost and took 2nd place. But…they’ve only played together for 3 WEEKS!! I’d say -not bad for them!!   

 He’s still learning how to play with older kids and different skills and I’m excited to see what’s to come.  This is towards the end of travel season, so they may get one, if not two, tournaments to play.  #buhBYEweekends

Because I was busy this weekend, I literally did NO exercise, making me feel like a SLOTH! #comeandgoneFAST

Monday, Julian started working on mobility movements with his new trainer, so that pushed any workout for me to the back.  

 It was so late by the time all was said and done, this wall all I could muster the strength to do. BTW…that HBO’s new series “Ballers” with Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock). 😛 LOVE it…check it out.  

Today, Julian wanted to get some shoting practice in, so after work…off to the park (and another Mom workout pushed back!). 

 He also had some mobility HOMEWORK with air squats and mountain climbers. Oh my….. 

All said and done, I hopped on the bike (stationary) that is, and pedaled away. 

 5 miles…but I’ll take it!!!  Biking is my weakness, so I’m always afraid in the tris for this leg of the race.  But, I’m trying! 😁

My weekend theme.. 

Photo: Run,Eat, Repeat (one of my FAV blogs!!)


Let’s hope the rest of the week will be better…

How’s your week shaping up? (TOTALLY wanted that pun,btw!😉)


3 M Recap….

I realized that I’ve covered the “Miles and the Mishaps” of the 3M, but I have to remember to cover the “Mom”
part, too! It’s not like I forget, I just tend to write so much on the workouts and stuff.

This past weekend, Julian had a Halloween party. We couldn’t agree on the costume at Party City..partly because he kept going back to the $50 costume! #ohHELLno. I wasn’t spending that kind of money on a costume for A party!! And…he isn’t going to trick or treat this year because he’ll be out of town.
We were leaving, going down a random aisle…and then…WE.FOUND.IT!! 🎉🎃🎉

Julian has an a wide variety of taste in music, especially for a 13 year old! We collectively decided on the rapper. As in Old School rapper. What’s Old School to a child in the new millennium? Biggie? Diddy? Anyone along those lines???? NOT Julian….


IMG_4592.PNGTHIS is what he’s feeling…LL Cool J!! He was over the MOON when he found this get up. And I was all too happy to photograph his Old School vibes…




IMG_4583.JPGWhat do you think?? I DIED!! It was perfect!! I thought he captured LL to the “T”. #NAILEDit. I also thought he could have passed for RunDMC, too! We adults knew he WHO he was, his friends…”yeah…Julian’s a RAPPER!”.
He was happy, so I was happy too! Halloween Party was a success!!

Aidan had a field trip at school on Friday. He and the rest of the 2nd Grade went to Cracker Country. No….it’s NOTHING like what you think. YES…we do live in Florida (I guess it’s the “South”), so let me ‘splain…
According to the dictionary. A “Cracker” is

a native or resident of Florida.

The term was named after the horse whip that the farmers in Florida used that made a loud “crack”….hence “crackers”. Both Julian and Aidan are “crackers” as they were born and raised right here in Florida. Cracker Country celebrates Florida settlers during the 1800s and what life was like. I’ve lived in this state since 1980, and I learned a TON in this field trip.

The School House

The General Store (HAD to buy some stuff!!)

The Smith House

We got a demonstration on how they made REAL butter. Man…did it taste GOOD!

The “mules” at the Sugar Cane….


The Okahumpka Train Station….




Making beeswax candles….




Oh….let’s take a CC selfie….


And here he is….cracking the WHIP!!


I found his trip to be very educational and would ABSOLUTLEY visit again!!


There it is…some Mom action for you! This is why I workout…so I can keep up with these guys! #whew. I hope to keep writing some more Mom stories with my Miles and Mishaps….

Anything fun go on towards the end of YOUR week?

Herein lies the “Mishaps”…

I have “Mishaps” in the title of this blog. I’m sure you’ve probably figured out WHY I have it…..😉

I’ve done it again….added another thing to my list of THINGS TO DO!

IMG_4306.JPGYep….that’s right! You read it correctly. CUB SCOUTS!! For those that are not familiar, Cub Scouts is an amazing organization for elementary boys (Grade 1-5). This is an environment for boys to learn it ALL….

IMG_4260.JPG…and this guy gets to be that boy! Aidan BEGGED me, pleaded with me to go to the meeting this evening. The kid is good because he’s been working in me for about 2 weeks when it first came home from school. How can you say no to that face???❤️

Well…herein lies the mishaps…I have now committed myself to three Wednesdays a month for meetings….2 Den meetings (all second graders) and 1 Pack meeting (all of the Dens). WHAT was I thinking?? I did the same with my oldest…only difference…I was the leader!!!! “Fool me once, shame on you….fool me twice, shame on ME”. Yep….didn’t sign up to be a leader this time! #whew

So….I will continue to try and balance my work life, squeezing in my own work out goals, and my children’s extra curricular activities.

I have a challenge ahead of me! The “Mom” in me will make it happen, I will continue to drive and run the “Miles” necessary to make the “Mishaps” not so mishap-y!

IMG_4307.JPGWe Moms CAN DO IT!!!❤️


….I did it! I survived the first week of school! I have a…

IMG_4030.JPG7th grader!!!

…and a

IMG_4029.JPG2nd grader!!!

Summer went by so fast! I looked up and it was time to buy school supplies!! I CRAVE the schedule because of the routine…I just don’t like all of the WORK THAT comes with it!! The HW…the room parent responsibility ( I have “GUILTY MOM” Syndrome…I’m incapable of saying no to the school!)…the after school activities…EVERYTHING!! This is probably where the “MISHAPS” in the 3M blog title comes from….😉
Organization….UGH! I’m still working on that….but I get better every year!

Theeeeeeen…there is the working out! This week I managed to get to CF ONE time!! I couldn’t go on one day because of orientations. The third day I planned to go…I got half way to work and drum roll PLEASE…..left my bag at HOME!! #seriously
C’mon, Angie!! The fourth day, Julian had church responsibilities after school. Let the MISHAPS begin…..

Selfish Mom Alert…..
I just want to make sure that I have time to squeeze in my workouts and my runs! I feel like such a slacker for basically doing nothing this week! I have to get back in track because I have a 5k next weekend. I’ve also convinced myself that I’m a triathlete and registered for another Tri in October!

IMG_4034.PNG Lycra and Lace Triathlon.
It’s for the LADIES only! Cool! I’ve never done an all ladies race…#kindaSTOKED. I have to schedule ME, find the ME, remember ME in the “Mom,Miles,and Mishaps”….
Ok….Selfish time is OVER! Thanks for letting me vent….😉

Back on it next week….

How was your week??

Why Mishaps???

This was my view this morning, dropping J and A to school. Every morning when I come around this lake I think about how pretty it looks when the sun rises. I was able to (mildly) capture what I see….

Everyone’s morning should start out this beautiful!!

I was thinking this morning about this blog…
It has been fun being a part of this world and I hope I have some part in the fun. When I was trying to figure out a name, I wanted to think of things that screamed “ME”!!! Mom, Miles, and Mishaps (3M as I sometimes call it) seemed like a perfect fit.

As many of you know…I am a “MOM”

20140228-211157.jpg</a to my almost teenager ( in T-minus 10 days to be specific!!)…

20140228-211418.jpg MVP….

…my new running buddy, “J”.
I also have

…my “camera” shy…

…who most of the time is doing something like this…

…younger son, “A”…


Although not part of the name, I’m also a wife to my love, “M”…


I love running and don’t really consider myself a “runner” (I’m working on that!). My many “MILES” are well documented here, either actual runs..

…CrossFit WODs

…or the “miles” I walk in the shoes of a mother, wife, and Physician Assistant.

But the “MISHAPS” is probably the part you most don’t know about.
Exhibit A:

There is a stretch of I-75 in Florida that run through the Everglades, dubbed “Alligator Alley”. I forgot to get gas, figured I’d get it after a while on the road. Hubby reminded me, as I’m driving PAST the sign for the national park..”you know that this stretch is 100 miles?? You won’t make it…”
Ok…freak.the. EFF. OUT!! I go into panic mode! Who does this stuff?? Oh…me! Fortunately God was in my side, about half way down the stretch…the LAST stop for gas sign showed up!!! Thank YOU!!
Exhibit B:

Only I would do something like this (potentially become stranded in the swamp..and NOT my University of Florida Football Stadium!!) and some how, land on my feet. My mother always said I have nine lives!

I hope to document and share all my (and my family’s) mishaps here on 3M. Hope you enjoy them and laugh a little too!