I did it…..

I got up this morning…unfortunately at 4 am, because I had a date with my treadmill! Or as I ALWAYS affectionately call it….DREADmill! I literally hate running on it but I have to more days than not because of hubby’s schedule and mine. I only did 1.61 miles. That’s all time allots for in the wee morning hours….then it’s on to get ready, get the kids going, and out the door by 6 am.

I’m STOKED that I didn’t hit the snooze button for the millionth time!!
I’m getting myself ready to do a repeat tomorrow am. It really was a great way to start my day!!

I finished my day with a CF WOD….

IMG_4062.PNGMan did that kick my a**! It’s to be expected since I worked out ONCE last week! #smh

Wish me luck on my am DREADmill running endeavors! 😉

IMG_4059.JPGwww.nataliedee.com funny source is THIS gem! ❤️

How was your day??