The Day After

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!! I honestly was able to sleep and that by far is the best present ever!  

Source; Playdates on Friday by Wendy Fleming

My soon to be 9 year old wrote me the sweetest card (sorry for the grammatical and spelling errors!)…
He’s so sweet! ❤️
With the weekend all over, Monday brought a start to my workout week at CrossFit…


First 3 sets – 85#/95#/115#

Last set – 135#

I was pretty pleased with that outcome. Does this mean I am getting stronger?? Why yes!

Metcom: absolute 30 minute time cap

SDLHP – 35# (instead of 65#)

OHS – 35# (instead of 75#; whaaaaa???)

I finished all of that in 29:57! Juuuuuuust under the time cap. The WOD was great but you know squats are my kryptonite. 

This workout was a GOOD workout! I forgot to wear my Polar to determine how many calories I burned! Bonus?? Leslie joined me!!! I trying to lure her back to the guy with me! So far….it’s working! 😉

Today, I was able to get a little run in before getting clocking back into “Mommy Mode”. It was a shorty, but goody…particularly in the Florida heat!

Oh, and this was the medal that I received today from my Virtual 5k from last week.  I didn’t realize from the picture that the medal was also a wine stopper!! #nice

Not too bad for the beginning of the week, huh? I have to get more running in and get accustomed to this brutal hear that we are going to have this summer.😝 

My first triathlon is a week and change away.

My training, you ask?

Running ✔️

Swimming 😁

Biking ❌

I haven’t had time to get in the pool, but I’m not worried about that leg.  And I have a few more this season to get my act in gear.  I am worried about biking because…well…I suck at it! My triathlon should be “Swim, NO, Run”!!  This will be the one to keep me honest and show me how to change what I am doing.

What do you have going on this week?

Oh…don’t be all that impressed with my 135# DL because J slayed with his DL

…at 200# !!! Put this old lady to SHAME!! 😂

Sunday Share

This is a special Sunday Share because we celebrate all Moms today!!

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Here’s my latest post for your leisure Mother’s Day reading!

Enjoy your day and thanks for reading! ❤️

And here’s the reason I am celebrating today..

Julian (red shirt) and Aidan (gray shirt)


And this…

Mom, Mo (Petite Gal SUPREME), and me, Circa 1980 in Miami

These ladies inspire me everyday and I could not have a better example of how to be a mother than from my Mom and my sister!  I want my mother’s patience and tender heart my sister’s ability to do it all with style and grace!! Thank you for being a positive presence in my life! ❤️

You better WORK….

After the GLUTTONOUS Mother’s Day/First Communion weekend eating, it was refreshing to get back to normalcy; Meaning…working out!!! Particularly since the lady at JCPenney called me (in so many or few words) LARGE. It messes with that psychotic part of my brain….old thoughts and food issues start to rear their ugly heads! 👿👹👺#dontLISTEN

I decided the pool was an excellent  start to the Monday workout routine.   The water was perfect and I couldn’t wait to jump in.  My friend, Leslie, is still out of town, sadly, but my other buddy, Sam joined me.  I love swimming, but I’m sad I can only get so much in because of time.  Sam and I are thinking of doing a triathlon together again. I was courting the race in May (30th to be exact), but time got in the way (basketball!) and I wasn’t able to get my bike to the shop for its preseason tune up (and aero bars!!!😄).  June it is, then!!  It’s more realistic AND school is OUT!!  

I added one more 50m to the workout, aiming for the goal of 10 x 50m @ :60.

  • 200m warm up freestyle
  • 7 x 50m (freestyle) @ :60
  • 100m cool down

Total : 650m
Again, it doesn’t look like much, but I’m happy to be out there.  I’m happy that at (almost) 43, I can do a 50m freestyle in 40 seconds. (SN: at my peak.. 27 seconds was my best time).  #illtakeit

I’m hoping the rest of the week will be:  

Tuesday: swim

Wednesday: run

Thursday: rest

Friday: run

Saturday: run or CrossFit

  I’m TRYING…….!

How was your Monday?

What does your workout week look like?

Weekend Wrap Up

I hope all of you had a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day!! We had a FULL weekend in my house. Aidan celebrated his First Communion on May 9th at Nativity Catholic Church (Brandon, FL).

It was a beautiful day to share with family AND friends! He was a little nervous because he said everyone would be looking at him!  I was nervous because I thought he was going to make that face again when he tastes the host (ie the bread)…. 


 THIS is the face I was worried about!  All went well AND the wine got a “thumbs UP” after the tasting! 😉. I was such a great day… 

….and Julian was able to serve the Mass, as well! #proudMOM


Hubs, Julian, Fr. Nelson, Me, and my beautiful Mom

Oh…that dress I’m wearing….there’s a story! I went to JCPenney’s (mind you, the Friday before the communion) to look for a dress.  I found his LOVELY Liz Claiborne Palm Tree dress (I’m obsessed!) on the mannequin but I don’t see it on the shelves/racks.  I’ve already looked at the mannequin to make sure it’s the right brand, and I STILL can’t find it!  So, I ask the attendant in a neighboring section for help finding the dress. I walk with her to find it…she’s asks me “What size do you need?”…takes a look at me…and says “Large?”. #ouch. If my insecurities about my weight needed a NEW reason to resurface…💣BOOM!!! I see that working out has really been WORKING OUT well for me!! #crushed😢. 

Mother’s Day was peaceful.  I’d planned on getting a run in, but that sleep was just TOO good!!!  Went to the mall BY MYSELF…bought something FOR MYSELF….I’d say it was a good day.  Hubs made dinner and I went to bed early….I’d say it was a great day!!!  I’ll post some pics later of my Mother’s Day finds!!😉. 

I hope all the mothers out there had the day that was needed and most importantly, DESERVED!!!  

WORD!!!! #spoketheTRUTH #droppedtheMIKE