Getting to Know You….#2

Thought I was done? NOPE!!😉


9 Loves (in NO particular order,mind you….)

1. My Guys…

20140630-220215-79335569.jpgMy hubby, Miguel. He’s the love of my life, my friend, my champion, and my rock. I thank God every day for this man…for who he is, the husband he became, and the father I always knew he would be. ❤️

20140630-220653-79613107.jpgMy oldest son, Julian. He such a sweet and smart young man. I always wonder HOW I was blessed with this child!

20140630-220801-79681176.jpgMy “baby”, Aidan. This kid is ALL personality….don’t know WHERE he came from!!😉. God blessed me again with this cutie!

There is NO question in my mind that my renewed relationship with HIM continues to bless me and my family. I strive every day to be a better person, to be patient, and to live the life in the way HE wants me too. Keep those prayers coming….

3. Reading
Books, magazines, blogs….
You NAME it, I LOVE to read it. Outside of the professional reading I do, I get some fun stuff too! I’m currently reading “House Girl” by Tara Conklin.

20140630-221540-80140262.jpgI’ll give you a review when I’m done!

4. Movies
Ummm…where do I start? Let’s just say I’ll watch ANY movie (except Horror…HATE being scared!!!😁). And this love of movies have led to a (mental) collection of movie lines and one liners! Don’t EVEN get me started….

5. Electronics
I’m a junkie….I seriously love Best Buy as much as I love Ross! I wish I could take one of EVERYTHING!!!

6. Travel
I was lucky enough to have parents that loved traveling. That “bug” was passed on to myself! My father worked for Pan Am (remember them?) and we able to travel the world! Now that my boys are old enough,hubby and I have plans on traveling abroad..hopefully next year!!

7. Sports
Oh yeah!!! I love to watch sports…particularly college sports…ESPECIALLY The University of Florida Gators! Go Gators

20140630-222341-80621785.jpgjust in case you want to know the new Gator Football schedule….

8. Crafting
Oh LORD…do I love to craft! Oh DAMN….do I NOT have enough time!! I love to make all kinds of neat things. Pinterest is my crack! #soNOTsorry

9. Gators
See number 7; but I’m sure this ISN’T a huge shock! My brainwashing TEACHING my kids that Florida is where they need to go! A girl can hope and dream, right?


There you have it…my LOVES. I have a few more but I had to tailor the list! 😁
Hope you like it….

Next up…. 8 Fears


Another fine Tuesday…a great Tuesday because I didn’t work! I was a bump on a log ALL DAY! Probably needed it and just didn’t know it!

Onward we go…

1. Charming Charlie
I’ve heard of this place but I didn’t realize how AWESOME this place is! Every girls desire is here…clothes, accessories, shoes, purses, wallets GALORE!! Bonus??? Everything is COLOR COORDINATED! Feel like something blue? They have a section for that. How ’bout mint green? Got it! Maybe you want some yellow? Yeah, they got that too! I thought I died and went to heaven! If you love having everything in one shop and really not interested in paying an arm AND a leg for your clothes??? Immediately…go to Charming Charlie! Consider yourself warned…..


2. Oatmeal

YUMMMMMM! My sister talked me into trying oatmeal again. The last bowl I had, which was about 8 years old, took me 3 hours to eat. So I KNEW this was going to be horrible….but it wasn’t! I fully enjoyed to! Steel oats with blueberries and agave nectar for some sweetness. You get a fruit and nut packet but I didn’t use it because I saw pine nuts! #nomeGUSTA

3. Lazy Days
As I mentioned earlier, today was lazy day!! I honestly don’t remember when I allowed myself to do a whole lot of NOTHING! Man…I did enjoy it but I had a hard struggle with my brain to NOT to do anything.
But…if you get a chance….highly recommend it!!

4. Beer
I took Julian and Aidan to the movies for yet another “kid” movie. They love it and since we don’t get to do a lot together, I wanted to take them. After the initial shock of dropping $50 ( tickets and food)…I saw my saving grace! THEY.SERVE.BEER!!!