Happy New Year!! At what point do you stop saying that?? I mean….I haven’t seen you guys since “last year”, so it’s only appropriate that I greet you this way, correct? This blog hiatus was not on purpose (I know you weren’t DYING to know what I was up to!)….life just got in the way!! But I miss blogging and slowly moving my way back to regular posting! 

I forgot my Blogiversary during my hiatus! 3 years has gone pretty fast since I started this little venture.  

I realize now that just being me, (I think) is what people relate to and keeps you guys coming back to read. I hope that I am also inspiring some of you to know that you CAN do it…with all that life throws at you!! I strive for this every.damn.day!!! 

What have I been up to??

In my endless pursuit of weight loss, I started changing my eating habits with Hubs. He started a diet plan called Shake it Off.  (***DISCLAIMER: No compensation was received for this post. These are my own opinions regarding this plan.). Essentially….proteins, low and correct carb selections, lots of veggies, no sugars, no ALCOHOL (wahhhhh!!)..you get the idea.  He has a plan different than mine because right now, he’s not working out because he has a lot of weight to lose.  I wanted to support his weight loss and to help make the transition smoother for him.  This is the first time Hubs has been serious about his weight and how it can potentially worsen his health in the future. His “why now?” was he was tired of being overweight.  He made a committment to lose it and keep it off!

 My “plan” is just a few things that I have cut out and continuing to work out. 

What have I removed?

  • Sugars
  • Alcohol
  • Awful snacks (oh…Tortilla chips, how I have missed THEE!)

What have I added/changed?

  • More veggies
  • Eating every 3-4 hours
  • More water
  • Less snacking 
  • Learning how to substitute items in meals (HELLOOOO…cauliflower rice!)

As of today, Hubs has lost 60 pounds! We had to clean out his side of the closet because his clothes looked RIDICULOUS on him! 😂


Now…I’ve always thought (and STILL think) he’s handsome! I just think it is even more handsome that he’s taking care of himself…all by himself!! He will be at his goal by March.

I have lost 12 pounds as of last week. I weigh tomorrow, so I’ll see! I have 8 more to go….🙏🙏

This morning was my first race of 2017……around beautiful Lake Hollingswoth in Lakeland,FL.  This race was a 5k hosted by Run4One, to raise awareness about human trafficking.   I did this race last year- another great race for an GREATER cause.  My friend, Katelyn and her BF, joined me for this race. They CRUSHED it!! I had a PR at this race at 30:05.  I would have been sub-30 this race, but I felt like my tank was emptying towards the end. I should have/could have pushed on through….but I am happy at the prospect of sub-30 again! I’m coming for you next time!!! 

Thanks for staying and coming back on my mishap adventures! Thanks for celebrating the busyness of motherhood. Thanks for watching my miles getting bigger, faster and making me stronger!! 

How has your Saturday been?

Oh…it’s basketball season!! We are watching a crap load on this house!! My Gators lost today to Vandy😢😢.

But some others are pretty happy about an up coming game tonight..It’s Hubs versus Julian! Who’s gonna win??? 

Recharge and Re-evaluate for 2015

Seriously….I have been on a 2 week workout hiatus since the beginning of the holidays. I did manage to get a Christmas Eve morning run in, but haven’t again since then. No excuses (because I run when I’m on vacation) but I DID have my beloved family in from Virginia…my sister, BIL, and their “Army” (THEIR words, not MINE 😉): Ray, Jolie, Marc and Baby Gavin.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/383/62083904/files/2014/12/img_5099.jpgAren’t they all so CUTE??❤️
(Source: Monica A. Vignier…aka my sister)

I’ve promised myself that I am back on track after the new year. I honestly didn’t feel bad about the break. I’ve been off from work, got to sleep in, spend time with family and that’s something I don’t get to do very often. Then, that “thing” that happens…you know that self hating voice that tells you what that you suck and you should get your ASS moving….yeah that STILL happens! Time to sit down and recharge and re-evaluate my new goals for 2015. Before I can look forward, I need to look backwards at my previous goals. I set some goals last year on my first blog post. I thought it would be neat to see what my goals were for 2014 and IF I met them (or not)….

1. 10k ✔️
Yep…I did it! By the skin of my teeth..but I did it! Not like I died, but I just barely made the goal of completing one by 2 weeks. I loved it!! If you don’t recall my love for the 10k, check it out.

2. CrossFit Level I Certification 👎
That didn’t happen, but I’m ok with that. I honestly scaled back on my “intensity” after my last competition. I thought that I can always get the certification later (if I still wanted to) and that I didn’t have to do it by said deadline. Long story short…I’m good with failing at this goal.

3. TriahlonS✔️
I’m going to give myself a check because I DID do more than ONE triathlon in the year 2014. I wanted to do three but could only make 2 this season. I’ll take that….

Tomorrow, I am going to sit down and figure out my goals for 2015.

Happy New Year to you!!! I hope that you have a prosperous and FIT 2015!!!!


We were asked to write our 2014 fitness goals at CrossFit right before the holiday.  It was so cute – we wrote them on a Christmas ornament and we decorated the tree with them.  Of course being the (wanna be) crafty person that I am…I totally wrote mine all fancy (or at least I TRIED!!!).  Well, there is something about writing your goals, then verbalizing them publicly.  It’s out there in the universe, so now you have to do something with that information.  So I was thinking…maybe that’s how some of the blogs I love to read started, right??  Why not start doing the same thing myself??? I figured what a GREAT way to hold myself accountable than PUBLICLY putting my goals out into the universe of CYBER space. Nothing scarier than that, huh??

So…here are my goals for 2014 (in no particular order):

  1. Do a 10k.  I’ve been “stuck” in 5k-land and I figured there isn’t any other way to break free unless I do it.  I haven’t officially signed up for anything….but it’s coming.  I am already at 5 miles for my long runs on the weekend and to be honest…I am LOVING the longer distance.  I don’t ever think that I will ever be enough of a stud to anything more than 10k, but…never say never, right???

2.  Complete Level I CrossFit Certification.  I have been CrossFit-ing almost 4 years, with the last 2 years being more of a commitment.  I figured I have learned a lot from CrossFit, I love all there is to working out, so why not??   What better way to combine the love for working out with my gift of gab then becoming certified and work on teaching??

3.  Triathlons.  I say “TriathlonS” because I have only managed to accomplish one per year since my first Sprint Tri in 2010.  I missed last year because of injury and I missed this year because…well….BECAUSE!  Life just got in the way and I couldn’t swing the timing for training!  NOT gonna happen in 2014.  I wrote down to do THREE in ’14!  Am I crazy?!?!?!?! Yep….

4. CrossFit Competition.  Well…..that’s coming really soon!  Like…JANUARY soon.  I signed up for a local competition a 2 day competition, none the less!!  What is so scary about this?? My first competition was a TEAM competition with my workout buddy.  Loved being a part of a team where we could push each other.  This time…INDIVIDUAL!!  OH.MAW.GAWD!!!  I am absolutely accountable for myself…having to find that inner strength to continue to push on through.

On the white board, next to the WOD (Workout of the Day) was a quote about goals… “46% of goals are kept if people write them down.  78% are achieved once they are told to another person”.  Is this true?  Is there some study that proves it? HELL…I don’t know.. but it sure SOUNDS good!!!   I’ve been back and forth about blogging…who’d be interested in what I have to say???  But today…I got the kick in the pants I needed.  My goals have been set and VERBALIZED in the most open forum that exists today…. the INTERNET!!!

So here’s to goals….here’s to KEEPING those said goals…and here’s to healthy and Happy New Year!!