Coming back to you….

Day #2 (second week) at CrossFit today.  I’ve never been one to look at a WOD before hand because I don’t want to mentally psych myself out. I asked  my friend Katelyn sent me the WOD once it was published.  I told her that I wanted to see what it was so I could decide whether or not I was going to punk out! 😂 

 I will tell you one thing…in my 6-7 month hiatus…I still HATE squats! Yes…I said it!! You know the adage “Ask and you shall receive“?  Most know (and if you don’t, now you do) that I do not like my legs.  So, one would try to work hard on the body part they dislike, right? Like said squats, etc?? Mais no!!! I have to hate the very exercise(s) that would make me love my legs! Also, any WOD that starts with”21-…..” deserves my full freak out mode! 

The strength part of the WOD I enjoyed because I like deadlifts.  I managed to get my max at 195#. I’ll take that!

I had to modify the WOD today for a few reasons:

  • Just starting back and really have no desire to die so early!
  • If you think I hate squats, I doubly hate OHS! But seriously, I had to lower the weight because of my shoulder.  I wasn’t sure how much my shoulder would take a lot of weight and squatting! 

It had a 15 minute cap on time.  Here’s how my WOD worked out:

  • OHS : 15# 

    Source: Google

  • Hang cleans : 55# 

    Source: Google


Time: 12:56

I have to say I was pretty happy with this time. I didn’t die, my shoulder held out very well (even with the small amount of weight), and I feel strong just being there and working my a** off! On the other hand…DOMS will set in and I will be walking like “The Duke” (aka John Wayne)!!

I’m happy to be back on this journey and I appreciate you reading and sharing it with me, 3M style! ❤️

 I’m coming back to you, CrossFit! #boom

She’s got LEGS….

Today was a day that will live on in my mind for DAYS to come. Oh…my aching legs!!

20140507-223014.jpgI was STOKED because I actually tried and made it through the ENTIRE WOD doing the OHS! Not only that but I did them at 65 pounds! I’m not going to lie….but that’s a first for me!! #happyDANCE

You’ve read a thousand times how legs are my fear, but today I think I conquered it fairly well! Kinda proud of myself…..

So if see me walking by, and a tear is in my eye…look away….(sorry I couldn’t resist the lyrics from the song “Look Away” from the group Chicago.) because I am going to be waking like something is WRONG.

What was your workout like today?

PS…OHS meaning again? Overhead Head Squats